Review: How it works, Scam or Legit? Register is a new platform launched in the early month of February 2023 with the aim and purpose of eradicating poverty in Nigeria through their earning systems. In this Smartnetwork review, I will be walking you through how the platform works and the steps to register and make money.

It’s no longer news that getting a side hustle in Nigeria shouldn’t be a thing of choice but a mandatory requirement for anybody who wants to be financially liberated and live comfortably in the harsh economy.

There are so many websites that pay you in Nigeria to make money legitimately without having to scam people.

And again, affiliate marketing platforms are globally gaining recognition and people are leveraging on them to make passive income.

Nevertheless, we are not going to focus on the others. The purpose of this review is to see how we can make money from smartnetwork and all that the platform brings to the table.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the details.

Here we go…

About Smartnetwork (Review)

Smartnetwork is an online network marketing community built to provide people with the opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our daily social media into a tool for learning and earning such as having skills and earning passive income.

On the Smart Network, you have to be smart, connect and earn.

How Smartnetwork Works

Smartnetwork works by offering members with amazing features that if properly utilized can make passive income with just the use of smartphones.

These mouth-watering features include;

  • E-Learning via digital courses
  • Compensation plans
  • E-commerce marketplace
  • Beauty contest
  • Lucky spin wheel
  • Activities and bonus reward
  • Highest affiliate earner reward
  • Raffledraw ticket
  • Vendors commision

1. E-Learning via Digital Courses

With this feature, you can learn Digital Skills via Digitalized courses such as affiliate marketing, web development, blockchain technology, smartphone graphics Design, video editing, crypto trading, NFTs, programming/Coding, E-commerce and so much more

2. Compensation Plans

Under this feature, you will get compensated with lots of amazing prizes ranging from cash, iPhones, Samsungs, sound bars, air conditioning, pressing irons, TV and so on due to your participation and contributions to the massive growth of the platform.

3. E-Commerce Marketplace

The e-commerce feature enables all smart users to directly post their Products/Goods on our website in exchange for a little of their activities earnings earned from the site.

Note: The Marketplace is available for both users and Non-members for effective massive advert promotions.

You can also get VTU services such as buying airtime, and data and making cable TV subscriptions, WAEC and NECO pin check

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4. Beauty Contest

Under this feature, smart users can also participate in our free beauty and talent show contests and make as much as an additional N300,000 monthly.

5. Lucky Spin Wheel

Our spin and win features contain a lot of cash prizes which can be converted to affiliate earnings and can be withdrawn to your bank account.

All you have to do is use your affiliate earnings of 500 to 2,000 and spin. You could potentially earn up to 100,000 if you are able to spin and win

6. Activities and Bonus Reward

You can use your activities earnings to register a new user using your referral link and taking the registration fee into your pocket.

7. Highest Affiliate Earner Reward

As a smart affiliate, if you end up with the most earnings, you will automatically win a trip to Rwanda with all expenses paid by the company. This is a smart move from the company.

Furthermore, cash prizes are also given to our top earners on the website.

8. Raffledraw Ticket

Smart users can use their smart cash earnings to play. All the selected winners will go home with an award/cash prize worth ₦250,000 to be distributed.

9. Vendors Commission

As a vendor, if you are able to make the highest coupon code sales, you will win a Laptop and iPhone X Pro Max? as well as other cash award prizes.

How To Make Money On SmartNetwork

As a member of the platform, below are the means you can make money.

  • ♨️ Welcome bonus: ₦2,000
  • ♨️ Daily site view: ₦300
  • ♨️ Daily smartpost : ₦400
  • ♨️ Referral bonus: ₦3,000
  • ♨️ Indirect bonus: ₦300
  • ♨️ 3rd indirect bonus : ₦100
  • ♨️ Spin and Win: ₦1000

As a non-referral earner, you can potentially earn ₦700 daily (from sharing SmartPost and site view or daily login).

700 points x 30 days = 21,000 points + 2,000 welcome bonus = 23,000

This means automatically, you could earn up to 23,000 points monthly without a referral.

How To Withdraw on

After making the money, next comes the withdrawal.

One of the prerequisites is to get your bank account details updated on your profile. Then follow the guide below

  • Minimum affiliate withdrawal is ₦6,000.
  • Minimum activities withdrawal is ₦24,000
  • Affiliates can only withdraw on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • On the other hand, activity withdrawal is automatic.

Does SmartNetwork Pay Without Referral?

Yes, Smartnetwork pays without a referral. It is optional to refer people to join.

Once you have reached the threshold of 24,000 SmartCash it will trigger on its own and you can be able to withdraw your activity earnings

However, to earn faster, you will need people to join through your link.

