InstantNaire Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit?, Register

Instantnaire happens to be Nigeria’s largest platform that has just been launched recently and is already gaining waves. In this Instantnaire review, I will work you through how the platform works, and the cost to register and make money.

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In previous articles, we have reviewed so many paying platforms in Nigeria such as Prime Share, Social Earning, Mega Wave and many others.

You have come across so many opportunities online to make money. Unfortunately, anytime someone presents you with an opportunity, your subconscious mind automatically tells you it is a scam.

In some cases, you sit on the fence and say it is too expensive and in some cases, you believe it might not work for you.

Instantnaire is yet another platform that presents average Nigerians like you and me the door to financial freedom.

This review will seek to explain whether the platform is legit or scam and what Instantnaire brings to the table.

About Instantnaire (Review)

Instantnaire is a brand that offers a substantial stream of income to its members through affiliate marketing opportunities.

It is an innovative platform that pays you for your activities when you register and become a member of them

Features on InstantNaire

Below are some mouth-watering features available on the platform

  • Multiple earning benefits
  • Compensation plans
  • High affiliate commissions
  • Monthly salary for members
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Automated withdrawal system for fast withdrawals
  • Digital courses
  • Free weekly gift box
  • Members can get access to loans
  • Weekly gaming bonus
  • Conversion of activity points to coupon code for registration

How Instantnaire Works

InstantNaire works in 8 basic systems. Through these systems or features, users are able to conveniently make money at any time and anywhere

This system includes;

  • Activity earnings
  • Affiliate earnings
  • Salary earnings
  • Extra affiliate bonus
  • Welcome bonus earning
  • Gif box earning
  • Affiliate bonus on withdrawal
  • Compensation plans earnings

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How To Make Money On Instantnaire

How To Make Money On Instantnaire

Below is na simplified breakdown of how you can make money on the Instantnaire platform.

1. ✅ You earn an instant registration bonus of ₦2,000

2. ✅ Daily login to the site earns you ₦200

3. ✅ ₦2,500 referral bonus when you register someone under your link

4. ✅ You will earn ₦200 indirect referral earnings when you refer Tunde and Tunde ends up referring Segun

5. ✅ As a member of Instantnaire once you have up to 10 referrals you are entitled to a monthly salary which is paid 20th of every month

6. ✅You also earn from compensation plans. This means you get compensated with Lots of Amazing Prizes Ranging from Cash, Laptops(MacBook, Hp) iPhones, Samsungs, Sound Bars, Air conditioners, and Iron. Etc


How Instantnaire Works

You can participate in the Instantnaire Millionaires Challange and earn as much as 1,000,0000 (One Million)

How To Withdraw on Instantnaire (Review)

Once you reach the threshold, you can place your withdrawal and get paid.

Affiliate withdrawal is daily (11 am to 1 pm). The minimum withdrawal for affiliates is ₦7,500

Non-affiliate withdrawal is 28th of every month. The minimum withdrawal is 20,000 INC

Does InstantNaire Pay without Referral?

Yes, you can get paid on Instant Naire without a referral

Instantnaire Registration

The registration fee for InstantNaire is ₦3,500 Once you have the money set, you can proceed and purchase the coupon code from any of the distributors.

Register on Instantnaire Now

Once you have successfully registered, log in to your account and update your profile to start earning.

You can access and log in to the site @

Send them a mail for complaints;

For Instant registration and secret to earn 100k+ WhatsApp me

Instantnaire Registration scam or legit

Why Should I Join?

✅ You can easily make cool cash from the platform

✅ Laptop is optional. With your smartphone, you are good to go

✅ You will get paid without a referral

✅ Access to short-term loans which you can use as capital to set up a small business

InstantNaire Review: Scam or Legit?

Instantnaire is one of the largest innovative platforms launched on the 1st of May 2023. As of the time of documenting this review, little has been known of this platform.

What I do know is that the domain is just 6 months old and expires in 2024.

Another panic is that the CEO or admin behind it is not known.

The decision to join Instantnaire is sorely yours to make.

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Conclusion: InstantNaire Review

In conclusion, Instantnaire is just like other platforms that offer amazing features for members.

With a registration fee of ₦3,500, you will have access to full membership.

By participating in all activities on the platform, you can make good cash for yourself.

If you are already registered on the platform, let me know your thoughts in the comment regards your experience

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12 thoughts on “InstantNaire Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit?, Register”

  1. All my friends have lost there money on this platform instantnaira nah big scam all those ss nah fake I swear to God

  2. I have a question
    How much does sponsored task and daily login have to reach in order for me to withdraw it ??

  3. this ppl are scammers ohh
    i haven’t received my 28th payment of last month ohh
    i asked the WhatsApp TV guy i registered from his telling me payment should start from 7th to 11th of July and up till now i haven’t seen anything

  4. I was unable to get my withdraw or get my money on the 28th of last month
    What is going on abeg and there was no way to contact anybody or get help

  5. even if instantnaire na ponzi e no matter to me i don dey cash out 15k every week and i no dey put money inside. To me it is the earliest birds that eat the fatest worm

  6. since I have been doing all this stuff, the only platform that pays and still pay me is……. don’t let me say it. if u want to know? WhatsApp me on 07033734962

  7. If you join instantnaire don’t regret after you have lost your money.
    All I want to assure you is that a website that the CEO and admin profile is hidden is a big scam.
    I am a victim.

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