Xenova.tech Review: How It Works, Register And Earn

Xenova.tech is another networking platform that offers the public an opportunity to make money by obtaining membership and performing tasks. In this Xenova review, we will explore the platform more to determine if it’s a scam or legit and how the Xenova earning system works.

This 2023, unemployment is by choice, it doesn’t matter if you have certificates or not. All you need to start earning money is your phone, internet connection and willingness to work

It takes the same energy to beg and to work out something profitable. As a youth, it is very important you have a side hustle that could help you sort out your bills.

I have personally taught a lot of young people like me various ways to make money online in Nigeria. It either you have a highly marketable skill to offer to the market or a product to sell for money

Again, there are networking platforms that reward you for performing tasks. In recent articles, I have reviewed the likes of EarnHive, Nhire Focus Network and Smartshares. However, this review is solely based on Xenova and how the earning system works

About Xenova (Review)

Xenova is a financially liberating platform created to cure the diseases of poverty in West Africa. The mission and aim of the platform is to equip youths with a sustainable system to make money instead of chatting about profitless things.

How Xenova Works

Xenova operates as a networking platform with so many amazing features. Under these features, members are opportune to utilize them to acquire highly valuable skills that will eradicate unemployment in the labour market.

Xenova Features

Below are amazing features you shouldn’t miss out

1. XenoClaim

The Xenoclaim feature allows you to earn 100 and claim it all for free

2. Xenobet

This feature allows you to bet using on football matches and earn rewards if you win

3. Marketplace

This a digitized market where advertisers and business owners are giving the opportunity to promote their products and services to the larger market

4. Contest

This feature has various contests such as Tiktok and Twitter. Members can make money when they participate in any of the social media challenges and come out the first position.

5. Social Media Tasks

You can earn residual income with this feature when you carry out tasks on social media daily.

6. Xeno VTU

The VTU feature is available for members to sell airtime and data for profit

7. Digital Courses

Once you get access to Xenova membership, you will have full access to learn high-value digital skills through courses that could help you in the digitalized world

How To Make Money on Xenova

How To Make Money on Xenova

Below is a breakdown of how you can earn money

  • Welcome bonus 200 ✅
  • Login bonus 200 ✅
  • Sponsored post 300 ✅
  • Xenova claim 100 ✅
  • Affiliate commision 3,550 ✅
  • Indirect affiliate commision 200 ✅
  • 2nd generation affiliate commision 100 ✅

How To Withdraw

The minimum withdrawal for affiliates is 6,000. Withdrawal days are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

For non-affiliates, the minimum withdrawal is ₦20,000. You can only place a withdrawal 20th of every month

Does Xenova Pay Without Referral

Yes. You can get paid even when you don’t have a referral

Xenova Registration

To register on Xenova, you will need a one-time fee of 4,500.

Before your registration can be processed successfully you need a coupon code.

Contact Vibes TV Media for your coupon codes.

You can get your coupon codes even at discount rates

Join Xenova Now!!

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Xenova Scam or Legit

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Xenova Website Login

You can access the official website via Xenova.tech

Xenova Review: Scam or Legit?

As of the time of documenting this review, Xenova has little or no information know about it. The decision to join is surely yours to make.

One thing is certain, the platform won’t last long, so make good use of it while it stays. Another concern is the owners are not know so that raises an eyebrow of doubt.


Conclusively, If you have any suggestions or recommendations to contribute to our Xenova review, leave us a comment below

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