Amantel Calling Card Review: Make Calls Internationally

Are you aware Amantel is one of the cheapest and best calling card you could ever use?, in this Amantel calling card review, you will get to discover more about the platform and how it works.

But before that, lets quickly understand what international calling is all about.

International telephone calls are those made between different countries. These telephone calls are processed by international gateway exchanges (switches). Charges for these calls were high initially but declined greatly during the 20th century due to advances in technology liberalization.

International calls can be paid via telephone card (aka phone card, calling card). These popular telecommunications products allow users to initiate an international call from almost anywhere in the world. These cards typically offer rates lower than most traditional long-distance products and services and can be used via landline, cellular phone, PBX, and some VoIP services, as well as from some airports and hotels.

About Amantel Calling Card (Review)

Amantel is one of the best providers of cheap international calling services. The company was established in 2002 and since then we are offering best communication services available online today.

Furthermore, the company has grown to have a young, enthusiastic and talented team of professionals to help customers worldwide. They provide premium quality voice service with the best domestic and international call rates online, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

How Amantel Calling Card Works

Amantel helps you to connect two or more people together living in different countries via an international calling service.

Below are the features available on the website and how the platform works

1. Auto Recharge

Amantel has an auto-recharge feature that makes it possible for her members to connect with their loved ones internationally.

With the Amantel auto-recharge feature, your PIN will be automatically recharged for a predefined amount as soon as it goes below a threshold amount. Your registered credit card will be automatically debited for the predefined amount and your PIN will be recharged for the same.

You will get 5% free minutes on auto recharge of $10 or above.

Free minutes will also be credited to your account automatically and you will be informed by mail.

2. Top Up

With the Amantel top-up feature, you can recharge your prepaid mobile phone for, Digicel, Reliance, Vodaphone, Tmobile, Indicom, Movista, Claro, !dea, Airtel and Verizon. Awsome right?

That’s not all, this feature makes it possible to recharge up prepaid mobiles of up to 80 different countries.

3. Referral Program

The Amantel referral program or refer a friend program was created as an encouragement for existing customers to spread the word about reliable and affordable products. This plan is designed to support existing customers, remember all referred customers must have unique contact information.

You earn up to $10 worth of free minutes upon completion of the first purchase by your friends/relatives. Your account will be credited with free minutes

You can refer to as many friends/relatives as possible, there is no limit to how many minutes you can make.

You simply provide us with the email address of all friends that you want to refer and we will send them an invitation email to visit our Amantel website and purchase one of our products.

Referred friends must click on that email afterwards registration page of the website will be displayed.


Referral earnings will show in your referral list after 24 hours of registration

Existing customers can claim for referral minutes with in 15 days

4. Mobile App

Amantel Mobile App allows you to make long-distance and international calls directly from your contact list, without requiring you to dial long access numbers or PINs.

All you need to do to enjoy this feature is to download it now to your mobile for fre, with just a click. The application dials any long-distance number stored on your address book or phone screen that you wish to call. Don’t pay for high long-distance rates from your cell provider.

With this amazing app, you can seamlessly make international calls and messages to your friends. You can call worldwide over Wifi or 3G/4G for FREE. Enjoy the convenience while saving big on a long-distance call with low rates.

Amantel Mobile App Features

Below are some of the amazing benefits you can get why using this app.

  • High-quality connections
  • No need to dial long access numbers or pin numbers
  • Make free calls with Amantel Mobile App users in HD sound quality
  • Earn FREE Credits by sharing Amantel Mobile App with others

How To Use The Amantel App

To make the best use of this app

1. Tap the Amantel app on your mobile phone whenever you want to make a long-distance call. Use your phone contacts or keypad to dial. No access numbers or PINs are needed.

2. When your balance runs low in your account; just recharge your plan through the app to continue calls. You can even set up Auto Recharge on our website so you’ll never run out of minutes!

3. Choose to place calls using your Mobile Carrier minutes, WIFI, or Mobile Data. Manage your plan by switching between the three based on where you are.

