Top Up And Get Reward Review: VTU Site For Airtime & Data

I welcome you to my Top Up And Get Reward Review. If you are looking forward to joining a VTU based platform. This article will provide an informative guide on how Top up and get reward works and everything you need to know about the platform.

Have you ever thought of earning a decent income for recharging your smartphones every day? even a typical village man knows how to browse the internet and at least play bet9ja and that raises the demand for airtime and data.

It is shocking to believe many are not aware that there are VTU platforms that pay you for each airtime and data bough from these sites, perhaps Nigerians are never actionable when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities around them.

We have reviewed other top VTU platforms like Recharge and Get paid and Gistfans Blog Forum which operates similarly to top up and get reward as both platforms are created to help you get paid for each recharge or data purchase you make.

For those who may not really understand the concept VTU. VTU simply mans Virtual Top-Up.

About Top Up And Get Reward (Review)

Top Up And Get Reward is a virtual top-up (VTU) integrated platform that deals with Airtime, data, cable network subscription (such as GoTV, DSTV, StarTimes), and bills payment like PHCN just with the use of smartphone and internet connection.

TGR provides efficient transactions just like Nigerian Banks. Before we proceed further with this Top-up and get reward review let’s briefly analyze look at the products offered by the company.

Below are the available products on Top Up and Get Reward platform.


  • MTN
  • Airtel
  • Glo
  • 9Mobile


  • MTN
  • Airtel
  • Glo
  • 9Mobile

Cable TV

  • DSTV
  • GOTV
  • StarTimes

Electricity Bills

  • Abuja Electricity Distribution Company
  • Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company
  • Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company
  • Kano Electricity Distribution Company
  • Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company
  • Jos Electricity Distribution Company
  • Eko Electricity Distribution Company
  • Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company

In summary, To provide excellent mobile top-up through data, utility payments and recharge services in the areas that help you; Top-Up and get rewards on well-defined categories and Generate Cash flow through Airtime and payments on all your utility bills

How Top Up And Get Reward Works

Top up and get reward offers us the opportunity to own a VTU distribution platform license which enables them to dispense Airtime, Data, Cable TV subscriptions and PHCN meter bills.

On TGR you are opportune to get a share (cash bonus) from profits that Banks, Quickteller, Paper recharge card sellers would if you buy from them.

Topupandgetreward rewards you handsomely when you switch from buying from the banks and other sources and buy from your own VTU platform.

Top Up And Get Reward Packages

To have your personalized VTU distribution platform on, you must register with a one-time payment of any of the packages convenient for you. Below are the packages available on Top-up and get reward,

Pearl 20 5,000 1,100
Coral 40 10,000 2,200
Emerald 80 20,000 4,400
Sapphire 120 30,000. 6,600
Ruby 160 40,000 8,800
Diamond 200 50,000 11,000

How To Make Money On Top Up And Get Reward

To make money on Top Up and Get Reward, below is the compensation plan

1. You will earn 22% of your registration package once you register with any package.

2. You will earn %2 of airtime for any package

3. You will earn 2% data

4. For any Cable TV subscription you make you will earn ₦40 back

5. You will earn %2 for each PHCN bill you pay

This shows that you could be making around ₦10,000 to ₦40,000 monthly simply by selling Artime, Data, Cable TV Subscription and also helping people pay PHCN and other utility bills.

Top Up and Get Reward Referral System (Review)

For those who are very good at referring, you can utilize this opportunity and earn a high reward by bringing people to join top up and get reward using your referral link, and when your downline also brings people to join subsequently you will also earn commissions.

For those who are not well skilled in referring, you can purchase my Ultimate Referral Master Ebook that will walk you through getting people to join any business.

Benefits Of Joining Top Up And Get Reward

Once someone joins your team, you get points for every registration and upgrade in your team. These points are known as point values (PV) and they accumulate to qualify you for incentives.

  • You will qualify for a leadership bonus of ₦120,000 when your monthly PV is accumulated up to 10,000 PV
  • You will also qualify for the International trip of ₦600,000 when your monthly PV is 25k,000 PV
  • A car will be awarded to you or you can walk away with a cash price of ₦2.5 million when your monthly PV is accumulated to 60,000 PV
  • You will earn a 1st House fund reward with ₦3.5 million when your monthly PV reaches 100,000 PV
  • Earn a 2nd House fund reward with ₦4.5 million when your accumulated monthly PV is up to 250,000 PV
  • You will earn 3rd house fund with ₦6.5 million when your monthly PV is accumulated to 500,000 PV

Another way you can benefit from referring and teaching people is earning through your downline to subsequent generations e.g if a person starts with Corel package of ₦10,000 you will get ₦2,200 instantly.

Depending on the package they start with, you can make between ₦1,100 to ₦11,000 monthly. If anyone is referred by any of your team members, you will get a 5%

So here is the magic, If your term members can work hard and refer more and more people to the platform, you could be earning massively without even doing any further work again.

You will get paid each time your team members or downlines (directly or indirectly) buy airtime and data

Airtime Commission = 0.15%

Data Commsision = 0.15%

Top Up And Get Reward Registration

To register and become a full member on TGR you will first of all need to select a package of registration. However, you can always upgrade to a higher package at any point in time. The higher the package you register with the more you earn commission and the more your monthly PV increases.

For registration, you can pay through your debit card or pay through your upliner E-wallet.

