Primeshub Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Register is a new innovative platform probably one of the best in the networking industry created as an opportunity for people to leverage and make money online. In this Primeshub review, I will be working you through how it works, and how to get a coupon code for your registration.

Having the know-how to utilize your phone to make money has been made easy with these networking platforms.

In this digital era, If you are not using your phone to make money, you could be wasting technology.

Having a side hustle now should be a thing that everyone craves for. One of the greatest battles you should be fighting in your youth is your financial battle. And you must fight it through all legal means to make money

LegacyTips over the years has been your go-to platform for reviews on all networking sites that pay you to earn. Our aim here is to critically give an insight into platforms and show you those that are legit and those that are scam.

Primeshub happens to be a newly launched platform gaining so much recognition. Without further ado, let’s jump right into this review.

About Primeshub (Review)

Primeshub is a Network Marketing and Social Advertising Company built to give people opportunities to use their smartphone as a smart tool to learn, Earn and convert daily social media lifestyle into a cashflow system.

Primeshub is registered with CAC, verified and certified BN 7048643

Earnings are in dollars Withdrawals are swift and fast. With Primeshub, your financial stability is guaranteed

Who is Primeshub For?

Primeshub is available for Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Benin Republic and Kenya

Who Owns Primeshub?

Nduka Chidiebube Jeremiah (Jerry) is the CEO of Primeshub. He is also the brain behind Smartnetwork, one of the biggest networking platforms in Nigeria that has paid over 200 million to members.

Jerry is a 25-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur and a young African with a penchant for affecting lives wherever he finds himself.

When Was Primeshub Launched?

Primeshub was launched on the 1st of October 2023.

How Primeshub Works

Primeshub works by creating an earning system in the form of features. The features are the opportunities available for all users to leverage.

These earning opportunities range from sharing viral posts to make money, referring others to join, taking part in challenges and lots more.

Primeshub Features

Below are amazing features that users can utilize to their advantage and make money on Primeshub

1. Primehub Trip And Car Challenge

This is a feature where you are given an opportunity to Win a Trip outside Nigeria or Win a Car if you Hit a particular earning target given to you by Primeshub for a period of time.

2. Primes p2p

This a Feature Provided for users to Earn when they successfully register New users using their PRIMESCOIN and End up keeping the registration fee to themselves Rather than Buying an Activation Code

3. Primes Recharge

This a Feature where only non-affiliates are given the opportunity once weekly to recharge their phone using their Primes coin fund on the Primes Recharge Wallet

4. Primes Raffle

This a Feature Where Users can win amazing Prizes and cash Monthly by playing our monthly Raffle Draw from their Raffle Wallet using their Primescoin

5. Primes Course

This a feature where users are given the opportunity to Activate and learn high-income digital skills using their Primescoin

6. Primes Sport

This a feature where users are given the opportunity weekly to predict the correct Score of a football match and Stand a chance to win a Prize when their predictions come out correctly

7. Primes Talent Hunt

You can participate in the Primes talent hunt and earn rewards. This feature allows all users to showcase their talent and stand a chance to be the winner with prizes worth thousands of Naira.

  • Winner takes ₦500,000
  • 1st runner-up takes ₦300,000
  • 2nd runner-up takes ₦200,000
  • The duration for the talent hunt is 30 days

8. PrimeStore

PrimeStore is an e-commerce feature integrated into the platform to showcase products or services to a larger audience.

So if you run a product or service business, all you have to do is get started with Primehub, and then list your product or service on the Primestore to attract a large audience to patronize you.

As for me, I do CAC registrations so I have already listed my professional services on the website and I get traffic to my DM every day from business owners who want to get their business registered.

