EFCC SCUML Online Registration Requirements 2024

If you are a business owner that has huge financial transactions, getting a SCUML certificate will be key in protecting your brand against legal action, In this article, we will be exploring the SCUML online registration procedure and how to get your certificate

The Special Control Unit for Money Laundering is a Federal Government agency under the Department of the  Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) charged with the responsibility of registering monitoring, and supervising the activities of businesses.

Money Laundering on the other hand is a due process by which criminals attempt to hide or disguise the true origin and ownership of their ill-gotten wealth to make it look legitimate. The purpose is to avoid prosecution, conviction and confiscation of the ill-gotten wealth

As a business owner, getting CAC registration and documents is not enough to give you that 100 percent protection against litigation and all forms of harassment you could encounter with the law.

With so much already going on in the country, staying on the side of the law will be one of the best decisions you could make as a person and as a brand.

Regardless of which location or medium your business operates (digital or physical store) getting a SCUML certificate will always give you an edge and also build customer trust,

Before we proceed into the SCUML online registration, it is key to understand what businesses need this certificate the most.

Businesses That Need EFCC SCUML Certificate

Below are businesses that must have a SCUML certificate in other to have a smooth running of business without legal actions

  • Dealers in Jewelleries
  • Dealers in Luxury Goods
  • Chartered/Professional Accountants
  • Audit Firms
  • Tax Consultants
  • Clearing and Settlement Companies
  • Legal Practitioners
  • Trust and Company Service Providers
  • Estate Surveyors and Valuers
  • Hotels and Hospitality industry
  • Dealers and Miners of Precious Stones and Metals
  • Pool Betting, Casino and Lottery, Supermarkets
  • Consultants and Consulting companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Estate Agents
  • Dealers in Real Estate
  • Importers and Dealers in cars and vehicles
  • Dealers in Mechanized farming equipment and machinery.
  • Practitioners of mechanized farming and any other business(es) as may be designated from time to time by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment or SCUML

EFCC SCUML Online Registration

Below are some requirements to register and obtain a SCUML certificate for your company or business

For Companies

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMART)
  • Status Report
  • Evidence of Tax Registration

For Business Names

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Status report
  • Tax Evidence

Note: professional companies are to also provide professional certificates e.g. Law firms, Accounting firms, Audit firms, etc.


  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
  • Incorporation of Trustees
  • Constitution or Memorandum & Article of Association
  • Identification of Trustees with a valid means of identification

State Registrations

  • Certificate of Registration from State
  • Constitution
  • Copies of valid Identification of at least 3 executive members

International NGOs

  • Evidence of Registration with the National Planning Commission (NPC)
  • Constitution
  • Organisational Profile.

Professional Certificates for both Limited Liabilities Companies and Business Name

  • Law firms – Call to bar certificate, Legal Practicing certificates
  • Accounting firms – ICAN, ANAN, ACCA etc
  • Audit & Tax firms – ICAN, ANAN, ACCA,
  • Consulting firms – Respective professional body
  • Construction – COREN
  • Membership Certificate
  • Real Estate – REDAN etc
  • Estate Surveyor & Valuers Certificate etc
  • Import & Export – NEPC etc
  • Mining – Exploration License/permit (Ministry of Solid Minerals), License from a certified geologist etc

To Register SCUML for your business

Visit the SCUM website at Scuml.org and fill in the information related to your business.

EFCC SCUML Registration Fee

The cost to register for SCUML is free on the website.

SCUML Certificate Collection

Once your registration is completed, you will be notified via email.

Your SCUML certificate will be sent from Abuja to a park where the Abuja waybill normally stops at the state address you provide. Your client will receive a call and go there to pick up the certificate at his state.

SCUML Certificate Duration

The whole process to register and get your SCUML certificate takes about 14 to 20 working days.

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For more information, you can check these FAQs


Getting a SCUML certificate for your business is very essential if your business falls under the categories above.

The SCUML department under EFCC over the years has helped to regulate and control financial and cyber crime through this inception making it safe and easier to run a business without legal issues.

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