Renmoney Loan Requirements: Repayment, Interest Rate

Renmoney offers SMEs and even students opportunities to borrow money to meet financial urgency. In this guide, you will discover Renmoney loan requirements, repayment and interest rates.

While the rate of technological advancement has been at its peak, business owners are looking for loan opportunities

In recent years, these loan app platforms have become one of the most accepted loan platforms in the country. This can be attributed to its fast approval rate, ease of application, and low interest rate.

Before we go into the requirements for getting a quick loan from Renmoney, it is important to do a quick overview

About Renmoney

The Renmoney digital platform is one of the newly formed loan platforms in the country. This loan platform aims to offer various opportunities to borrow money for businesses and individuals.

Renmoney was founded in 2012 and operates on a microfinance banking license in Nigeria. The platform has recorded over 3 million loan applications since its inception

Their team combines traditional and alternative data sources through statistically driven models and they also leverage technology to deliver convenient credit, savings, deposit and banking solutions to all registered users.

Furthermore, Renmoney was launched to be an interlink between small business startups and getting small financing from banks. The fear of most business start-ups is the requirement for collateral during loan applications from banks.

Similar loan platforms you can explore are NiceNaira, Fairmoney, Okash and many more

The following products are available on Renmoney;

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