How To Make Money on Primeshub

Below is a simplified way to earn money on Primes hub

  • ⚡Daily login ₦250
  • ⚡Welcome bonus ₦2,500
  • ⚡Registration fee ₦5,000 (or $10)
  • ⚡Affiliate bonus ₦4,000 (or $8)
  • ⚡1st Indirect Ref Commission: ₦200
  • ⚡2nd Indirect Commission ₦100
  • ⚡Primes advert share ₦250
  • ⚡Tiktok task ₦2,000
  • ⚡Primes social claim $0.1 upward

Primeshub Cameroon Earning Structure Review

  • ⚡Reg Fee – 4500 xaF/5000Naira
  • ⚡ Welcome Bonus – 2500PC
  • ⚡ Daily login Bonus -250PC
  • ⚡Per Invite – 3200 XaF
  • ⚡Sub-affiliate bonus -150XaF
  • ⚡ Second Sub-affiliate bonus -75xaF
  • ⚡ Prime social claims – 0.1$ upward

Primeshub Ghana Earning Structure Review

  • ⚡Reg Fee – 84ghs/ 5000Naira
  • ⚡ Welcome Bonus – 2500PC
  • ⚡ Daily login Bonus – 250 PC
  • ⚡ Affiliate Bonus – 60ghs/4000Naira
  • ⚡ Sub-affiliate bonus – 2.8ghs/200Naira
  • ⚡ Second Sub-affiliate bonus – 1.4ghs/100Naira
  • ⚡ Prime social claims – 0.1$ upward

How To Withdraw On Primeshub

How To Withdraw On Primeshub

1. For Primes Daily visit/ advert share, the money goes to your Primes cash wallet (You can use the money to recharge Gotv, buy a recharge card or data once every week)

2. For Primes Social, you earn 200 Upward daily and you get paid any day you reach a minimum of 5,000

3. For Prime Social and Affiliate, you get paid twice a week: Monday and Friday from 10:00 AM. The minimum withdrawal is ₦8,000.

All your earnings in dollars will be converted to naira and paid straight to your bank account after withdrawal.

Does Primeshub Pay Without Referral?

Yes, Primeshub pays with without referral. Your activity earnings are paid once you reach the threshold.

Primeshub Registration

To get started, you will have to purchase a coupon code from one of the trusted vendors for your registration.

The coupon code is ₦5,000 which is equal to the signup fee

For Instant Registration WhatsApp Me

Primeshub Registration Coupon Code

Send me a DM with your information to get started

My Special Signup Bonuses

1. ⭕ You’ll be added to my VIP WhatsApp community (Mentorship Group) (Worth ₦50,000)

2. ⭕ Over 100 PREMIUM HACKED APPS (Netflix, Dstv, Canva Pro, Spotify, etc) [worth 10k]for FREE

3. ⭕ You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to my personal library of ebooks (worth ₦10,000)

4. ⭕ Free access to the tools (bots) I use to reply to messages fast without touching my phone. (worth ₦5,000)

5. ⭕ A SPECIAL GUIDE on making 5k – 10k daily and 10k – 40k weekly on the App. (worth ₦20,000)

Cameroon Withdrawal

  • Minimum withdrawal – 6350XaF/8000Naira
  • Affiliate withdrawal ( Mondays and Fridays from 10 am to 12 pm)
  • Minimum non-affiliate withdrawal -/5000 Naira/10$
  • Non-affiliate withdrawal is once a month

Ghana Withdrawal

  • Minimum Affiliate withdrawal – 120 Ghs/8000Naira
  • Affiliate withdrawal (Mondays and Fridays from 9 am to 11 am Ghanian time)
  • Minimum non Affiliate withdrawal -/5000Naira/10$
  • Non-affiliate withdrawal is once a month.

PrimesHub Review: Scam or Legit?

Primeshub happens to be one of the best networking platforms in Nigeria now. Jerry the CEO has launched Smartnetwork in the past, a platform that lived up to expectations and paid over 300 million to members.

There is no networking platform that stays forever. What you should be asking before joining any platform is “How long will it last?”

For looking at the grand scheme of things, Primeshub is legit but not ideal for the long run. The platform seems like it will stay for a while. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that it will last forever.

I usually advise that when you join platforms like this, your aim should be to raise capital and start a better business venture.

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In conclusion, Primeshub is a networking platform that pays users for joining and performing certain tasks.

This Primeshub review covered all the areas of the platform and its operations.  Tell us your experience being a member of Primes Hub in the comments below.

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