iJobbers Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration

ijobbers has established itself as one of the top platforms of 2022. In this ijobbers review, you will discover how it works, how to register and make money on ijobbers.

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About iJobbers (Review)

ijobbers is an online community of digital earners with the sole purpose of generating wealth and passive income on the internet. The platform was created to provide a source of income that would help its members get out of financial bankruptcy and into the spotlight of financial freedom.

On the website, members can earn money on a daily basis by participating in our airdrops, sharing viral postings, advertising, and uploading interesting material.

Ijobbers was launched on the 24th of January 2022.

How ijobbers Multi-Level Marketing System Work

Ijobber’s MLM multilevel earning scheme is something to look forward to. Unlike other platforms, you can register for 2000 naira, finish a cycle/stage, and receive 15,000 instantly.

Below is a simple breakdown of the ijobbers MLM work

1. You are required to form a team, it could be a Whatsapp group or telegram. (Whatsapp is preferred)
2. add people to the group and inform them about Ijobber’s MLM multilevel earning opportunity.
3. Sign up for MLM and become the leader of your team or group.
4. Again you will obtain your affiliate link after signup
5. Get just two people from your team to sign up under you, and your cycle will start.
6. encourage your A and B downlines to each bring two people to the party.

Once this is fully done, Congratulations, your cycle is complete, and you can cash out your 15,000

How To Make Money on iJobbers Air drop

The first thing to consider before making money on ijobbers is to choose a preferred package of your choice.

There are basically 2 earning packages; Workers Package and Masters Package

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How To Make Money on Workers Package

Referral bonus: ₦1500

Welcome bonus: ₦1500

Daily airdrop: every 7 hours: ₦220 daily

Daily viral post: ₦150 daily

Uploading memes, adverts, short video skits, music files, articles any of this activity

You will be required to renew your package with ₦1,500

Registration Fee for Workers Package is ₦3,000

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How To Make Money on Masters Package

Referral bonus : ₦2500

Welcome bonus: ₦2500

Daily air drop : every 6hours | ₦320 daily

Daily viral posts: ₦200 daily

Uploading memes, short video skits, music files, articles, adverts and blogs, any of these activities.

You will be required to renew your package with ₦3,500

The registration fee for Masters Package is ₦5,000

How To Renew Your Package

After settlement, you only need to renew your account with 50% of your registration money, which means that for the ₦3,000 package, you only need to renew your account with ₦1,500 naira.

While for the ₦5,000 package you renew your account with ₦2,500 naira after settlement

As the upline, you get a 10% bonus every time your downline renews their account.

How To Withdraw on ijobbers Air Drop

Once you have made enough cash on the website, next is to withdraw. Obviosuly, many of these websites have one major problem in common which is withdrawal.

On this note, members who have earned money on ijobbers will be looking forward to withdrawing their earnings to their bank account. This could also serve as evidence for affiliates to convince others to join the platform.

Below is how the withdrawal system on ijobbers work

All earnings for non-referral are paid directly into your bank account daily once you reach the minimum withdrawal point every 28 days.

On the other hand, Affiliate bonuses are paid every day with a minimum withdrawal of ₦3500

Again, all earnings are renewed after settlement with just 50% of the registration fee.

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Does iJobbers Pay Without Referral

Yes, ijobbers claim to pay without referral, however, I will not recommend that you depend on this.

iJobbers Registration

To register and become an active member on ijobbers;

Firstly, you will have to decide on the package of your choice that you wish to register with. As mentioned before, we have the workers and masters package available.

After that, the next you should do is get an activation code from any of the ijobbers approved coupon vendors. Once you have gotten all these ready, you can proceed to register.

iJobbers Registration

iJobbers Login

After a successful sign up, you can log in via the official ijobbers website 

iJobbers Review: Scam or Legit?

iJobbers is a newly launched platform that came to the limelight on the 24th of January, 2022. The website looks cool with promising features and at the moment, the platform is paying.

Again, google adsense ads can be found on the website which proved a flow or income that could generate revenue for effective payment and sustainability.

However, the only concern is that from our assessment, that platform is not registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as a legal operating business in Nigeria.

Secondary, the owners or admin behind the website is not known which raises a bit of panic as to who you are going to call on to if the site goes down any day.

In the end, we will say iJobbers is paying at the moment, we cant tag it scam but we strongly advice you be careful when dealing with the website.

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iJobbers Review: Scam or Legit? How it works, Registration

IN conclusion, Ijobbers is one of the top-earning websites in Nigeria that promises a fluid and sustainable earning structure. If you have any questions, recommendations or suggestions regarding this ijobbers review, please drop your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “iJobbers Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration”

  1. I will not advice anyone to join this ijobbers cause as it is now they have refused to pay their masters and leaders package even after renewal
    So please ijobbers is scam, don’t bother wasting your money cause you will only be enriching the greedy ceo

  2. Ijobber if really u are one of the top earning websites in Nigeria that promises a fluid and sustainable earning structure! Why then have u not paid ur member for 5k n 3k users? U ask them to upgrade with even the additional of 5h some 6h n yet to receive their payment?
    Can u please explain to us?

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