3 Ways To Improve Ecommerce Store Customer Service

In this Ecommerce guide, you will discover what eCommerce is all about and the relevance of customer service and proven 3 ways to improve eCommerce store customer service

What is Ecommerce Customer Service?

Ecommerce customer service is a means through which companies provide assistance to customers with everything from making online purchase decisions to resolving issues — all while creating a seamless customer experience across channels and platforms

It is the goal of an e-commerce customer service team to provide a pain-free, digital shopping experience for consumers.

Many ecommerce store owners are narrowly focused on getting more traffic to grow revenue. This isn’t a bad idea, but there should be more effort into other methods. One method that is often overlooked is customer service. When you provide exceptional customer service, you end up with customer loyalty that has them spend more money
over time.

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This increases the lifetime value of a customer and helps keep your revenue high without needing to worry about traffic. If you have high traffic, high conversions, and customer loyalty all working in your favour then your e-commerce store will succeed.

3 Ways To Improve Ecommerce Store Customer Service

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can improve customer service.

1 – Offer Multiple Payment Options

One way to retain customers and have them come back to shop over and over again is to make sure that you are giving them the option to pay the way that they want. Not everybody has a credit card or wants to use a debit card online. This means that if you only accept card payments, you are forcing people to shop somewhere else.

There are many people using payment apps these days such as Google Pay and Stripe that they are more comfortable using when paying for things online. Although cryptocurrency is falling these days, there will be a time when it pops back up and people will be looking to use it for payments again.

If you have a store with international customers then this is a good way to make sure that they can pay for goods

2 – Quick Returns

Sometimes mistakes get made and a customer ends up with the wrong product. Or, something went wrong during shipping and the product arrived damaged. Either way, they will want to resolve the situation right away.

Speedy returns will allow them to get what they are looking for and keep them happy so they don’t decide to never shop with you again.

Have a system set up to make sure that returns can be processed quickly and a new product shipped out right away. Ideally, the replacement should ship even before the return makes its way back to the warehouse

3 Fast Response Time

People have questions and want answers right away so it is important to have a way for them to text, chat, or call at any time. It doesn’t really matter what system you decide to use as long as it is going to allow them to get answers right away.

Having a chatbot is one of the most efficient and effective ways to go about doing this. Since it can work 24 hours per day, it will be useful to answer many common questions.

In addition, when it is after hours and can’t answer a question it can let the customer know that they will get their answer soon and by what means. Without such an option, many visitors to your site will go to another store to shop.

Conclusion: Ways To Improve Ecommerce Store Customer Service

Conclusively, having responsive eCommerce customer service will always project your business for growth. I believe this guide has been able to identify 3 ways to effectively improve eCommerce store customer service online.

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