How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To Paypal Balance

Hello, guys today I am going to show how PayPal Amazon gift cards work and how to transfer Amazon gift cards to Paypal.

Amazon is the fastest-growing online store owned by a multi-billionaire by the name; of Jeff Bezos and has already made lots of fame all across the world.

Almost everyone now owns an account with Amazon because it’s the biggest marketplace where you can promote your digital products and make good sales.

When Jeff Bezos first started the company in 1995, it was just a bookstore run out of his home garage. So when Amazon opened its first physical bookstore in 2015, it was staying true to the roots of the company.

This post is a guide on how to transfer Amazon money to Paypal and every other thing you need to know

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card is the most advantageous approach to shopping and spares on the web. It is available in different types in Italy and other countries across the world.

A gift card from Amazon is the most advantageous approach to shopping and spares on the web. Amazon Gift Cards are cards that can be used to buy Kindle content, digital music and Amazon Video downloads on the Amazon E-commerce Store,

When you want to use Amazon Gift cards for your digital downloads all you have to do is redeem the gift card on your account

This works pretty simply in such a way that the recipient of the Amazon gift card can redeem the gift on Amazon. The balance of the card will automatically be applied to his account and will be used to pay for any future items purchased on Amazon

How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To Paypal

From my Findings, I discovered It’s not possible to have a direct fund transfer from your Amazon Gift card to your PayPal. This is simply because both companies are in direct competition with each other.

However, we have found a solution that will help you get your Amazon gift card funds to your Paypal wallet


  • Your PayPal account that is already linked to your bank account (credit/Debit card) can easily transfer to your bank account.
  • Another Paypal account is best to open and matches with the name on the Amazon gift card or better still linked with the Amazon gift card

Before you try out this method just ensure you have linked your bank account to both your Amazon Pay and Paypal accounts before you transfer funds from Amazon to Paypal

You also have to select the same bank account to link to both your Amazon Pay and PayPal accounts otherwise the transfer won’t work out effectively

1. Link Your Bank Account to Amazon Pay

Before you embark on the first step of transferring an Amazon gift card to Paypal, first of all, log in to your Amazon Pay home page.

Look for Settings and select your Account Info from the drop-down menu, you will be taken to your account information page.

Click Deposit Method, which lets you link a verified bank account as one of your payment methods on your Amazon Pay account.

Look for the deposit method, edit and fill in the necessary fields and once you are done, Click Verify to submit your bank account information.

Within five to seven days, Amazon will send verification that your bank account has been added to your Amazon Pay account.

2. Link Your Bank Account to PayPal

To link your bank account to Paypal, kindly log in to your Paypal account, click on edit account and fill in the needed bank information such as bank location, bank name, routing number, account number, and the name listed on the account

Once this is successfully done, you will receive a notification within 3-6 days telling you your bank account has been successfully linked to PayPal.

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3. Transfer Funds from Amazon Pay to Bank Account

To transfer funds from Amazon Pay to a bank account, Sign in to your Amazon Pay account, click the Withdraw Funds tab and select Bank Account in the drop-down menu.

Click Transfer Funds to a Verified Checking Account and select Amazon to withdraw funds bank account that you previously added.

Type the amount you want to withdraw, and then click Continue and then Confirm. You will receive a notification that your withdrawal will take five to seven business days to hit your bank account.

4. Transfer Amazon Withdraw Funds to PayPal

After your Amazon payment has appeared in your bank account, go to your PayPal account home page and log in. Click Add Money, then click Balance Manager and choose your verified bank account.

Select Add Money from Your Bank Account and enter the amount of money you want to withdraw. Click Continue to complete the transaction.

PayPal will send a confirmation that it is processing your withdrawal request and that it can take three to five days for the transfer to go through.

How To Redeem PayPal Gift Card

You can now redeem PayPal gift cards wherever PayPal is accepted. You can use Gift cards to make purchases on any marketplace where PayPal is accepted.

