Confirmed List of Nigerian Bank Cards that Accept PayPal

Lists of Nigerian Bank Cards that accept PayPal. Was your Card rejected when trying to create a PayPal account? Let’s discuss this.

Ever Since PayPal has officially announced in Nigeria Among the lists of Countries that work and are applicable to use PayPal, One of the major issues that Nigerians face is the fact that most Nigerian Banks Cards don’t work with PayPal.

Every day on Forums and Social media Creating a working PayPal with Nigeria bank cards becomes the talk of the day.

Have you ever tried creating a UAE PayPal account in Nigeria or any other country and Your Cards were rejected? From our research and findings, we’ve been able to gather some lists of Nigerian Bank Cards that work with PayPal.

Mind You, there are so many Banks in Nigeria and there’s no way we can possibly try all the Nigerian Bank Cards that work with PayPal.

Our list here is only recommending the ones that most of our clients have used and confirmed to be 100% working.

In that case, if Your bank isn’t on our list, it doesn’t mean your card isn’t supported. it simply means non of our clients has used it before. You can actually try to see if it works or not. If it does work, you can share your bank with us in the comment section and it will be added to our list as well.

List Of Nigerian Bank Cards that Accept PayPal

Here are some tested and confirmed lists of Nigerian Bank Cards that work and accept PayPal.

1. Diamond bank Visa ATM Card.

Since 2014, Diamond Bank Card has been listed among the Nigerian Bank Cards that work with PayPal.

2. Access Bank ATM

Access bank card is also among the list of Nigerian Bank Cards that work with PayPal. Many of our clients have tried it and it’s working fine

3. GT Bank Naira Master Card

Personally, I’ve been using this Card for all of my Online transactions and I also use it to create PayPal for myself and for all of our clients.

I’ve created and Verified over 200 PayPal accounts with this GTB card so I can say it’s working 100% fine not only for PayPal but for all online transactions.

4. First Bank Card

We have also confirmed from lots of folks who have been able to use this bank card to verify their PayPal account in Nigeria.

5. WEMA Bank Card

We haven’t tried this actually but I got replies from more than 20 of my Facebook friends who confirmed to have used it to verify their PayPal accounts.

Did you have a Wema Bank master or Debit Card? you can try it now am sure you won’t be exempt.

6. FCM Bank Card

Sure this one has worked for me. I used it to verify about five PayPal accounts when I had issues with my GTB card.

FCM Bank cards also work perfectly in verifying PayPal accounts in Nigeria.

7. UBA Master Card

This has been working for our clients over the years. I have many friends online who are using UBA Master Card verified PayPal accounts.

Yusuf Also Commented on one of our articles regarding PayPal Nigeria and GTB MasterCard and how he used his UBA Master Card to successfully verify his PayPal account.

How to Add Your Bank Card to Your Paypal Account

Having read through the above lists of Nigerian Bank Cards that work with PayPal and Having Created a PayPal account, the next thing is to add your Card for verification to make sure you’re the rightful owner of the account.

  • Login to your Newly Created account and you will see the area that says, Add Card
  • Click on it and a new page will show up where you can add your card details and select your Card Type.
  • Having filled in your card details correctly, select Link Card.
  • Now Paypal Will deduct $ 1.95 USD from your bank. This is just to confirm you’re the owner of the account. This money will be refunded back to your account in 24hrs time.
  • Having deducted the Above amount, Your bank will send your a message with a verification code to verify your PayPal.

Copy the highlighted 4-digit numbers sent along with your message. as shown below.

>The Naira equivalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the
transaction done on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

  • Now login to your Paypal account and click on Confirm my debit or credit card“.
  • Enter your 4digit certification code and click on the option to Confirm the Card
  • Now close the Windows and go back to your Paypal account dashboard and you will see your account status changed to verified.

Naira Master Cards has been working fine for all of the above-listed banks, but in case you have issues with your Naira Master Card and have not been able to verify your account.

You can reach your bank for a USD master card which is even the best option and it’s also working fine for all Nigerian banks that can provide USD cards.

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Conclusion: Nigerian Bank Cards that Accept PayPal

Having learnt about some lists of Nigerian Bank Cards that work with PayPal and how to add your Card to PayPal for the final verification process it’s time you try and I hope to see it work for you.

Remember We’ve been helping Our clients to create Working PayPal accounts in Nigeria without the use of VPN over the years even before we launch our business online.

You can order your PayPal account and get it done in less than 30munites and your login details will be sent to you immediately.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of creating and verifying your PayPal account as shown. above, we’ve got you covered. Use the below contact details. It’s cheap and affordable.

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20 thoughts on “Confirmed List of Nigerian Bank Cards that Accept PayPal”

  1. when I have ATM card access bank used link for PayPal account why this link Paypal account not working ATM card access bank..?

  2. Hello, I tried using my Fidelity visa card but it wasn’t working. It says unable to verify or visit the card issuer which I have did so many times. thank you

  3. I have tried linking my access bank visa debit card, but to no avail……
    What do I do… Is there no other way apart from naira cards

  4. Uba prepaid card,whether naira or dollar,works 100% of the time.It is what i used to verify my paypal.

  5. Access Bank no longer accept PayPal again, they said CBN placed restrictions on foreign transactions. I think other banks too have complied and stop.

  6. Hello can i link my card to my client PayPal hope i won’t be complicated cos i want to use it for picking jobs…

  7. @Adebayo Adeola.

    Same thing with me. My GTB master card is always rejected when I tried to us it on my PayPal.

  8. I added access visa card to my PayPal, 877 was deducted but I’ve not received the code till now, it’s been over 3 months now, nothing

  9. Please I have add my debit card and they have deducted a charge of 877 naira please how do I see or recognize the code

  10. Please, I have a UBA visa debit card, and I’ve tried linking it to my PayPal account but I couldn’t, could it be that it cannot be linked because it’s only Master debit card that is allowed in UBA?
    Please if there are any way(s) of linking a UBA visa debit card to one’s PayPal account, I’ll be delighted to know, or maybe they could come to an agreement of using a UBA visa debit card in a PayPal account. Thank you.

  11. I’ve been to GTB to know why my naira master card has rejected by PayPal when adding card, the customer care guy told me bluntly that GTB doesn’t support PayPal. And i don’t have visa card but verve, what do i do

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