Giftalworld Review 2019: Get Paid Every Sunday On Giftalworld

Giftalworld Review: is our hot topic for today, in our todays article we shall discuss about this platform and see how we can make money from it

As the year 2019 is coming to an end i know many may still be wondering and asking How will i make money because December is by the corner?

well, worry no further because in our today’s article we are going discuss giftalworld review, a good and trusted platform where you can work online and get paid every Sunday straight to your bank account without delay

Would you like to discover more about this money earning platform?

If your answer is NO you may choose to leave this site

But if your answer is YES then continue reading…

Introduction To Giftalworld Program

Is Giftalworld Legitimate & Who is the Founder?

Giftalworld program has emerged as one of the Best and Trusted earning website in Nigeria because of its efficiency in payment

It’s an online marketing organization that pays its users for performing simple tasks on their website

You could me making 50-100k if you take action on Giftalworld Program

This money making opportunity is open to everyone. Either you are a student, salary earners or a graduate, if you are an internet user, then you can join and start making money on the website.

Everyone reads news online, and if you could be earning for doing so, then why not try it. The website also pays high for its affiliates. They will always pay you directly into your bank account.

Some of us might be a little bit skeptical, wondering whether this program is a scam.

The answer is capital NO! Giftalworld program is not and can never be a scam. This is because Giftal Earning Opportunity is a legit system and not a get rich quick scheme and it is Registered under CAC  [Cooperate Affairs Commission] with RCN 2680874

We have personally investigated this platform before revealing it to you because we like being sincere to our Audience

Giftalworld Income Program is not and can never be a scam. 

Giftalworld media concept was created October 26th , 2018 by Nigeria Blogger, Raji ibrahim (Ebright)  under the legal Protection of GIFTALWORLD TECHNOLOGIES

Raji Ibrahim(Ebright) is a  Pro Blogger, Online Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Net-preneur and an Online marketer. who has made decent living online through the use of the internet

Giftalworld Review: How To Make Money On Giftalworld

As a registered user on Giftalworld Program These are ways to earn on the system which we would be explaining subsequently.

1.     You earn ₦1,000 bonus instantly when you successfully register your account. The funds will instantly reflect when you access your account area.

This is the welcome bonus attached to you for thanking you for registering on the platform. Sounds cool right?

2.      You earn ₦10 for Viewing pages and post on on giftalworld platform

3.       You earn ₦400 for sharing our SPONSORED POSTS to your social media handle for the day (Both Facebook and Instagram) You will have to login to your account, click on SPONSORED POST and follow the direction there for sharing your SPONSORED POST for the day.

4.       You earn ₦100 for Daily Login on the site

5.        You earn ₦100  on Every Nice, interesting and educating  video you Upload on upon Approval.

6.     You earn  ₦100,000  for being among the monthly raffle draw winners

7. You earn ₦1,500 (85.6%) allocated earnings which is ₦1,500 when you refer your friends, family and co-workers to Giftalword using your refferal link

8. You will also earn ₦500 airtime for having the most liked Alert testimony on our official Facebook group

9. You can also earn ₦1000 instantly for answering 5 quiz questions correctly

The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect in your affiliate earning Account Balance.

Dont tell me with all these methods to earn you still cant make money when you register and join this platform

Once you hit ₦5000 GAS you will be eligible to cashout all your earnings and nothing like share from revenue again

You will be paid all isnt that cool? its super amazing. Giftalworld has come to stay and we are doing all possible best to make the website super sustainable and forever for Nigerians and Internationally

Giftalworld Is The First Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria That Pays The Highest Referral Commission ₦1,500

Do i need Referals To Get Paid On This Affiliate Program?

On Giftalword platform Referring is Optional You will get paid with, or without referral

Above is my Giftalworld Dashboard

Payment testimonies from members

How Much Is Giftalworld Registration?

To register and join Giftalworld platform you need to make a registration fee, a one time Payment of
₦2,000 I can assure you Giftalworld pays without referral so there is no need to panic

Update On Registration Fee

Giftalworld Review

As from 20th September 2019 Giftalworld Registration fee will be increased to ₦2,500 this is because we want to maintain Stability on the platform so as to Payout non referral earners and to keep accommodating new members and to make payouts more effectively

Hence we all know Giftalworld Pays Without Referral

But Why Is Registration Fee 2,500?

