Review: Scam or Legit?, Register Earn 100k+ is a newly promoted platform that has exploded the internet and gained waves. In this Megawave review, We will be exploring how Megawave works, and the cost to register and make money.

If you are looking forward to stepping up your financial situation, you must be ready and willing to put in some work that will guarantee success.

There are legit sites you can make as much as 2000 daily. There are also some untapped affiliate niches you can explore if you want to start affiliate marketing.

Again, there are some other earning sites like InstantNaireMiratel and Smart network which are still currently paying. You can check my reviews for these platforms.

One thing is certain; when you join a new platform, it is always easy to make money from it before it gets filled up.

Megawave technology happens to be one of the hottest platforms in Nigeria now. Just barely 24 hours after its launch, some guys are making huge money from it.

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Without further ado, let’s just into this Megawave review to see what it brings to the table.

About Megawave (Review)

Megawave is a tripartite unique online earning system managed by elite boards, with the main purpose of satisfying all its users, by providing them with massive mind-blowing features to earn with.

The mission of Megawave technology is to bring about an ecosystem of financial stability, and also be worldly recognized as the biggest earning platform in the history of affiliate marketing.

Again, making lots of digital millionaires, providing the whole world at large with a sustainable system of earning, and serving as a role model for upcoming online marketing projects to imitate fro

Megawave comes with so many mind-blowing features that if properly utilized could set you up on your way to financial freedom.

If you are a student, a worker, or anybody who wishes to level up your finances, this is for you. Features (How it Works) Features

Megawave offers a diver way for its members to make money. Below are some of these features and how each of them works.

  • Affiliating Megawave
  • Megawave Networking
  • Megawave Talent

1. Affiliate Megawave

This works similarly to digital systems like Sellpass and Finxpire. This special feature enables a user to upload an ebook course on Megawave.

As an ebook uploader, you will get paid immediately once a user uses his activities earnings to buy or subscribe to the ebook course.

You can also get users to promote your e-Book for you and they receive an affiliate commission for each sale they make.

Subscribers of a course will be automatically given an affiliate link which they can promote these courses to Non-megawave members

There is an 80% sales commision for this sales strategy for the affiliate while the course owner takes the remaining 20% commision.

Let’s say for example,

A course on “how to run converting Facebook Ads” authored by Bamidele is put on sale for ₦‎2,000). Once Mr. Kunle (a Megawave affiliate) promotes this course and sells a copy to Mr Emeka, Kunle will take home his affiliate share of ₦‎1600 while Bamidele takes ₦‎400

Isn’t this cool?

Meanwhile, As an ebook author, you can at the same time affiliate your own ebook course and make massive money from this.

2. Megawave Networking

This feature enables users to connect and interact. On Megawave you can also make a whole lot of money by just connecting with people, friends and families and registering them with your link

3. Megawave Talent Hunt

The talent hunt enables users to make money when they participate in the talent hunt. The contest requires participants to upload their talent videos on the website. These videos are later shared with all other members of the platform.

A user whose talent video gets the most engagement (likes and comments) would automatically win the talent hunt for that week then new contestants will try again for the subsequent weeks.

Winners of the talent hunt are rewarded with 10,000 and other amazing prizes and their social media platforms are listed on the site to help them build followers.

Megawave accepts talent hunts; videos, comedy, music, art, dance, creativity, hype-taking

To participate in the Megawave talent hunt, all you have to do is subscribe with a given “activity Balance” and automatically.

After that, you would be redirected to their customer care, whom you will send your talent video to, and also all your social media handles

4. Megawave Number Hunt

On Megawave you have the ability to play a number game and win a lot of cash prizes.

Daily, random numbers would be given to all users.. all you have to do is to select one out of the listed
number, and if you are lucky enough to choose the
lucky number you will automatically be credited to your earning balance.

As a member, you can play as many times as you want daily…

5. Megawave Betting

This is another mind-blowing feature on the Megawave platform. Having reviewed this betting feature, I can say its a bomb

For every 2 days, Megawave will randomly pick 5 to 10 promoters to run a betting contest.

All user can bet their favourite promoter out of the listed ones, which they think would earn the highest Money in 24 hours

Users can bet with their activities earnings or referral earnings whichever they bet with, when they win they get credited on them

During tis period, all Megawave users would be able to see all the selected promoter’s earnings from the commencement of the betting contest in all dashboards

So in the end, only 1 promoter who earned the most in 24 hours would win, and then all those that bet on him would receive their betting rewards back on their dashboard

Lastly, every promoter that wins each betting contest would be credited handsomely to their dashboard.