5. Hotline

Hotline number is an excellent feature to get connected to any international number without dialling a Pin number, or Destination number, even if you do not have to dial any single number.

All you have to do is to set your destination number with any of the Hotline numbers and next time when you dial that Hotline number, your call will connect to the attached destination number.

Amantel makes it possible and easy to register up to 5 Hotline numbers.

For example, My phone number is 732-555-5555, My Destination number is 011-91-11111-22222, and My chosen Hotline Access number is 718-362-8097.

After I set the Hotline access number with the Destination number and when I dial the Hotline access number, the call will directly connect to the destination number without pressing any key.

Dialling Tips

Below are some instructions to follow

Hot Line Dialling

1. Dial only Hot Line Number

Regular Dialling

Step 1: Dial Access Number (either local or toll free)

Step 2: Dial 011 + country code + area code + phone number + # key


Always check with your phone service provider to make sure that the hotline number you dial is “Local” to your phone service to avoid paying long-distance charges.

How To Make International Calls Using Amantel

If you wish to learn how to make international calls with your Amantel app, the follow this guide below

Purchase Plan

Firslt, you need to have a plan. Select calling to location and find a plan. Choose the plan denomination as per your need, and enter your credit card information to purchase the plan.

Dialling Instructions from Amante

1. Dial the access number of the Phonecard.

2. When prompted, enter your PIN number.

3. For PINLESS phone cards, if you want to use the same Phone number for future calls without entering a PIN number, press 1, otherwise press 2.

4. When prompted, enter your destination number in the following format.

  • USA/Canada domestic calls: 1+10 digit full number including the area code.
  • International calls: 011 + Country code + City Code + Phone number Fallowed by # key.

5. To make another call, press #

How To Make International Calls From USA and Canada Using Amanel

There is always a need to make international calls from USA and Canada. For many reasons you may wish to understand how to effectively make this kind of call on Amantel.

Follow the required steps, when there is a need to do international calls from one country to another.

1. Dial the International Direct Dialing Number (IDD): Countries have different IDD numbers. It is used as an exit code for the source country.

2. Dial the destination country code: The destination country code is defined with a unique country code itself or sometimes shares the same country code.

3. Dial the city and area code of the calling-up country

4. Dial the number you are calling.

How To Make International Calls From  United States To Nigeria

Amantal revolutionises calling international by bringing you ultra-cheap international calls to Nigeria from your mobile and landline too. We can claim to be ultra-cheap international calling for mobile and landline both calling plans to call Nigeria.

Use the following steps to start calling Nigeria from the United States:

  • 011 – US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada.
  • 234 – Country Code for Nigeria.
  • Phone number – 10 digits for both fixed lines and cell phones.

Make a cheap call from your Landline

  • 00: International Access Code for Nigeria.
  • 234: Country Code of Nigeria.
  • STD code: 2-4 digits.
  • Local Subscriber number: 6-8 digits

Make a cheap call from your Mobile

  • 00: International Access Code for Nigeria.
  • 234: Country Code of Nigeria.
  • Mobile Number: 10 digits

Amantel also provides a list of relevant area dialling codes for Nigeria. Don’t forget to dial the country dial code for Nigeria (00234).

Basic Area code for Nigeria

Area Area Code
Abuja 09
Asaba 56
Gombe 72
Ikare 50
Jalingo 79
Maiduguri 76

You can refer to this guide for a detailed guide to making International calls among other countries

Amantel FAQs

Below are some FAQs with their respective answers regarding Amantel.

1. How can I use my phone calling card on Amantel (Review)?

Using phone cards is very easy. Here’s how you can place your calls using a phone card:

  • Call the Access number provided with your phone PIN, from any touch-tone phone (Rotary phone cannot work with phone)
  • Enter your PIN number when prompted by the system (not needed for PINLESS phone cards)
  • Dial the number you wish to call.

For international calls, dial 011 + your destination number along with the applicable National and City-specific codes

Within the United States or Canada, dial 1 + your destination number within the United States or Canada or the Caribbean.