I could read your mind now “the registration fee is too much”. Well there is this saying that better soup na money kill am.

Giftalworld is a quality business that has being paying nonstop effectively and also think about the huge benefits you will get on the platform. We are not in competition with other income programs.

Click Here Now To Join Giftalworld

Always Use Chrome For Effective Registration

Before you register checkout Giftalword Registration Guide

Update On Payment

Payment on giftalworld is Daily and no more Sundays again as an affiliate when you refer your friends you will withdraw your earnings anytime from your unpaid referral earnings also know as GAF, meanwhile those without referral will be paid on weekly basis from their activity earnings (GAS)

You can also Use Your GAS earnings to register your prospects. You will just have to collect the 2k for registration into your Account

5,500 GAS = 1 Referral

You should be aware that there will be NO Referral Commission When You Use Your GAS to register Prospect

Giftalworld Has Gone Beyond Scam, We Have Emerged As The Best And Most Trusted Platform Paying Effectively. Our Website Is 100% Trusted

Giftalworld Review: Does Giftalworld Pay Without Referral?

Yes, Like i said before Payment is Done On Daily Basis And Every weekend (for non referral withdrawals)

members with referral earnings can make withdrawal for GAF earnings and receive a credit Bank alert within 2 hours

while those without referrals usually gets paid every Saturday of the week if they take action on giftal world activities Giftal world pays the Highest referral commission in Nigeria (N1,500)

To Register you need to purchase ? A Coupon Code of
₦2,500 From the distributors

You can also register online with your debit card by selecting Paystack option. If you intend to use Paystack, fill your information and skip the coupon box and Place Order it will automatically take you to a place where you can input your card details.

If you are experiencing difficulties carrying out with the registration whatsapp me below

Giftalworld Chat


You can Watsapp, Call them & You can Add them up on Facebook 

Okpanachi Caleb Ojonugwa   08118528197 

Sholuade Victoria Oyindamola   09099630714             

Abdulraheem Nasirudeen      08082772919

Wilson Godwin Sunday            08106354650   

 Harbor Eberechi Stephanie    08162418128

Adeyemo Basit Olanrewaju     08106348381         

Yekin  Idris Olawale                   08147495419                   

Ajayi Oluwatosin                        07031139423

Gbadamosi  Opeoluwa              07083200118

I recommend Yekin Idris Olawale because he is very fast to work with, he replies instantly just hook up with him for your coupon codes

You can also make payment via PayStack using you debit card

If you purchased the coupon code and Ready to register (Giftalworld Sign-up)

Hey… don’t give the excuse of saying am already on NNU or other affiliate platforms, besides i am also on nnu too, you shouldn’t have only one source of income nevertheless When you join fresh income programs you make money easily

Remember that Your email address is very important

Giftalworld T-shirts Now Available For Purchase. Register Today And Grab Yours!!!

Click Here Now!! To Join Giftalworld

After you have successfully registered for Giftalworld. Login to your account and setup payment settings by updating your Bank Information there

To get your Referral Link, Check On Marketing And Copy Referral URL (NOT REFERRAL ID)

How To Share Sponsored Post On Giftalworld

I have noticed alot of people don’t know how to share sponsored post on giftalworld, worry no more i am going to explain how to share sponsored post on giftalworld.

But hey if you are yet to join giftalworld hurry up and JOIN NOW because giftalworld pays without referral

Step 1

From you dashboard Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see the above, information you will see Sponsored Post, just click there and open

Step 2

Giftalworld Sponsored Post

Once the page opens, select a sponsored post according to the appropriate date, for the sake of this article we are using sponsored post for 16th March, Click on Read More and wait for the post to open in full view

Step 3

Sponsored Posts

To share the sponsored post you will have to copy the whole text not withstanding how long the text might be ( dont forget to Include #tags) then save or download the picture as you see above (ALWAYS USE CHROME FOR EFFECTIVE RESULTS!!!)

after you have copied the text and saved the picture, next step is to go and upload it on facebook

You should take note that while uploading sponsored posts on your facebook you should make it public so that your friends or anybody can see it, if this is effectively done, it increases your chances to 90% of getting paid. now you know how to share sponsored post

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As a member on Giftalworld it is very important that you join Giftalworld official group on facebook so as to keep in touch with fresh updates on what is going on with Business

Join Giftalworld Group On Facebook Now

How To Withdraw GAS on Giftalworld

Having discuss much about making money on Giftalworld and getting paid without referral i thought its a good decision to share again the right steps to follow so as to cash out your GAS Earnings (Non referral) On Giftalworld

Each GAS day lots of people come to my inbox to ask me series of question regarding cashing out GAS money. So as a humble blogger i took there worries as my priority

Because if i dont Explain this to you even my village people will not be happy with me 😠 😠

Step 1.

