PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End: How To Fix

If you use Paypal frequently, you may have encountered Something went wrong on our end PayPal error. This issue can arise due to so many reasons. Today, you will discover some strategies to overcome this error

It’s no longer news that PayPal has very strict policies and people try as much as possible not to violate any of their policies. Paypal limitations are real and it’s one of the most common issues people face with PayPal daily.

Furthermore, these limitations come with big disadvantages and in most cases, you can not send and receive funds with an unverified PayPal account

Although there are still issues that come in when using a PayPal account that goes beyond just Paypal Limitations. Sometimes these errors could be Something went wrong on our end which I am going to address in this post and find possible ways to fix it.

Whether you use Lesotho PayPal, UAE PayPal, or Even Ghanaian PayPal, you will always face this PayPal something went wrong issue. In this article, I will tell you how to fix it.

About “PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End”

This error message usually pops up and it means there is an uncertain or uncompleted transaction from an online store. Paypal usually sends you notifications telling you that your transaction is not successful.

Why Does PayPal Show “Sorry Something Went Wrong On Our End”?

Before I tell you how to fix this error, it is very important to understand why the error happens in the first place so that you can avoid it happening in the future.

One basic reason is that most users who encounter this error have a lot of saved browser caches, browser history, open tabs in the background, and a lot of automatically saved passwords on their PC or phone.

Additionally, using a weak browser could also result in this error.

PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End – How To Fix

Follow this guide below and learn how to fix this error

1. Refresh and try again

As earlier stated, the possible reasons could be an accumulation of browser history and tabs, so kindly refresh your browser and wait for about three minutes then try again.

2. Clear Browser Tabs. History And Cookies

If you are guilty of keeping browser history, cookies and tabs then you will likely encounter this error, one way to fix it is to clear all browser history, cookies, and tabs. In that way,  your browser will be fresh again and able to avoid common glitches.

3. Update or Change Your Browser

Just like other applications, browsers get outdated with time and need to be updated to meet up with recent features and benefits. So it is very important to frequently keep your browsers up to date.

If the problem persists, then I recommend you change your browser. Although Chrome and Firefox give us the best browsing experiences you can still try our other powerful browsers that could work.

4. Login With Another Phone or PC

Alternatively, you can try out other browsers or PC and see if it works out.

5. Contact Paypal Support

At this stage, you must have tried out all the possible ways to rectify this issue with PayPal something went wrong on our end. If the problem doesn’t get solved, kindly contact PayPal support for help.

To effectively do this, log in to your account and from your dashboard and click on Contact Us, there you will see a box, kindly state your complaint in the box and submit it.

Alternatively, you can call PayPal to help care agents directly at 00014029352050 they will help you fix it.

Conclusion: PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End

Conclusively, having this error is not the end of the world, it’s normal, and things like this are meant to happen.

Finally, We hope this guide has walked you through the possible solutions to fix this PayPal error.

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