Review: Scam or Legit? Register & Earn is another make-money online site launched recently that has gained our attention. In this Primeshares review, I will walk you through how to register and earn on the platform. You will also get to know whether the site is legit.

As we all know, LegacyTips is your go-to and trusted review site in Nigeria. We have reviewed so many income sites in Nigeria such as L-earnify Megawave, Socialearning, and many others.

In this Primeshares review, I will be walking you through everything you need to know before throwing your hard-earned money around to join.

About (Review)

Primeshares is another fantastic platform to earn more money doing the following activities; affiliate marketing, share trading, publishing and resale.

How Primeshares Works

Primeshares works in 3 basic systems

  • Primeshares shares trading
  • Ebook Publishing
  • Primshare affiliate marketing

Buying and Selling of Volatile Shares

On the primeshares stock market, There are 6 groups of volatile shares that every regular affiliate user can purchase directly from their dashboards and monitor whether these shares grow daily or reduce daily in value.

These shares are volatile in nature and can either give a + or – ranging from 5-15% monthly 

The names of the shares will be announced monthly and made available for sale for those interested in keying in and making profits from them.

Signals are dropped prior to the closure of the share purchase dates so that those interested can purchase shares based on their findings about the primeshares stock market on each share

Also, there are referral bonuses whenever your downlines purchase a new share, for every new share a potential downline purchases, you keep getting the referral bonuses all over and over again

Primeshares incorporated resales these share values from foreign stocks to its users that are registered within.

What this means is that Primeshares works as an intermediary to a foreign stock exchange market and in turn, buys a limited amount of shares to resell to its shareholders.

Those who buy these shares will gain the exact interest rates added at the end of the specified period

These shares are usually valued at 50$,100$ and 200$ and will always be in two batches monthly.

The stated referral commissions for each of your downlines that become shareholders are expressly approved below

Purchases of shares by your direct downlines will always earn you referral bonuses that you can withdraw anytime

Purchases of shares worth $50 5% of shares worth referral bonus
Purchases of shares worth $100 $3 of shares worth referral bonus
Purchases of shares worth $200 $1 of shares worth referral bonus

Primeshares Ebook Publishing

Publishers of quality ebooks finally have a chance to get their books published to a whole variety of Primeshares users

Some Authors of books take weeks and months just to create a masterpiece in writing but unfortunately, Most of the ebooks created are only seen by a few people. Instead of making revenue, they in turn make losses that might even make them worse off.

Primeshares has made it possible for the Authors to be able to post their Works and get people that will promote them for them, they, in turn, get revenues daily or whenever sales are made on the ebook

Now, the good news is that they don’t just get it published, Users can choose to promote a particular ebook and the author keeps earning 20% forever for every new user that purchases it

The promoters of the ebook earn a sure 70% for referring people to buy the e-books while the Authors of the e-books keep getting a specific 20% for each and every new purchase of their books.

You can upload it from your dashboard and after it’s reviewed, it’ll be updated for sales immediately. Once it is updated for sales, Authors can start earning 20% of each sale made on their dashboards.

Author/Publisher Earns 20% on sale of ebook
Promoter/Affiliate Earns 70% on sale of ebook
Min requirement for upload of ebook by Author $100 referral earnings

How To Make Money On Primeshares

How To Make Money On Primeshares

Below is a simplified way to earn money as a member on Primeshares

  • Welcome bonus of $5 which is equal to ₦2,500
  • Sharing Ads daily, you earn $1 which is equal to ₦500
  • Referral commision of $6.4 which is ₦3200
  • First level spillovers $0.6$ which is ₦300
  • Second level spill over of ₦0.2 which is equal to ₦100
  • Transfer of earnings is also available at a minimum of $12 per transfer equal to ₦6,000
  • Conversion rate is ₦500 to 1$

How To Withdraw On Primeshares (Review)

You can place your withdrawal once you have reached the threshold.

The minimum withdrawal for an affiliate is $10 which is equal to ₦5,000

For non-affiliates, the minimum withdrawal is $40 which is equal to ₦20,000

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Does Primeshares Pay Without Referral?


However to earn more, you have to refer

Primeshares Registration

To register and become an active member of Primeshares, you must pay the $8 or ₦4,000 registration fee via a coupon code

Click Here To Register

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Primeshares Website

You can access the login website via Pssskills(dot)net

Primeshares Review: Scam or Legit?

Primeshares is a newly launched site. As of the time of documenting this review, we have little or no information about it.

The choice to join or wave it off is sorely yours to make

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Conclusion: Primeshares Review:

Primes Share is another make-money online site where members can earn money doing certain activities. If you have any questions regarding this review, kindly let us know in the comments.

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52 thoughts on “ Review: Scam or Legit? Register & Earn”

  1. In less than 1 month , I have earned over a 100k from Primeshare. If you want to enjoy this too, please contact me on 08061585941, with your 4k registration fee.

  2. Hi guys am success
    Prime share is ????% legit
    With just your 4k you can make millions in it
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  3. Primeshare is here to stay, I have withdrawn and still withdrawwing.
    If you want to join, send me a message on whatsapp 08164063903 for more guidance.
    Meanwhile I register with 10% of the 4k for coupon code..
    Dm quickly while this offer lasts.

  4. please primeshares should prospone the PS earnings to atleast middle of everymonth or 5th of every month and not 2nd.

    MESSAGE ME ON WHATSAPP:09131204035

  6. does primeshares have a withdrawal day for non affiliate which is 02 of every month or are they using withdrawal limit for their individuals

  7. you are thinking of how to join Primeshare or get coupon code for registration? Whatsapp me now on 08130258681
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  8. contact me to know more about prime shares and how you can register, Trust me prime shares is legit.

  9. Please i’m not able to join your WhatsApp group. It says the link has been reset. I’ll love to be a member, thanks ????.

  10. primeshare didn’t pay me, infact they blocked my account, I cannot even log into my dashboard

  11. Please I have been trying to reset my password because I forgot but they keep saying it has been sent to my mail since day before yesterday to I haven’t seen anything, please how do o go about it?

  12. I don’t understand, with the way u guys are dropping unnecessary comment is weird. The author explain about something and he dropped his details for info, for those who no understand. Next thing lots of people dropping WhatsApp numbers. Why are u guys confusing yourself? And I am sure lots of you are scam, if u also want to refer people then go and create your space and stop filling this web with unnecessary headaches.

  13. Primeshare is a legit affiliate site you can earn from. With #4,000 you are good to go. I help you generate your coupon code , kindly message me on WhatsApp via 09059908846,I am also going to teach you step by step on how you can also earn on this amazing site

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  17. Primeshares is a legitimate site which I joined recently and have made my first cashout with ease and coupon code is not a problem

  18. Please I have sent 4k to the person that reffered me
    But when I was registering it I was told to add number to my user I added
    When I wanted to login it was now writing invalid email.
    Way out

  19. please some one should help me here please. instead of the link on my dashboard, since i wasn’t informed, I used the normal registration for referral. and now i can’t get my referral bonus, please is there a way to retrieve it. someone should me here

  20. good evening pls am new here and i refer someone into primeshare since last week and he was dus to withdrawal. because he referred 6 persons in last than a 2day and still now he has not being paid pls I need someone to help me .

  21. The site doesn’t open on my iOS and I’ve been registered from another cell through the person that referred me but I still can’t log in…please help

  22. Hi I am new user here but the person refer didn’t join me to the WhatsApp group here is my number I need to get into the group 09060929574

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