Forsage BUSD Review & Registration: Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Firsage BUSD review, this article review will walk you through everything you need to know about the Forsage BUSD smart contract. If you are planning to join the platform soon kindly read till the end to find out if Forsage BUSD is legit or a scam before you proceed with the Registration.

We have already witnessed most of these smart contract schemes last year who had come and gone, the likes of Forsage Ethereum cryptocurrency, Lionshare smart contract, Fortron smart contract, Bank of Tron and the rest all came and gone because they lacked sustainability, and many invested and gained while others invested at ended up on the losing side.

It becomes imperative to understand the mechanism behind these smart contracts and how they operate as well as how members could make money from the platform. That is why I will do a simplified breakdown for those who may be joining this smart contract for the first time.

What is Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a contract existing between buyer and seller that is documented with codes, these codes exist as a decentralized blockchain network.

The major feature of a smart contract that makes it stand out from the rest is once it is deployed, it can not be hacked or neither can earnings be manipulated. It will interest you to know that the admin of any smart contract has no authority over members’ earnings and can not manipulate the system and even when the platform crashes, your earnings remain safe in your wallet.

What is BUSD (Binance USD)

BUSD Binance is a dollar stable coin that is backed by Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

It gives users the ability to transact with digital and blockchain-based assets while minimizing vitality risk.

The Binance USD was created as a way to improve the decentralized financial ecosystem by the use of a frictionless ecosystem global network which allows digital assets to increasingly add accessibility, flexibility, and speed to transactions.

About Forsage BUSD Smart Contract (Review)

Forsage BUSD is a platform built on a smart contract chain. That means the policy has been bonded by coding and can’t be changed or altered. This simply means no one is in control of the money that flows in the system and there is no third party to manipulate funds.

All payments or bonuses are automatically issued out to members of the platform via new signups or level upgrades.

How Forsage BUSD Works

As I explained earlier, Forsage BUSD is a smart contract platform built on the Binance smart chain (BUSD) it uses a stable cryptocurrency called BUSC as its means of transaction. Meaning once you get registered via BUSD you will make money in BUSD.

The Structure of Forsgae

Forsage has  main sections which are X3 and X4

But before that, it is important to understand the following;

  • Levels: Levels are like stages, the next is always higher than the previous one and is sequentially arranged. So your earnings increase as you move from one stage to another
  • Slots: This is the number of times you can get earnings on each circle on a particular level
Forsage X3 Program

Forsage BUSD Review

This department is generally centred on referral profits and it has 12 levels and 3 slots (positions) under each level.

Once you move on to a level you earn continuously till you reach the final level (12). The amount of BUSD you earn on a level is twice the amount you earn on the previous level. Impressive right?

Force X4 Program

Forsage BUSD Scam or Legit

This is the department where the system works for you whether you refer or not. this is the part where you enjoy spillovers and overflow (without referrals), it has 12 levels and 6 slots positions on each level.

Conclusively, on X3 you can get 3 times earnings on each circle while on X4 you can get 6 times earnings on each circle.

the circles are endless on each level when it comes to Forsage, that is; after one circle ends you can earn again and again on one specific level up t 100 times.

How To Make Money On Forsage BUSD

Having explained what Forsage BUSD is all about, kindly follow the guide below you will understand in detail how to make money on Forsage BUSD smart contract.

On Forsage BUSD you earn in 3 major ways

1. Referrals

You can invite your friends to join the platform with your referral link and get paid instantly for each level they register and buy accordingly

2. Spillovers

Spillovers are bonuses distributed to members of the team when there are lots of recruit or new prospects joining the team, in order words a team that is not referring or bringing in new people cannot generate spillovers, that is why it is always advisable to join and work with active team stars

3. Overflows

Overflow are bonuses you will get when someone has earned a cycle on a level and refuse to upgrade to the next level, when this happens the person who refuses to upgrade misses his profit and it goes to the uplines above as overflow.

How To Increase Your Earnings Massively

To earn massively and grow like a team kindly ensure the following

  • Join through a hardworking community and team of friends
  • Work very hard and earn
  • Refer friends to join through your link and increase your network
  • Always remember the whole work doesn’t fall on you, in the long run, there is massive profit for all the team members

Profits Associated with each BUSD Level

Now these are the profits that you earn on each level and also the amount of BUSD you will use to upgrade that level

Level 1 bonus is 5 BUSD

Level 2 bonus is 10 BUSD

Level 3 bonus is 20 BUSD

Level 4 bonus is 40 BUSD

Level 5 bonus is 80 BUSD

Level 6 bonus is 160 BUSD

Level 7 bonus is 320 BUSD

Level 8 bonus is 640 BUSD

Level 9 bonus is 1280 BUSD

Level 10 bonus is 2560 BUSD

Level 11 bonus is 6120 BUSD

Level 12 bonus is 12,240 BUSD

1 BUSD is 500 Naira

Forsage BUSD Registration

To register and become an active member on Forsage BUSD you will have to acquire the X3 and x4 slots which only cost 5 BUSD each making it 10 BUSD total.

Please note that the first X3 and X4 slots are always activated together and can not be purchased separately.

If you are convinced to join Forsage BUSD kindly WhatsApp Victoria on 0909630714

Where To Buy BUSD and BND For Forsage Registration

There are four simple ways to get BUSD and BND for your Forsage registration

  • TrustWallet
  • MetaMask
  • Binance Exchange
  • Token Pocket

Forsage BUSD Registration Fee

A total amount of N6,500 is required to join and become an active member

Forsage BUSD Review Website

You can access the Forsage BUSD Website here

Is Forsage BUSD Scam or Legit?

Forsage BUSD is a decentralized system and so nobody, not even the admin has power or control over your earnings, I have seen testimonies and evidence of people cashing out massively with this platform.

The platform is great and since there is no case of admin running away with people’s earnings or money it is safe to join, Forsage BUSD is legit and not a scam, it is a good opportunity to create a team of hardworking members who can leverage the platform for massive profits.

However, Making money online is not for everybody. If it works for john it doesn’t automatically means it will work for James so I always advise my fans. If you cant not refer or get a good team to work with you do not invest your money and time because, in the long run, you will still need referrals to earn.

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Conclusion: Forsage BUSD Review & Registration: Are they Scam or Legit?

Conclusively, Forsage BUSD comes with lots of advantages, it provides a fixed value and cryptocurrency opportunities for you and me. I hope this Forsage BUSD review has been of help in walking you through the basics of how the platform operates.

If you are a member of Forsage BUSD kindly tell us about your experience in the comment box

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4 thoughts on “Forsage BUSD Review & Registration: Scam or Legit?”

  1. This question have been arising if forsage is fake/scam.
    the Truth is the my friends are making cool cash from this Blockchain platform, though am not into it yet. bit from the research I made on a site that gave me a full review on this platform, I was able to understand a lot of things from the platform.
    if you have any confusion or questions on the subject matter or a review as well. Hit the site link attached to this comment for that.

  2. Since I registered with forsage, I have never seen anyone to refer and this stopped me to earn nothing since

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