There are 2 types of Gift card codes you can use

In-store codes

If your code can be used in-store, tell the cashier you’re paying with a gift card. The cashier will either scan or key in the code to redeem it.

I recommend printing the code if you can, as barcode scanners in some stores can’t scan from a mobile screen.

Not all self-checkout lanes accept gift card codes so we recommend going to an attended counter.

Online codes

If your code can be used online, look for a gift card or voucher code option at the checkout on the seller’s website or app.
Gift cards can’t be stored in the PayPal Wallet and are automatically redeemed right now. Make sure you enter the code when purchasing to ensure your gift card is applied.

For PayPal members, you can simply add prepaid gift cards to your wallet and then start using them during checkout just like any other credit or debit card. For users without a PayPal account, you can just enter the card information during checkout in the same way you would with credit or debit cards.

Amazon Gift Card To Cash Using Venmo

Venmo is a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app available on iPhones and Android phones that allows for the quick and easy exchange of money directly between individuals,

If you have a Venmo account, It is possible to convert an Amazon gift card to cash with Venmo

All you need here is a Venmo account (Which you can sign on the website) that is well set up and working, then link your gift card to your Venmo account

Just go to settings then payment method and add your gift card details as the payment method

Now the other account will be any of your trusted friends or family Venmo account you will transfer the money to.

After you have transferred the money to the friend or family account.

He or she would have had their bank account linked to the Venmo account

So they will just withdraw it to their bank account for you.

How To Get A Venmo Card

Just like an ATM card, A Venmo Card is simply a debit card offered by the mobile payment service that uses the balance you have on the app for purchases made within the United States.

For many reasons, you might wish to get a Venmo card, you can get a Venmo Card by applying on the app. You’ll usually receive it five to seven business days after you’re approved for it.

How To Convert Amazon Gift Card to Google Wallet

From our resources gathered so far, Google Pay has integrated a new feature that allows users to send and purchase digital gift cards in real-time in India.

The company is in collaboration with Pine Labs-owned gifting company Qwikcilver, to bring the experience to the platform. The latest update introduces the option to select digital gift cards from around 150 brands that can be availed at offline stores in more than 1500 cities, as well as some major online portals.

The platform allows gift cards to be shared through the Woohoo virtual store over an email, SMS message, or both. Some of the brand cards that the users can choose from include Amazon Pay Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Uber E-Gift, and Google Play Gift Code.

Qwikcilver has listed its consumer brand Woohoo on Google Pay’s Spot Platform, which can be accessed to purchase and send gift cards using Google Pay. This means users don’t have to sign up separately on Woohoo and can search for “Woohoo” on the Google Pay app or under the Business tab of the payments section.

To be able to transfer Amazon gift cards to your Google Pay wallet,

1. Simply add any debit or credit card to your Google Wallet account, and use it to make purchases with your NFC-equipped Android device

2. Snap a photo of a card or type in its info. After that, you can safely leave the plastic at home. Go to the website on the back of the gift card to register the card. once registered, use your name and the zip code you registered with to add the card to your Google wallet

3. Usually, Google Wallet charges a fee to validate the card and refund it in a few days.

But since the amount you will be able to transfer will be So why not clean up your wallet and add your Visa gift card to your Amazon account? When you add your Visa gift card to your Amazon account, you’ll never lose your gift card again.

A  quick way to go about this is to transfer funds from a Visa gift card to an Amazon account, where they never expire and are automatically applied to your next purchase.

How To Buy Amazon Gift Card with PayPal

To be able to buy an Amzadon gift card using PayPal balance,

  • Visit Amazon’s official website
  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the “Gift Cards” section and click on the desired gift card value.
  • Tick on “PayPal” as the payment method during checkout.
  • Verify your purchase and complete the transaction

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Conclusion: How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To Paypal

We hope that you’ll finally make use of your Amazon gift card balance and sell Amazon gift cards for PayPal. If you’ve done successful transactions in exchanging your gift cards, let us know in the comments and we’d love to hear about it.

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