The first thing i would like to say here is ensure you are on Giftalworld official group on Facebook. Just scroll back and click to join the group. And once you join the group enable new post notifications so as to keep in touch with fresh updates regarding GAS withdrawal and other relevant information in group

You can also follow Raji Ibrahim (Giftalworld CEO) on Facebook

Step 2.

Only few people are aware that GAS form usually opens by every Friday of the week and

As i mentioned early about Giftalworld group am still going to repeat myself to keep checking the group consistently.

Because even on fridays no body can tell if GAS Withdrawal form will be opened in the morning, afternoon or evening to cut it short it comes like a thief in the middle of the night.

But if you are smart enough to follow up latest posts in the group you can even predict when GAS withdrawal form will be opened in 10 years to come 😃 lol

How To Get Your Facebook Profile Link

This is another tragedy for people trying to fill the GAS form and often find it difficult getting their Facebook profile link.

Giftalworld usually asks you for Facebook profile link and Instagram Link to confirm your eligibility of payment.

If you follow my instructions and do the right thing Giftalworld expects you to do you will be paid no doubt about it

Giftalworld Review

To get your Facebook Profile link login to your Facebook using the main Facebook App (dont use Facebook lite)

Check around your profile area and you will see “More” with three dots just click on it

Giftalworld Review

The next thing you will see is “Copy Link to Profile” Once you click on it then link will be copied just go to your GAS withdrawal form and paste it there

As for Instagram Link you should visit your Instagram profile and check so as to get the link.

I hope this few explanation has solved your problem on how to cash out GAS earnings on Giftalworld

And remember sharing of sponsored posts (Campaign) on Instagram is also very useful hence it catapults your chances of getting paid.

Now you can withdrawal your GAS earnings!!


Due to the new development foriegners from Ghana, Canada, Pakistan, South Africa, USA etc… can now join giftalworld and take action on the earning activities, so if you have a friend in ghana looking for how to make money online in ghana or how to make money online in south africa then giftalworld is the best solution

So How Can They Join??? 

We have 2 payment options for them now as we work on other ways to improve .


Interested persons from Ghana should

Contact our  Ghana Coupon distributor  On  Whatapp +233 54873 5508 Payment can also be done through PayPal to our Distributor Miss_Bisola 08141118659 for supply of Coupon codes which they will use for registration after payment was Confirmed.

For those paying through Bitcoin you can pay to this our Distributor Kent_Isaac 09053363548 so he will provide a coupon code after payment was confirmed.

You can chat me up personally on whatsapp incase you need assistance

Giftalworld Chat

So How Can Giftalworld Pay Them?? 

A payment will be paid to there bank account or through paypal or Paystack and Bitcoin so no issues.   Thanks see you at the Top

Important Update On Foreigners Registration

Giftalworld Review

If you have foreign Friends who wants to register and join Giftalworld, they can now register online with their ATM Card (Debit Card) without Having to go through the above stated PayPal and bitcoin procedures

Our Giftalworld online payment Gateway supports over 1,200 countries in the world

with our new online payment gateway, we can accept online payments in the followin currencies

Nigerian Naira(NGN), Kenyan Shillings(KES), Ghanian Cedis(GHS), US Dollars(USD) and South African Rands (ZAR) and many other currencies too that are not listed here

As we all know Giftalworld is a global business we have come to stay and enrich lots of lives with our new unique and innovation system, without you there will be no Giftalworld. Thanks

Conclusion: Giftalworld Review

Giftalworld is the first affiliate platform paying ₦1,500 affiliate commission, Giftalworld is changing peoples lives, turning insufficient balance to sufficient fund

Join Giftalworld today and introduce your family and friends otherwise they will be the one to invite you and

if you having problem with the registration and need assistance, leave a comment in the comment box and i will reply you ASAP. if you no join Giftalworld today wetin you gain?

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