3 Reasons Companies Should Invest in Sustainable Packaging

Why should you invest in sustainable packaging for your business?

Your packaging is often your customers’ first introduction to your company, especially in retail environments. It can tell customers a lot about your company and brand.

For example, if you use custom-printed mylar bags instead of generic packaging, your clients may recognize that you care about how you are viewed and want to stand out from the pack. Therefore, these are reasons you should invest in sustainable packaging.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is material you use to pack, ship, store, wrap or shelve products that is eco-friendly.

This packaging may be compostable, reusable or turned into raw materials for new products. It is made from recycled or recyclable materials or both.

Companies are also choosing options that do not contain harmful toxins or chemicals.

Why Companies Should Invest in Sustainable Packaging

The benefits of prioritizing good and sustainable packaging should never the overlook. It is one thing that will set you ahead of your competitors.

Interstingly, most products sell not because of the quality they offer but the branding it gives to customers which makes them gain their trust.

According to Catalpa, 74% of consumers report transparency and honesty in product labelling help them to gain trust in a brand.

Without further ado, below are some benefits of having a sustainable packaging

1. Reducing Operational Costs

Companies who use sustainable materials often choose smaller, more compact options so little material is wasted. Therefore, they have to purchase less material to properly package their products. This also reduces their shipping costs.

Eco-friendly options are also more versatile. They can be adapted to your specific product lines or used for multiple products with a few small changes, such as printing. Because you have smaller packages, you save on storage space.

2. Attracting Green Consumers

Would it surprise you to know that a significant percentage of the population is concerned about waste and how consumer product packaging contributes to landfills and pollution?

Therefore, more and more consumers are choosing to purchase products from companies that choose more environmentally friendly options.

Something as small as choosing sachet packaging can have a significant impact on your customer retention and adoption.

In addition, most company executives, up to 90% of CEOs, see the value of sustainability and its contribution to the success of their businesses.

Consumers are even more aware of sustainability trends and are always looking for ways to decrease their footprint.

Choosing sustainable packaging keeps your company at the forefront of these customer demands and regulation changes.

Consumers also appreciate that your products’ packaging does not contain toxins and allergens that could have a negative impact on their health and well-being.

In addition, you can market your sustainable choices, gaining greater interest from eco-conscious customers.

You can increase your brand image by using sustainable packaging because your customers will see your company as one that actually cares for and does what it can to protect the environment.

3. Helps the Environment

The goal of sustainable packaging is to protect the environment. These products use fewer resources, including water and electricity, during their production. Because they can be reused, broken down into raw materials or decomposed, they don’t add to landfills or waterway pollution.

Sustainable packaging does not increase your company’s carbon footprint and will typically reduce it because these products are made from plants that draw carbon out of the air while they are growing.

If you are moving toward an eco-friendlier business model, don’t underestimate the value of sustainable packaging. Your customers are paying attention and looking for high-quality, environmentally friendly packaging, such as degassing value coffee bags.

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Conclusion: Investing in Sustainable Packaging

Conclusively, There are so many benefits that come with prioritizing brand packaging. I have mentioned 3 of these reasons in the article.

I hope you find these reasons worthwhile and consider working on your company branding to attract more customers

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