How To Identify Between A Fake & Original Power Bank

Last updated on December 26, 2019


Getting An Original Power Bank is something that should cross your mind if you are thinking of getting a Powerbank for your latptop or mobile phone

It is highly notable that Nigerians knows the actual issues that everyone who owns a Smartphone or any other gadgets/device is currently facing, this is the unstable power voltage, hence, making our device gives us the awful low battery alert warning.

Power bank is very important is because, it serves as your traveling companion. When you are traveling, it keeps your device charged, in order not to miss any significant messages.

Anyways, before we list out the best power bank for all devices which includes your Smartphones, Laptops. There are few guidelines that you are expected to go through.

Things To Consider Before Buying A PowerBank

Buying a power bank is not the issue but the question is this; is the power bank fake or original? Are you buying it because it’s very beautiful in appearance? What is you aim of going to the market to buy a power bank?

Are you aware that fake power bank can cause hazard to your phone by damaging it or the battery or even catch fire and in the process destroy your phone, tablet, household, office or even kill you? More reason you should be very careful in choosing an original one. 

If you are interested to get one power bank for your device then you’d have to follow the below guidelines. Am pretty sure, you aren’t looking for designs to boast outfit with any power bank. This is the step-by-step guide on how to get a portable power bank.

Company Brand

In most cases, this is not as important but on the issue of having power banks, the information are as important as getting yourself a car. The first reason is that most power banks from fake or pirated companies have caused a serious issue in Nigeria.

Last year, power banks really did an exploding tour in Nigeria, that the original companies such as Infinix, Tecno etc had to come out and list out the difference of original and fake power banks.

Power Bank Capacity

Getting to know the difference is another thing. Getting to know the capacity of the power bank and the output is taking one bold step at a time. This time, your money is at stake, as it can get you the wrong one.

On any power bank, the power capacity and output is actually the top most reason you are buying it. Any power bank, you are buying must have least, x3 of your current phone battery and 2.1 amp output and at least 2 amperage to charge.

A 2.1A rated power bank to get charged fast, you should also use a 2.1A rated wall charger as using a lower rated charger like a 1A rated wall charger that a usually more prevalent will be counter-productive

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This has to do with the size and weight of what Power bank you are looking for. No matter, your work condition, house condition or whatsoever, there is no reason to get heavy weight power bank for your device, as there is no significant reason to get it.

So in every case, it is very important, you get a portable power bank as it comes in different sizes and weight. So, when you are moving around, it doesn’t add a bit of stress to you.

USP Port Terminals

This is very important too. The number of USB each power banks come with is another idea, when getting one for yourself. Well, it is ideal only when you have multiple device to charge at once and also when you are going out with friends, you might need multiple USB port to help them charge their device.

But as the case may seem so helpful, it also does something else. Having one, two, three USB ports on any power banks is ideal but the issue here is that, when charging more than 1 device at a time, with more USB port, the more lesser current it emits or produces.

Lithium Ion vs Lithium Polymer Battery

When for the Best Powerbanks that has to do with the two best battery component, the question always goes like Lithium Ion vs Lithium Polymer Battery – Differences – Which Is Better?

They are popularly known as Li-ion or Li-Polymer in short terms. Meanwhile, the Lithium Ion (Li-ion) had always added pounds in weight and shape when comparing with Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer) which famously slimmer and lighter and every seems to love the sleek, portable stuff.

Lithium Ion: This gives high energy density, low discharge rate, no priming required before first use and overall cost is cheap. A Li-ion battery can’t be charged in a cold temperatures but in a fairly warm room temperature. There is high risk of explosion if charged too quickly or inappropriately and they suffer from aging even when not used.

Lithium Polymer: It uses solid but flexible polymer electrolyte and lithium-ion battery cells normally have a voltage rating of 3.7v. It is safer, slimmer, lighter, costly to produce, lower energy density, hold slightly higher specific energy.

Most of the battery packs go for the Li-ion as they are cheaper. But the Lithium Polymer seems to be the best, as the manufacturers can makes changes to the size and shape of the power banks and can also retain its charge longer. A Li-Po Battery is also safer in terms of usage as well.

Note that, all battery types are susceptible to different levels of risk of fire/explosion due to the inherent nature of electric current. So it is advisable to get an in-built Li-Poly battery with double overcharge and discharge protection. This is very important for regions with voltage volatility.

How To Identify A Fake PowerBank

Identifying a fake Powerbank is as simple as ABC if you are smart, Below are the easiest ways to figure out if a power bank is fake or not

  • It Has No Brand Name: Some power banks in the market has no brand name, instead what is written on them is just “Power Bank”. Don’t go for them! There are many branded ones you can checkout for. Example are those from Xiaomi, Anker, Jackberry, iMuto, iceworks, MaxOak, Qi-infinity and so on. 
  • Exaggerated Ratings: Many power banks that are rated above 30,000mAh capacity are usually fake except those from popular brands. 
  • Lite Weight: Most fake Power banks weighs very lite. You will see a power bank with 50,000mAh capacity weighing very lite and even fancy looking and easy to put inside pockets. My dear, it’s fake. An original 50,000mAh supposed to be decently heavy and bulky. 
  • 4. They are Very Cheap: Most fake power banks are very cheap, in fact, their prices are too good to be true. You will see a seller pressuring you to buy 30,000mAh Capacity powerbank for just N3,000. Chai! God help us. 

How To Identify Original Power Bank

Meanwhile, contrary to the above mentioned ways to spot a fake power bank, here are the main ways to know and identify a good and original power bank. Read on…

  • Original power Bank comes with a brand name.
  • It doesn’t have exaggerated high capacity like 40000mAh,50000mAh,100000mAh etc.
  • The charging capacity tallies with what it is written on it depending on your battery capacity too.
  • Original power banks are heavier
  • They are usually rugged in nature and bulky
  • Original power banks don’t come with many fancy features like too many LED Lights, many display screen, music player and so on
  • They usually take longer time to completely get charged (depending on the capacity – the higher the capacity, the longer charging time required) except it comes with fast charge technology.
  • It is decently and justifiably costly

Conclusion: How To Identify Between A Fake & Original Power Bank

In summary, shine your eyes when buying a new power bank. Let this article serve as a reference point in identifying the best and original power bank to go for. 

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