Top Up And Get Reward Registration Requirements

First Name

Last Name



Referral ID (Use Tymee1)

TGR Registration

For Instant Registration WhatsApp Me

WhatsApp Me

How To Withdraw From Top Up and Get Reward

To withdraw from TGR and get reward access to your dashboard and request for withdrawal and funds will be transferred from your wallet to your bank account. In addition, you shouldn’t forget to update your account info on your profile

How To Fund Your Wallet On Top Up And Get Reward

As a registered member of TGR, You can fund your wallet through direct cash payment in any Bank, transfer from your bank and your ATM card

Is Top Up And Get Reward (TGR) Worth it?

Top Up and Get reward offers one of the most indispensable products (airtime and data) for you and me to capitalize on this opportunity and leverage the platform.

The company is a limited liability company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with BN 1100072 and is presently into Online Airtime sales and distribution across Mobile Networks in Nigeria. It presently has a Licence from NCC.


Top Up And Get Reward CAC Certificate

So long as people still depend on airtime and data as well as make cable subscriptions, TopUpandgetreward will always remain valuable and sustainable even in 10 or 20 years’ time to come so you shouldn’t panic to leverage the platform.

Instead of going to the PHCN office to pay bills why not save cost and time and register with TGR so you will earn commissions for each transaction you make, that sounds cool huh!!

So in summary, Top up and get reward is legit and not crashing soon!!

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Conclusion: Top Up and Get Reward Review

In conclusion, Top-up and get reward TGR is an awesome opportunity for Nigerians like you and me to leverage Telecome and actually earn rewards for VTU and cable transactions made on the platform.

I hope this top-up and get-reward review has provided valuable information to you regarding how the platform works, packages for registration, and benefits.

Do give us a Thumbs up by sharing and dropping your comment below!! and do keep visiting LegacyTips for awesome reviews like this.

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3 thoughts on “Top Up And Get Reward Review: VTU Site For Airtime & Data”

  1. I made my first N1,000,000 with Top Up and Get Reward in 3 Months using my smart phone – see proof here Before you say it’s a scam this is what i did to make that huge money.
    1. Firstly you need to understand that the services Top Up and Get Reward offering is a necessity (airtime recharge, data subcritions, tv subscritions and bill payments), which means every Nigerian, rich or poor uses their services.
    2. The average or should i say the poorest Nigerian spends at least N100 monthly on airtime alone.
    3. There are more smart phone users, as at 2016 this is the statistics of internet users in Nigeria 86,219,965 from 2016 – 2021 that’s 5yrs now, you’d agree with me that the number of internet users have increased and the numbers keeps growing by the minutes see proof here

    Now this is how i made my first 100k in 1 month. First i had a coach who showed me the best techniques to succeed in the business, he was generous enough to teach me everything i needed to know and i applied them to get the result (100k in 1 month). you can reach him privately for help via Telegram
    He’s Tips:
    – Make a list of those you know spend a lot on airtime and data, send them a private message via any of the social media or call them and explain to them how you can help them spend less and make money as well.
    – Create a WhatsApp Group, Post on Facebook daily and share the benefits of Top UP and Get Reward.
    – Join other network platforms groups and share this business with their group Admins, explain to them how easy it is to market Top UP and Get Reward.
    And other strategies which he showed me and i implemented to make that much money in 3 months.

    TGR is the simplest way to make money in Nigeria with as little as N5,000.

  2. Top Up and Get Reward is one of the best and most reliable source of income in Nigeria, their services are top-notch and swift and their support team are swift as well to resolve complaint, when I joined TGR having had an account with RAGP which I amd some of my teammates and upline wasn’t comfortable with due to the poor or unresponive support to help us with their frequent transaction failures and their inability to provide a direct means to withdraw funds from the platform, I was thrilled by a withdrawal video one member shared, (you can check it out on Facebook via my page @ TGR Earners), the swiftness in sending withdraw is amazing, in less that 10mins alert had arrived, plus their services like data are cheaper compare to their counterpart RAGP whom i also have an account with. Because of the swiftness of the TGR platform, those who were in RAGP whom i introduced to TGR loved this platform and adjusted to it, and they’re making a hell of a progress compared to when they were in RAGP because of the good service and support members sre enjoying.

    The CEO of TGR is reachable and weekly zoom meetings are held to teach, mentor and help members grow via zoom and live in some locations which is disclosed in their WhatsApp groups and this has proved very effective cos there you get the chance to learn from other members as well as share your thoughts too. It’s really an amazing family.

    If there’s one online business to earn easily from that I’d recommend, that would be Top Up and Get Reward. With their top-notch service, it’s easy to refer or recommend the site to family, friends and neighbors because they all use Airtim, data, tv Sub. And pay Bills plus they’d vgetbpaid or doing sonif they join. If you put in the hardwork sharing this awesome platform with others, you are guaranteed a lot of money, cos each time they and those they’d later bring into the business do transaction you’d earn money for life and withdraw any Time and as many times as possible daily. When you grow further in the business, you won’t buy data, airtime, TV Subscriptions an bills, you’d earn it like myself and other members and also received huge wages from the platform.

    Pls I beseech you to thoroughly go through the reviews above to understand the platform, of course you can search them on YouTube by visiting yheir official YouTube channel @ Topupandgetreward to see videos about it and then later you can join following the steps on this simple and detialed blog review.

    Bravo to the blogger who’ve share this awesome opportunity.

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