2. How can I buy phone cards online?

Use your Login ID to login into your account. Add phone cards that you like to the shopping cart using the link Add Product. When you are done adding all the phone cards to your shopping cart, click on Check Out. Enter your Credit-Card information and click on Charge my Credit Card button. That’s it.

3. How do I add more minutes to my Phonecard

You can add more minutes to your phone card if that is a Pinless or Rechargeable phone card. If it is not a card of this type, you cannot add more money to your phonecard – please buy a new card when it expires

4. What is a PINLESS phonecard

PINLESS cards are a new type of phonecardss that allows you to make phone calls without the need of entering your PINs (hence the name PINLESS). All Pinless cards sold on’s website are also Rechargeable (which means you can add more money to your phonecard anytime).

Please note that PINLESS cards:

Use a computer program to identify and record the phone number from where you are calling. This is called ANI (Automatic Number Identification)

ANI allows the computer to save your phone number and recognize it when you call again

When you call from a Phone for the first time, you will be prompted to press 1 if you want the computer to remember the phone number, or press 2 if you don’t care

If you press 1, next time you will not need to enter your PIN if calling from the same phone number

If you press 2, you will need to provide the PIN next time even if calling from the same phone number

You can remove your phone number from the computer program anytime by Clicking here

5. What is a Rechargeable phonecard

Rechargeable phonecards allow you to add more money to the phonecard. This way, you can keep using the same PIN always.

If you are trying to buy a Rechargeable phonecard from our site, look for products that show this image, or products that have a PINLESS word in the name.

6. What is Speed Dial

Speed Dial is a very user-friendly new concept. When you use PINLESS phonecards, you can also create 2-digit codes for your long-long destination numbers.

When you make the phonecall, the system tells you about the balance on the card and then prompts you to enter your phone number. At this time you can enter your 2-digit code followed by a # (pound) key.

The system will tell you how many minutes you have and then connect you to the destination. Once you are done with the call, you can press the # (pound) key again to place another call, or if you are done simply hang up

7. What is a Local Access Card

Instead of the Toll-free access numbers, Local access cards provide you with phone numbers in your local calling area. You can pick access numbers that are local to your calling area for making the call. Local Access Cards are usually cheaper than regular phonecards.

If you see this image for any product on the search page, that product also has Local Access numbers in addition to Toll-free numbers.

You are solely responsible for choosing access numbers that are local to you and are free of charge. We recommend that you contact your local telephone company to confirm that the number(s) that appear are both local and free of charge for you to call. Amantel will not reimburse you for any long distance phone charges incurred

8. When does my Phonecard expire?

Different phonecards expire at different times. 6 months for $10, 9 months for $25 and 1 year for $50 and $100 Phone Card.

9. Can I use the phone card outside USA

Currently, we have special phonecards that you can use to call worldwide from Canada. Please Click Here to see the phonecards that allow you to place calls from Canada

10. How is it different to call on a Cell Phone

Calls to international cellphones could cost more than calling regular phones in the same area. Please check the details of your phonecard before making a call to an international cell phone.

11. Is Amantel website secure?

The website is 100% secure. Amantel uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate issued by GeoTrust using 128-bit encryption technology. They also encrypt all communication between your browser and the website. They do not store your full credit card information.

Your personal information is stored encrypted and securely behind the firewalls on the secured servers. Amantel is 100% compliant with Payment Card Industry’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP)

Amantel Registration

You can click here to get started with Amanetel

Amantel Website

The official website is

We recommend that you make your way around the site because there are many other offers and features regarding Amantel not mentioned here

Is Amantel Legit?

Yes, Amantel is secured and trusted. It is one of the best sites that help you connect with your loved ones internationally via phone calls at a cheaper rate.

We all know it is very expensive to international call directly with our local network service providers. Amantel makes it easy and faster to make international calls even at a cheaper rate.

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Conclusion: Amantel Calling Card Review: Make Calls Internationally

Conclusively, We hope this Amantel calling card review has exposed your knowledge about international calls and how to register and partner with Amantel to make cheap and fast international calls with your loved ones.

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