TopupVista Review: Scam or Legit? Register and Make Money

TopUpVista is a newly launched platform in the telecom sector that has gained much recognition over the last weeks. In this TopUpVista review, I will be explaining how the platform works and the procedure to register and make money.

Before the advent of Top Up Vista, there have been so many other Telcom platforms in Nigeria. The likes of Instanttop up, RAGP, TGR and many others have impacted the lives of Nigerians in the telecom sector.

It is disappointing that some of these platforms have not lived up to expectations. However, TopUp Vista seems to bring something special and different from the others.

About The Telecom Sector in Nigeria

Telecommunication and Information services contributed N4.84tn to the nation’s real Gross Domestic Product in the first two quarters of 2022 according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

This is despite the numerous challenges that plagued the industry in the first six months of 2022.

The figures 10.76 per cent increase from ₦‎4.37tn the sector contributed to the GDP in the corresponding period of 2021.

From my evaluation, the telecom sector has continued to be the epicentre of growth and innovation. More people are making use o smartphones that require data to gain access to an internet connection.

I spend about ₦‎10,000 on data monthly just to stay active and connect with the global world. There are people who spend up to ₦‎30,000 monthly on data while others spend mostly on Airtime.

The truth of the matter is the telecom sector will never seize to grow because people will never stop making calls and subscribing for data to stay online.

It is on this note that TopUp Vista comes in with amazing features to utilize the Telecom sector by getting airtime and data and also getting paid for making use of these high-in-demand telecom products.

Why The Telecom Sector is Goldmine

Despite the economy being very bad, people are still leveraging the telecom sector by

  • Doing cable TV subscription
  • Making calls with airtime
  • Paying PHCN bills
  • Browsing Facebook and buying data
  • Sending airtime to loved ones

About TopupVista (TVT Review)

TopUpVista is a virtual top-up (VTU) company that has a platform set up for people to give them the opportunity to make extra income anytime people utilize Topupvista to pay bills and subscribe for airtime and data.

With so much vast knowledge in the tech world, the founders of Topupvista have been able to devise a strategy with a long-term non-referral payment that will in the long run aid in the sustainability of the platform.

TopUpvista as a Telecom company offers VTU services such as airtime top, data subscriptions and cable subscriptions.

Features on Topup Vista

Topupvista Registration

Below are mouth-watering features on Toptup Vista

  • Affiliate commision
  • Teamwork commissions
  • VTU real-time commissions
  • TVT Unique Stages
  • Loans without collateral
  • Free POS Devices
  • Unique Debit Card for withdrawal
  • Real-time overall system live earning tracking

You will be entitled to enjoy these amazing features as a registered member.

1. Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate commissions are earnings percentages you receive when you get someone to register and patronize any of topupvista products.

2. Team Work Commissions

As a team, you will enjoy many benefits and bonuses if you work together to promote TopUpVista products and services to the people who need them.

3. VTU Commissions

Under this feature, TopUpVista works by rewarding you with real-time commissions from the activities of other people in the organization without stress.

E.g, When people buy airtime, and data and make cable TV subscriptions, you will earn huge commissions

4. TVT Unique Stages & Benefits

Each stage on TVT (Topupvista) has a lot of benefits. We have the following stages

  • Starter: This stage is for beginners
  • Emerald: Under this stage, you will be given TVT gift voucher
  • Professional: Under this stage, you will earn ₦‎200,000 monthly and will be given a car worth 5 million
  • Tycoon: Under this stage, you will earn ₦‎500,000 monthly, a house and a grant worth 7 million (the company will pay all expenses)

5. Loans Without Collateral

As a member of Topupvista, you will be entitled to obtain a loan of up to ₦‎150,000 from the company without collateral or interest.

Obviously, this feature should make you list TVT among the top development and mortgage banks. With the help of this loan, you can use it to invest in your offline business too.

With TVT, you will surely say Bye bye to loan Apps.

6. Free POS Device

Topupvista members with Shareholder membership stand a chance to get free POS devices from the company. We all know that the point of sale business is a profitable one and the device is a must-have requirement to starting your POS business anywhere in Nigeria.

7. Unique Debit Cards For Withdrawal

How all earth is this even possible?

With TopUpVista the impossibility looks possible. The method of withdrawal on the platform is very fast and reliable through the use of debit cards. These cards are issued to all members of TVT through accredited agents.