6. Freelance Feature

Under this feature, a freelancer, whether a registered member or not can automatically post his profile and professional services

The platform has a freelance page on its website, where you can go and employ someone to deliver professional services to you

For a person to be posted on the freelance page, he would automatically make payment to other customer care, get his profile posted to millions of users, and get hundreds of job request

Again, people can rate you and also comment on your profile

Imagine if you are a graphics designer getting your profile posted as a professional graphics designer on the website, it would automatically give you 100s of customers in days.

This means more money for you

7. Megawave Digital Skill Acquisition Class

This is the most interesting part of this Megawave review.

Since digital skills are becoming more and more valuable in our digital world today. Megawave thought it would be a great idea to integrate a system for it.

Under this digital skill feature, Megawave offers free digital skill acquisition classes weekly to help members acquire high-income skills ranging from

  • Graphics design
  • Web development
  • Video animation
  • App creation
  • Social media ads
  • WhatsApp monetization
  • WhatsApp TV guide
  • Freelancing
  • Photo Editing

8. Mega-Ads

Mega-Ads is a 2 in 1 ads system where you are given the best service to reach your targeted audience with ease. The company promises to be one of the biggest ads company in Nigeria.

As a member, you will be given a dedicated ad account with access to a dashboard to monitor your ads

You can also choose how many days and how many people you want your ads to reach.

Megawave task comes with some side attributes for example; if you are on WhatsApp TV and you run ads with Megawave, you won’t only get added up, but you will also enjoy free status restrictions.

There are 2 ways you can run Mega-Ads

  • Task Ads
  • Audience Ads

Task Ads allow you to you post your advert for people to perform as a task, and you get only the amount of views, add up or leads you paid for

Audience Ads, on the other hand, is a type of advert which would be seen by all users of Megawave, but
not compulsory for them to perform.

This is suitable for goods promotions like skincare products, Event promotion, etc.. all users would get to see your ads whether in video or audio or flyer for

Types of Ads Acceptable on Megawave;

  • WhatsApp TV intense promotion
  • Telegram channel promotion
  • YouTube channel boost
  • Facebook page boost
  • TikTok account boost
  • Instagram account boost
  • Twitter account boost
  • Google play store app Promotion/ review
  • Affiliate class promotion
  • Music streaming /promotion
  • Brand boosting
  • Digital course promotion
  • Movie Promotions
  • Freelance Promotion
  • Site Promotion
  • Game promotion
  • Personality promotion
  • Venue/Event Promotion
  • industrial promotion
  • Project Promotion…
  • Record label Promotion
  • Skincare promotion

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How To Make Money on Megawave

How To Make Money on Mega wave

Below is a full breakdown you can utilize these features and make money on Megawave

Referral earnings = 3,100

Indirect referral earnings = 250

2nd Indirect referral Earnings = 100

3rd Indirect referral Earnings = 50

Minimum Withdrawal affiliate = 5,600

All users can sell ebook courses to non-users and get 80% of the money paid for the e-book

10% of every ads capital placed with your

referral link or code

Morning task = 250 Megacent

Afternoon task = 250 Megacent

Evening task = 2,50 Megacent

How Do Non-referrals Earn?

Obviously, not everyone will have the marketing skillset to get referrals and earn massive commissions. Megawave is NOT a refer-and-earn platform.

Referring is totally optional. Non-referrals can earn by doing the following;

  • Adding up WhatsApp TVs
  • Performing Simple Social Task
  • Streaming of Musicians’ Songs on AudioMack, Apple song, BoomPlay, etc.
  • Earning from publishing e-books which affiliates buy to market
  • Subscribing to YouTube Channel, Joining of Telegram Channels, Commenting on Posts, etc.

How To Withdraw on Megawave

How To Withdraw on Mega wave

On Megawave, you can withdraw your earnings daily.

Once you place a withdrawal, a withdrawal form will pop up for you to fill up which includes providing your bank details where the money can be paid into.

Does Megawave Pay Non Referrals

Yes. Non-referral earners are paid weekly.

