Chinese Gift Card Vendors WhatsApp Number, Buy & Sell

There are numerous Chinese gift card vendors on the internet, but you have to be sure of who you are doing business with so you won’t fall victim to scammers.

In that regard, we are doing unleash the best Chinese gift card vendors WhatsApp Number where you can easily buy and sell Gift cards anytime.

What’s gift card without Chinese exchangers? If you are a gift card dealer, then you would definitely know that Chinese gift card buyers always have the best gift card rates.

Correct me if I’m wrong! Whether you are in Nigeria or UAE or wherever and you are a gift card seller that wants to exchange gift cards for cash, then you would be able to attest to this.

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In fact, Chinese gift card vendors always have the best rate ever when it comes to exchanging gift cards for cash. Why? This is because there is more positive consumer sentiment in China.

Similar to Cash App Vendors, Chinese Gift card vendors on WhatsApp are the most trusted vendors because they are very sincere when it comes to buying and selling gift cards. Furthermore, they offer the best exchange rate for gift cards.

Without further ado, let’s quickly look at the best Chinese gift card vendors to buy and sell Gift cards.

Chinese Gift Card Vendors

There are 3 major strategies to use when looking for the best Chinese gift card vendors with good rate. They include;

1. Using A Professional Gift Card Trading Platform

Getting a good gif card trading platform or individual is quite easy but you may be unlucky to fall victim to scam. This is why you need to be careful.

However, there are some cool registered companies that are in partnership with Chinese vendors e.g. Paxful & Cardtonic. 

Paxful is a United States gift card trading platform that actively buys all sorts of gift cards and is very trusted.

Cardiotonic on the other hand is based in Nigeria and efficiently operates across Nigeria and some parts of Ghana. It is the best option for trading gift cards in Nigeria and they are better than most gift card buyers from China.

2. Using Certified Chinese E-Commerce Platforms

These are websites that allow you to sign up even with an international number. After registration, click on the search icon and search the type of gift card you own, for example, Steam, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

From there you can have a lot of buyers showing up to buy, and there is an option to message privately and begin trading.

3. Using Chinese Vendors Whatsapp Numbers Online

You can easily connect with Chinese gift card vendors on Whatsapp where you can buy and sell your Gift cards at any time.

Chinese Gift Card Vendors WhatsApp Number, Buy & Sell

We understand that the whole process of getting a good Chinese gift card vendor with the aforementioned strategies could be stressful and quite laborious.

Because of that, we have legit Chinese gift card vendors WhatsApp number when you can chat and connect with him directly on WhatsApp for your gift cards.

This sounds cool right?, instead of looking for Chinese vendors with the best gift card rate, you can just chat him up directly on Whatsapp so you can buy and sell gift cards from Nigeria at any time.

1. Zhou Cheng Exchange

Zhou Cheng is one of the best Chinese gift card vendor you would ever want to do business with, Zhou Cheng Exchange are the best not just because of transparency but because they offer the best gift card exchange rate possible.

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Do you have any gift cards that you wish to sell? Zhou Cheng exchange is the best plug to exchange different types of gift cards such as;

Zhou Cheng Gift Card Exchange Rate

With Zhou Cheng Exchange, you will get the best and highest rate for gift cards in Nigeria, UAE, USA and beyond. Below is the respective exchange rate

Steam Gift Card: $100 goes for 35,000

Google Card: $100 goes for 34,000

iTune Card: $100 goes for 31,000

ebay Card: $100 goes for 30,000

Razy Gold; $100 goes for 43,000

Sephora: $100USD goes for 33,000

Vanilla: $100USD goes for 33,000

Macys: $100USD goes for 34,000

Apple Card: $100 goes for 31,000

These are the best possible git card exchange rate you can get in the market.

Zhou Cheng Exchange WhatsApp Number

Zhou Cheng is a legit Gift card exchanger in Nigeria, To buy or sell your Gift cards kindly connect with him via his WhatsApp Number below

You can also connect with Zhou Cheng Directly Via WhatsApp

Zhou Chenge Gift Card Vendor WhatsApp Number

In conclusion, If you are looking for the best Chinese to redeem gift card, Zhou Cheng Exchange is the best Chinese  Gift Card Vendor known for transparency, legitimacy, and high rate.

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