EarnMoreNG Income Program Review: Read How it Works

EarnMoreng is a newly launched site that is worthy of review. I am glad to welcome you to my EarnMoreNg Income Program Review. This post will give you an insight and as well walk you through on how the platform works and how you can make money from it.

EarnMoreNg Income Program Review

EarnMore is a very reliable website and another kind of get paid to read the news platform, that focuses not just on but also provides the opportunity for Nigerians to leverage on the platform to earn money in this pandemic.

EarnMoreNG also provides you with updates on what’s happening around the country and the world at large so you don’t have to visit your TVs to get informative updates.

You don’t have to waste your time and data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes without getting paid for it. All you need to do is a one-step registration on Earnmoreng and you are good to go.

The goal of Earnmoreng income program is to eradicate and put an end to financial problems, create a convenient job and make all our members self-dependent.

How To Make Money On EarnMoreNg Income Program


As a registered member on Earnmoreng below is a simplified way to make money on the website.

1. You get registered and become a member on our website with the one-time registration fee ₦2,000

2.  You will gain 60% affiliate commission which means you get instant payment of ₦1,200 for each person you refer

3. You get an instant registration bonus of 1,000 instantly after your account is activated.

4. You earn ₦50 every day you log in to the website.

5. You will also earn ₦10 by clicking a reading informative news articles on the site.

6. You earn ₦5 by when you make relevant comments on any news articles on the website

Note: Commenting short words such as okay, alright, good, yes, ok, thank you, really, etc is not allowed, your comments on any article must at least be 5 words and above to interact properly with the article

7. You will stand a chance to earn 2 when a member likes any of your comments.

8. You earn 100 for sharing viral posts each day on your Facebook Timeline. Viral Posts are otherwise known as sponsored posts

9. You get instant Airtime of your desired network provider for posting your credit alert testimony (with a good caption) on our official Facebook group.

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Does EarnMoreNg Pay With Without Referral?

According to the information provided on their website, EarnMoreNg Pays without referral. However, if you are joining the platform I will recommend you don’t depend too much on reading news only but also focus on referring because in that way you will earn bigger and faster.

I can testify getting referrals to join a business is a very difficult thing to attempt. So I came up with a recent article that will teach you how to get referrals for any income program or business.

My Ultimate Referral Hunter Masterclass Ebook has made me over 800K from marketing through these Income programs in just a space of one year.

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How To Withdraw From EarnMore Income Program

Referral Earners are paid daily with a minimum of ₦2,400 while Activities (EAF) are paid 2 times in a month (15th & 30th monthly)

The Withdrawal requires a Minimum Amount of ₦2,400 only. Once your activity earnings reach ₦7,000, You will be able to request for withdrawal and your earnings are processed and sent to your bank account.

Earnings are paid in less than 2 hours once you place a withdrawal request on this platform, with no withdrawal charges added.

EarnMoreNg Registration

To register on Earnmoreng income program you need to purchase a coupon code. Each EarnMoreNG Coupon Code is sold for ₦2,000 and Paying into an individual account whose name is not under this list is at your own risk…

Below are some of the available coupon merchants.

Agent Name Phone Number
Princess E 08184904245
ONYENANU HENRY C 07048702707
Ezebuilo Precious 08163737345
SANI O 07063226459
Saint Blessed O 08134406683
Excel Evbuomwan 08163053761
Philip Onyekwere 08055884923
Asemota Precious 08080936920

Is EarnMoreNg Scam Or Legit?

EarnMoreNg is a newly launched income program that seems to be flowing well in good spirits and as of the time of documenting this review, Earnmore is legit and paying effectively. However, the website doesn’t display Ads yet.

Who Is The CEO Of EarnMoreNg

The platform is made up of 4 Admins and is led by Onyenanu Henry Chizoba

Websites That Are Legit & Paying In 2021

Below are some platforms (Income programs and investment sites that are currently paying)

Prime Vault


Racksterli Investment

SwyftFx Investment

Conclusion: EarnMoreNG Income Program Review

In conclusion, I hope this earnmoreng review has provided valuable and insightful information on how the platform operates and how to make money from it.

Keep visiting LegacyTips for informative reviews of this kind…

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5 thoughts on “EarnMoreNG Income Program Review: Read How it Works”

  1. Please sir i can’t log in to my earnmoreng account when i want to log since January 12 I said that account suspended but right now it doesn’t load at all

  2. From what I am seeing on social media ,yes they are still paying….you know ,,this writer did not add the fact that you have to share each and every one of their sponsored posts on face book before you can get paid,,,if the sponsored posts you shared are not enough then they don’t pay you…..wether or not you clicked the link to earn from the sponsored posts ,that’s one of the problems with nigerian businesses,,the owners don’t state all the conditions before you start,,and once you start they begin to make the rules as you go ..,, so please please and please do anyone planning to join earnmoreng know that you are going to have to share two posts on your face book page every day until you are ready to withdraw and that on the 15th and 30th of each month when it’s time to payout ,,they give you specific times when you can request for your own money like you will be able to withdraw from 6am to 8am of 11am to 1:30pm or 4pm to 5pm. If you don’t make your withdrawal request on the time they say then you have to forget about withdrawing your EAF for the next 15 days,,and they only put those informations up on their Facebook group…so in order to be properly informed you will have to join the group

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