Giftalworld Registration Guide: Step By Step (With Screenshots)

In Our previous article we did Giftalworld Review but in our todays article we shall be discussing Giftalworld Registration Guide which i have decided to share here again for interested persons who are willing to learn and take action

Affiliate marketing business are so much on the internet these days, people are looking for legitimate source to make money online

many people are scared of loosing their money online, and some don’t even know the difference between affiliate and ponzi

let me quickly tell their differences

Affiliate marketing is the one you register and promote products, you invite your friends to join under your referral link and you get paid for taking part in all the earning activities

Ponzi sheme just like the so called MMM that later crashed (we all heard the story of MMM) is the one you put your money somewhere and you expect it to grow while you sleep without doing any work, which is not possible

But thanks to LegacyTips which has being very positive to get the best affiliate programs and discuss about them

The Good news is that we are not only going to discuss about Giftalworld Registration Guide

but we are also going to learn how you to edit and upload your profile picture on your dashboard anytime

so without wasting much of our time lets get down to business!!

Update On Registration Fee


Reg Fee

As from 4th February 2020 Giftalworld Registration fee will be increased to ₦3,000

this is because we want to maintain Stability on the platform so as to Payout non referral earners and to keep accommodating new members and make payouts more effectively

Hence we all know Giftalworld Pays Without Referral

The Good news is Giftalworld will now be paying 15k to non referral earners (GAS earners)

Giftalworld E-commerce store is also in progress where members can also earn by inviting people to buy any of our membership products on the store.

I think the question now should be How can I earn as big as possible and not asking If Giftalworld is scam or not because its no longer a debate that Giftalworld is indeed a legit and trusted platform

But Why Is Registration Fee Increased To ₦3,000?

I could read your mind now “the registration fee is too much”. Well there is this saying that better soup na money kill am.

Giftalworld is a quality business that has been paying nonstop effectively and also think about the huge benefits you will get on the platform.

We are not in competition with other income programs.

Giftalworld Registration Guide

To register on giftalword talent, I explained everything in detail so as to make it easier to understand

Step 1. Get Your Referral Link From Your Dashboard

Click on referrals then referral link




Giftalworld Reg

The next thing I want you to do is long press on the link to copy your referral link. If you are using chrome highlight it and copy all so you don’t leave out part of the link

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After you have successfully copied your referral link proceed from there and open a new Tab in your browser. Then paste the link there and hit Enter.

Always use Chrome to achieve effective results

Step2. After Opening the Link

Fill In the persons Information as seen in the screenshot below. and dont forget to choose a strong password


After you have filled the person information, click on register and select payment by activation code or card

welcome to giftalworld

Step4. Activation Code/Coupon

If You Have Already Purchased Your Activation Code Then Continue, Otherwise Here Is The List Of Assigned Coupon Code Distributors

Activation code is ₦3,000


You Can Watsapp, Or Call them To Get Activation Code


Names Whatsapp Numbers
Henry Onyenanu 08064348748
Sholuade Victoria 09099630714   
Abdulraheem Nasirudeen 08082772919
Wilson Godwin Sunday 08106354650 
Okpanachi Caleb Ojonugwa  08118528197 
Essi Cynthia  07082355913
Ajayi Oluwatosin  08064348748
Gbadamosi  Opeoluwa              07083200118
Abdulkareem Rabiat Alaba 08186991184
Anichebe Ogochukwu Treasure 08167908458


I recommend Henry Onyenanu because he is very fast to work with, he replies instantly just hook up with him for your coupon codes

You can also make payment via PayStack using you debit card

Step4. Paste The Coupon Code In The Space Provided and Apply

Paste this coupon code in the space and apply it. Once you see Coupon Code Applied Successful you are good to go But in case you see something like Coupon Usage Limit Exceeded

That means the coupon code has already being used. If that is the case contact the distributor immediately

Click Here To Register

Now If you want to register with your Debit Or Master Card you can select the online payment option

but If you prefer using the Coupon method then continue with the next step below

After you have successfully filled your prospects information and applied the coupon code. Just tick the small box to accept terms and conditions then hit place order




How To Register With Card

for those who may wish to register themselves online with their ATM cards without having to use coupon Code kindly follow the guideline below

Dont forget that you need to Have Access to your bank Alert Number

Step 1.

Giftalworld Registration

After filling the person information. Tick to agree to terms and conditions them Skip the coupon box and place order

Step 2

Giftalworld Registration

Click on Pay Now in order to get to the payment page. Then select payment with card on the next page


Step 3.

Giftalworld Registration

Select payment with Card and fill your card information as you see above. I recommend MASTER CARD

You card number is the long digit at the front of your card, Your CVV is the 3 digit number at the back on your card. Your information is secured with Fluterwave So you shouldn’t be scared. Dont forget to input your card expiry date too.


Step 4.

Giftalworld Registration

After you have filled your card information. Request OTP pin or you can use Hardware token if you already have it. If you select OTP. You will arrive at the page below. The Pin will be sent to your alert Sim

Just copy it and paste in the box and hit on submit

Congratulations, You have finally carried out giftalworld registration

once your registration is successful you will receive a welcome note and email telling you your order has been received

I hope this Giftalworld registration guide was helpful

Now whats next?


Step 6. Join Giftalworld Official Group On Facebook



I Strongly Recommend you to join this Group,

One good thing about income programs is that most members fail to join the official group to which platform they belong

Once you are in the group you will receive daily updates on the platform

Gitftalworld T-shirts Now Available

Join GiftalWorld Now

If you did that correctly, the link will take you to page where you can edit your profile picture

Conclusion: Giftalworld Registration Guide

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  2. Please my question Is that how to earn from giftalworld than it’s compulsory to refer before will get paid?

  3. Hi,, I’ve been trying to sign up but they keep telling me me email is invalid that’s the issues I’ve been having thanks.

  4. Hi bro
    I bought coupon for one of my referral and I wanted to use it and register the person but it wrote coupon usage limit have been reached, so I contacted the coupon vendor, he said that I was the one who misuse it and that I have to buy a new one. and I did but now looking at what u said here does that mean the fault is not from me? How can I be compensated for it becos I just used money for two peoples registration for one person.

  5. My brother if you are still doubting Giftalworld. Then you didnt read my whole article. Giftalworld is the most trusted business paying massively dealing with members both in Nigeria And foreigners. Inbox me on WhatsApp to get registered 08066109299

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