Best 5 Online Tools That Can Merge Multiple PDF Files

To combine multiple PDF files at once without losing the actual content, users can go for an online PDF
merger. This tool can combine all the documents at once without wasting the time.

The best element of using PDF combiner online is that users can avail of this tool on any device. That means if a person doesn’t have his own PC or laptop, he can open the tool on any other device.

We can see a long list of online PDF mergers on the search engine. So, one has to be very attentive while choosing this tool. But for the new users, who don’t have much idea about the features of this online tool, may find it hard to go for the best one.

To make it easy for everyone, here we will give a review on the best 5 online PDF mergers. Readers can see the features that they can get from all these tools and choose the one that they like the most.

Best Online PDF Merger Tools

Let’s dive deep and have a detailed discussion on the top-rated online PDF merger tools. This can bring ease
for the users to select the best one among these tools.

1. PDFresizer


PDFresizer offers a lot of features that users can avail of to increase the workflow and manage multiple PDF files by combining them.

The best element of using this online tool is that users can add heavy files here to combine them.

Let’s have a deep discussion and tell you the most important elements of this online tool.

  • Users can upload up to 50 files at once in this tool and merge them instantly.
  • All the files can be 100 MB. That means the tool supports heavy files that one can merge and
    manage easily.
  • This online tool supports multiple file formats like PPT, DOCX, PDF, DOC, PPTX, and ODT.
  • All the files will be converted to PDF format after merging.
  • All the uploaded files are deleted after one hour. That makes the content of users secure here.
  • Don’t put a watermark on the final reports.


merge pdf

This is another top-rated online PDF merger in which users can merge the PDF files in one place with a single click. Users can get a lot of features from this online tool and all of them are free.

Here we will give a review on this online tool that shows how it can benefit the users and make their work easy

How to use

  • Upload files via multiple platforms like PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Users can also upload the files via URL. So, the files present online can also be merged with the help of this tool.
  • This tool allows you to keep the files in order to get the results in a sequence.
  • The interface of this online PDF combiner tool is quite simple. Everyone can understand all the features of the tool and its working.
  • All the features of this merge PDF tool are free to use. There is no need to pay for the tool before using it.



The merging tool by is one of the best online tools in the list that can offer you to combine multiple documents at once. Users will get the results quickly without any delay. Some of the top features of this online tool are discussed in this review.

Steps to use

  • This tool preserves the original format of the content. The final results will be with the same alignment and text formatting.
  • There is no compatibility issue regarding this PDF merger. One can open it on any device.
  • You can merge unlimited files in this tool. It doesn’t restrict the users due to limits.
  • After getting the final reports from this tool, users can download files.
  • Users don’t need to pay for this online PDF combiner. This tool is free to use.


Online PDF Merger Tool

In the list of top-rated online PDF mergers, this is another amazing tool that users can use to join PDF documents and keep the data safe. One can avail of a lot of features in this online tool to manage the PDF

Here are some of the best features that users can get in this PDF merger.

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  • This tool allows users to upload files from multiple platforms. By using the URL of the PDF files you can merge documents here.
  • The working of this online tool is very fast. So, one can merge all the PDF documents quickly in this online tool.
  • There is no compatibility issue with this online tool. It can be accessed on every platform.
  • Users can keep the content safe in this tool. Because of this element users prefer this PDF merger for combining files.

5. is one of the best online PDF mergers on the list where users can upload heavy files at once and merge them all in a few seconds. Like other best online tools, one can also get a number of features here and make the working easy.

Upload files via Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

The files get deleted automatically after 2 hours. So, this online tool is a safe option for users.

One can merge 50 pages for free in 3 hours. For increasing the limit, users can go for the
premium plans.

After getting the results, you can save the files in the system by clicking on the download button.

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Conclusion: Best 5 Online Tools That Can Merge Multiple PDF Files

While you are going to use an online PDF merger tool, you must try to select the best tool that can offer a lot of features and keep the content secure. For it, you have to be very careful about choosing the tool.

You can get the best online tool only if you have an idea about the features. Otherwise, you will go for an ordinary tool where you may lose important information.

We have discussed the list of best PDF mergers in this article that can help the users to combine hundreds of documents at once.

And if you are willing to select the best among these top tools, can be a handy option because it provides you with quick results without charging money. So, users must try this PDF merging tool.

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