Not just that, you will be given MasterCard that can be used to shop online and pay other bills. Interesting right?

8. Real Time  Overall System Live Earning Tracking

This feature was integrated to help members to know how much income and outflow the company transacts. This is one to prove the transparency of the company

How To Make Money On TopupVista (TVT)

Whether you are just making an enquiry or you have already registered on TVT and want to find out how much you will be making, below is how you can make money on the TVT VTU platform

You will earn a data commision of 10% each time someone purchases a subscription from you

Airtime commision of 5% and a data commission of 10%

When you tell others about TopUpVista and eventually get them to signup with your affiliate link, you will earn 50%

Once you register and become a full member of TopUpVista, you will earn a 16% welcome bonus

Download the app and earn ₦‎500

As a TopUpVista Prof, you will earn up to ₦‎200,000 monthly and a gift of a car worth 5m

Again, as a TVT Tycoon member, you will earn ₦‎500,00 monthly and a house agent worth 7 million.

You will get a weekly gift voucher worth ₦‎120,000 if you circle out 10 times in a week. By doing this, you will get over ₦‎480,000 without referring anyone directly

As an agent, you can earn over ₦‎300,000 monthly

With TopupVista you will be able to print and produce recharge at a low price rate with a 10% commision

Free debit card for withdrawals

How To Withdraw on Topupvista

For the sake of stress-free withdrawal, TopUpVista has provided a debit card which would be dispatched all over the states and given to our registered members to aid withdrawal.

This means you can walk into any ATM machine or POS joint, slot in your card and place a withdrawal.

What is The Minimum Withdrawal on TVT?

There is no minimum withdrawal on TopUpVista. You can withdraw any amount anytime and any day.

TopupVista Registration

TopUpVista Review Scam or Legit

To register and become a member of TopUpVista, you will have to purchase a coupon code for any of the available packages.

Below are Packages available on TopUpVista

Starter Plan

The starter plan is the first plan available on TVT. Registration for this plan is ₦‎6,500

Emerald Plan

Professional Tycoon

Click Here To Register

Fill in your details accordingly and make sure your first name and last name is the same as the one on your bank account

Once you have successfully registered login on to the website at

  • Claim your welcome bonus of 1,000
  • Go to your dashboard and set up your profile picture.
  • Upload your bank details and set up a transaction pin. The transaction pic is different from your login password and will be asked anytime you want to sell data or airtime
  • To follow up on daily updates, Join TopUpVista Facebook Page

For Instant Registration WhatsApp Me Below

Topupvista how it works

TopupVista Review: Scam or Legit?

From my assessment, TopUpVista is a newly launched VTU platform set up for people with hot-in-demand products/services, to give them the opportunity to make extra income anytime people pay their bills using the TVT telecom platform.

Statistically, Nigerians and other nationals within Nigeria spent N3.25 Trillion on airtime, data, and other telecommunication services in 2021, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission.

This makes data and airtime high-in-demand products that Nigerians can not live without. TopUpVista as a legit platform provides means for every Nigerian to leverage the Telecom market and also get paid.

Unlike Recharge and Get Paid which went awl, TopUpVista has promising features and a system capable of staying for a long time to serve Nigerians.

So based on TVT being legit or a scam, I would say TopUpVista is legit.

Why TopUpVista Is Odogwu Over Other VTU Platforms in Nigeria

Below are clear key facts that make TVT stand out from the other VTU platforms in Nigeria

1. You will have access to free and customized (with your name) ATM cards for withdrawal

2. TopUpVista has gained sponsorship from top companies in Nigeria like MTN, Airtel, 9 Mobile and Visafone

3. With the presence of Google Adsense on the platform, the company can generate revenue by serving high-value ads from advertisers. The revenue will help in making seamless payments to all members

4. As a shareholder, you will be given a free POS device from TopUpVista which you can even use to kickstart your POS business

5. Members on TopUpVista have access to loans from the company

6. By downloading the App, referring someone with your link, and selling data and airtime, TopUpVista will reward you handsomely

Conclusion: TopupVista Review

Conclusively, TopUpVista happens to be one of the fastest-rising Telecom companies in Nigeria. The platform has provided Nigerians with a simple way of buying data, airtime, referring and earning money through the website.

Since Nigerians spend so much money on Data and Airtime daily, TopUpVista as a VTU platform is a goldmine

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