PiggyTech.ng Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit? Register

PiggyTech is a newly launched site that has gained waves and caught our attention. In this PiggyTech review, you will be learning how it works and how to register and make money on PiggyTech.

There are so many get paid to perform activities sites that we have reviewed before. If you missed out on any of them, Piggy Tech is offering you another golden opportunity.

Considering how the Nigerian economy is going, you can’t be broke and doing nothing. With the help of your smartphone, internet connection and willingness to work, you can leverage these online programs and make money.

On the journey to your financial freedom, you don’t have to start big, you can start with any of these paying sites and make money. Again, you can from there use the money to invest in yourself by acquiring high-income skills and financial education.

Instead of coming online, posting random and trivial information about yourself and arguing with strangers, why not invest your time and energy into something more profitable?

Without further ado, let’s quickly look at what Piggytech offers to the table.

About PiggyTech.ng (Review)

Piggy Tech is an online/Network Marketing Community build to provide people with the opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for Learning and Earning (i.e. Having skills and making passive income).

We also focused on teaching our members updated modern skilled courses on our website.

PiggyTech Features

Piggytech offers the following features

  • Spin And Win
  • Free Courses
  • Monthly Contest

Spin and Win

The Piggytech Spin and Win is a game that allows you to participate by using your activity earnings, You can spin and aim to win prizes and higher earnings.

Free Courses

Piggytech offers users high-quality digital courses for her members to access. These courses are focused on equipping members with valuable skills in marketing that can be used and applicable even outside the confined of the platform.

Monthly Contest

Users can participate in the Piggytech monthly contest and earn prizes ranging from a smartphone, TV, iron, and even a trip to countries.

How To Make Money on PiggyTech

How To Make Money on PiggyTech

Below is how users can earn money on the Piggytech income program

You’ll receive a welcome bonus of ₦2,000 after registration

  • Daily login bonus ₦100
  • Daily task earnings is ₦500
  • You will receive ₦500 daily if you spin and win
  • Referral bonus ₦2,800
  • Indirect referral commision ₦300
  • You can earn as much as ₦1,100 from daily tasks without a referral

Conclusively, the highest affiliate earner on the affiliate will be a trip to Rwanda with all expenses paid by the company.

The highest coupon code sales rep will also win a laptop and iPhone x pro max together with cash award prizes

Cash prizes are also given to our top earners on the website.

How To Withdraw On PiggyTech

You can withdraw on Piggytech once you have reached the withdrawal threshold.

Non-affiliate earners can withdraw once they have earned 8000 minimum activity earnings. Withdraw from non-activities is from 5 pm to 6 pm on Sunday

Affiliate Withdrawal is on Tuesday and Friday from 5 pm to 6 pm. The minimum for affiliate withdrawal is ₦2,000

Does Piggytech Pay Without Referral?

Yes, Piggytech pays without referral. However, you must ensure to cross the non-affiliate withdrawal threshold

How Does PiggyTech Generate Revenue To Pay Members?

PiggyTech currently has 6 methods of generating revenue to pay and keep the platform running.

  • Youtube channel
  • Facebook page promotion
  • Instagram account boosting
  • Productive advertisements
  • Google adsense
  • WhatsApp TVs promotion

PiggyTech Registration

To register and obtain membership, you will have to get a coupon code from the assigned vendors.

PiggyTech registration fee is ₦3,500

Join our WhatsApp group for updates to earn faster

If you need assistance, WhatsApp me to register over 100k weekly

PiggyTech.ng Registration

PiggyTech Website

You can access the site via Piggytech.ng

PiggyTech Review: Scam or Legit?

Piggy Tech is an online Platform owned and controlled by a team of experienced Digital marketers, networkers, and influencers.

The aim of this platform is to create a community that will aid adequate marketing experience and good promotional and sales experience for business owners and brands.

The major concern is these digital marketers (owners) are not known. Again, the platform even though is registered with SMEDAN, doesn’t really prove any strong legal documentation/certification.

Nevertheless, I can’t be too quick to judge but one thing is certain; you can register and be able to make money.

The decision to join is yours to make.

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Conclusion: PiggyTech.ng Review

PiggyTech is another exciting platform that provides users with the opportunity to register, acquire digital skills and earn money.

I hope this review has given an insight into how the platform works.

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