You must meet a non-referral withdrawal threshold which is a minimum of 9,000

For Ghanaians, the Minimum affiliate withdrawal is 156 cedis. While the minimum non-affiliate withdrawal is 25 cedis

For South Africans, the minimum affiliate withdrawal is 224 Rand. While the minimum non-affiliate withdrawal is 36 Rands

For Cameroon, the minimum affiliate withdrawal is 7,530 XAF. While the minimum non-affiliate withdrawal is 1,210 XAF

Megawave Registration

Megawave Registration

A one-time payment of 4,000 will be required to register and become an active member on the website.

Before you proceed, you will have to get a coupon code from a trusted Megawave coupon vendor.

Click Here To Register

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Is Megawave Available for Other Countries?


People from Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa can all join and participate fully in Megawave earning structures and features.

For Ghanaians

  • Registration fee = 112 cedis
  • Referral commission = 86 cedis
  • Indirect referral Earnings = 7 cedis
  • Second Indirect ref Earnings = 2 cedis
  • Third Indirect = 1 cedis
  • Morning task = 7¢
  • Afternoon task = 7¢
  • Evening task = 7¢

South Africans

  • Registration fee = 160 Rand
  • Referral commission = 124 Rand
  • Indirect referral Earnings = 10 Rand
  • Second Indirect ref Earnings = 4 Rand
  • Third Indirect = 2 Rand
  • Morning task = 10¢
  • Afternoon task = 10¢
  • Evening task = 10¢

For Cameroonians

  • Registration fee = 5,380 XAF
  • Referral commission = 4,168 XAF
  • Indirect referral Earnings = 336 XAF
  • Second Indirect ref Earnings = 134 XAF
  • Third Indirect = 67 XAF
  • Morning task = 336¢
  • Afternoon task = 336¢
  • Evening task = 336¢

Why You Should Join

Below are Megawave benefits and  massive reasons why you should join the platform

1. Users can share or transfer Affiliate or Network earnings

2. You can purchase data on Megwave with referral or activities earnings

3. Megawave offers a stellar weekly skill acquisition program

4. Ability to post your products on Megawave and it gets seen on all dashboard

5. You can post your Freelance profile with your works. People can rate you and comment on your work

6. The ability for all members to comment on products and Freelancers’ profile

7. You can post your advert yourself on Megawave

8. Users can put the amount he wants the ebook to be sold

9. All users Can see the betting contest update on their dashboard

Megawave Website

You can access the official portal at to login or signup

Megawave Review: Scam or Legit?

Megawave Review: Scam or Legit

Megawave has just been launched recently on the 1st of April 2023.

As of the time of documenting this review, we can not ascertain the sustainability of this platform.

However, there have been some massive earnings and evidence of payments from members who are hitting it big with the platform.

One striking factor is that Megawave has so many promising features and systems in place. If they can deliver as promised, then it could end up as one of the largest earning sites in Africa.

Not to forget, Megawave is registered with Corporate Affairs Commision and SMEDAN.

Lastly, the CEO or admin of Megawave is not known. That is a panic

Conclusion: Megawave Review, How it Works, Register

In conclusion, LegacyTips has proven over the years to be Nigerian’s most trusted review site. We have spent so many hours researching and documenting this Megawave review.

We hope you find it insightful.

Let us know in the comments how your journey with Megawave has been.

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4 thoughts on “ Review: Scam or Legit?, Register Earn 100k+”

  1. Megawave still I don’t lose hope.
    But is like the way people Are advertising you has cool down.
    That means something is wrong somewhere chaiiiii my 4k oooooo????????????✈️

  2. hmm I recently joined Megawave, I tried to withdraw Earnings but it didn’t work they said “Megacent withdrawal is currently not available” this got me really panicking, but I’ll try again this Saturday ( Saturday is the withdrawal day for Non-affliates)
    One thing I’ve noticed is that everyone withdrawing are cashing out from REFERRAL. I haven’t seen anyone cash out from earnings
    ???? This is very suspicious and honestly I’m almost concluding I’ve lost my money

  3. hmm I recently joined Megawave, I tried to withdraw Earnings but it didn’t work they said “Megacent withdrawal is currently not available” this got me really panicking, but I’ll try again this Saturday ( Saturday is the withdrawal day for Non-affliates)
    One thing I’ve noticed is that everyone withdrawing are cashing out from REFERRAL. I haven’t seen anyone cash out from earnings
    ???? This is very suspicious and honestly I’m almost concluding I’ve lost my money

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