Smartnetwork Registration

Smartnetwork Registration

To get started with smartnetwork, you will have to purchase the coupon code.

How much is the coupon?

The coupon fee is automatically the amount you are to register with.

The smart network is available in different countries with varying coupon fee

  • Nigeria ₦4,000
  • Ghana GH₵ 110
  • Cameroon XAF 6,200
  • Kenya KES 1,250
  • South Africa ZAR 175

You can message any of the designated coupon vendors to get your code

If you need someone to assist you, WhatsApp me

SmartNetwork Coupon vendor

Alternatively, you can also register using the smart P2P (This is for those who are already members)

Smart – P2P is an additional feature on SmartNetwork where Non-affiliates are given the opportunity to use their SmartCash to register a user and keep the registration fees to themselves.

Signup on SmartNetwork Now!

Once you have registered log in to the official website and set up your account

Why Should I Join Smartnetwork?

how smartnetwork works

  • ⚡You get to earn much bigger using our exciting earning features.
  • ⚡You get to connect with like minds of people
  • ⚡You get to learn digital skills online
  • ⚡Unlimited automated earnings
  • ⚡ Smartnetwork is for everybody who wants to make money online
  • ⚡ The platform offers hot and amazing features to enable members to earn faster
  • ⚡Smatnetwork is available for all West African countries Review: Scam or Legit?

Before you through your money into joining Smartnetwork, you want to be sure if this could just be another branded site by scammers looking to rip you off your hard-earned money.

Furthermore, Smart network is a newly launched platform with amazing features and offers to help average Nigerians make money from the comfort of their homes. Review: Scam or Legit

The domain was registered on the 9th of January which is barely a month at the point of documenting this review.

Again, the founders behind this platform are not known and there is no trace of them.

Lastly, The company is not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

The above reasons raise eyebrows about the credibility of the platform and how sustainable it could be.

At the moment, smart network is paying and many WhatsApp influencers are cashing out from it.

Based on my verdict, I can not totally declare smartnetwork scam nor neither will I affirm it is legit. The decision to join is yours to make.

Nevertheless, this review is aimed at providing credible information about the platform. Our aim is not to tarnish its reputation.

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Conclusion: Smartnetwork Review

Conclusively, Smart Network is an innovative website that offers amazing features such as e-commerce, spin, beauty contests, e-learning and many more.

Members can utilize these features and make money with their smartphones by signing up.

Lastly, If there are any questions, suggestions or recommendations you wish to make, kindly use the comment section.

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20 thoughts on “ Review: How it works, Scam or Legit? Register”

  1. As far as I am concerned,all these sites are the same. Smart Network,Mega Wave, Spark tell,Monetel,Montech,Instantnaire, L-EARNIFY, MILINETWORK and countless others. They don’t last long and they are only for people who can refer

  2. Smartshares is all but a well arranged scam by a fortunate few who think themselves to be smart enough to scam others. The worst part of it is that even the guy who brought me in by swearing that he believes and trust the site is still very much at large trying to convince others and even we the same people he scammed to join yet another one like smartshares that has the name strimdex and I warned him against scamming people and thinking that he will get away with but I believe in the law of karma and for that reason alone, I’ve rested my case and believes that some day, whatever we sow, that we shall reap.

  3. All this platforms are just rubbish, instead of to join this kind of platform. I will rather do Affiliate Marketing or Amazon Kdp

  4. This smart network na trash, after reaching my 24k non referral you guys disabled my smartcash. Fake wasting ppl hard earn money!
    Wasted registration fee!
    wasted effort!
    wasted data!
    my God will judge you????

  5. Fake site
    The main idea of joining was revolt. Earning monthly are all lies. Don’t invest in it except you have referral to tell a lie to

  6. smartnetwork should cancel the disablement of affiliate withdrawal ????so I can withdraw my affiliate and introduce more people to it

  7. You’re scammers tell me ur reason for disabling smart cash withdrawals I’ve reached my limit and now I can’t even use it for anything,waisted efforts you guys should fix this else lots of people will leave this platform and I’ll be one of them @pauletben

  8. you people said we can withdraw our non affiliate earning once is 24k why can’t I withdraw? what if I don’t wanna make use of my smartcash there?I can’t introduce people to this bcox of this. And again, i’ve been unable to withdraw my affiliate earn.

  9. Thanks for the information
    I can’t click on the 3 Dort on the left to do any task and also if I click on dashboard, daily Post it says available for register member please I will be happy if you reply to me faster

  10. Good day pls I’ve not been able to click on the button on the top left of the page. Why caused so many restriction. I’ve not been able to perform my task and do other valuable things. I’ll really appreciate if an immediate response can be given to this. Thanks so much

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