Learnify.ng Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit? Register

Learnify.ng is a platform that offers you an amazing opportunity to learn and earn at the same things. In this Learnify review, we will be exploring how the platform works and the registration procedure and requirements.

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About Learnify.ng (Review)

L-earnify is the biggest financial opportunity that comes with unique and dynamic features with the main purpose of satisfying all its users by providing them with mind-blowing features to earn with.

In essence, L-earnify is an innovation created to equip its members with essential skills and endless opportunities to make Money.

The platform was launched on the 25th of May, 2023

L-earnify Features

Below are the fantastic features available on this platform and how it works

1. Access To Free Different Courses

On L-earnify, users can access high in demand courses freely on the platform. These courses cover a wide range of marketable skills that will help members even outside the platform

2. Quiz Feature

By participating in L-earnify quizzes, members can earn whooping amounts of cash if they eventually win. The quiz can be played by using your activity earnings to become a participant.

3. E-commerce

This is a digital marketplace integrated into the L-earnify platform. Members can buy and sell various products and services.

The company’s main aim is to help product owners market their products to a larger audience

4. VTU

With this VTU feature, members can recharge for airtime and make data subscriptions using the website.

5. Ranks and Incentives for L-earners

This feature is made available for top earners to receive gifts and prize awards through their hard work. As a top earner, you are entitled to so many benefits and mouth-watering offers

These gifts include, laptops (MacBook,Hp) iPhones, Samsungs, Sound Bars, Air condition, Pressing Iron, TV and more…

6. Learnify Spin and Win

These features enable members to spin and win using their activity earnings. However, this game is solely on luck. Can you be the lucky one?

7. Access To Mentorship Community

L-earnify does not only give you access to courses. You will be given free access to a premium class where you will be mentored on how to properly implement these courses

8. Indirect Referral Commision

As an affiliate, you can earn indirect referral commissions up to the 2nd generation

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9. Multiple Ways of Earnings

Why affiliates can massively utilize the affiliate commissions to earn higher, activity earners are provided with various mediums to earn money without having to worry about referring someone to the platform

10. High Coupon Commision

L-earnify offers one of the best commision rates on coupon purchases to its members.

11. Transfer of Funds

The platform also makes it easy and seamless to transfer earnings from one user to another without worries.

However, there will be a minimum amount to transfer from one account to another.

How To Make Money on L-earnify

How To Make Money on L-earnify

Below is a simplified breakdown of how members can make money from the platform

  • ₦‎2,500 welcome bonus upon registration
  • You will earn ₦‎200 for login daily
  • When you engage in an advert, you will earn ₦‎200
  • When you engage on L-earn post you will earn ₦‎300
  • There is a ₦‎3,500 referral commision
  • You will also earn ₦‎300 indirect referral commision
  • There is another ₦‎200 second-generation referral commision

How To Withdraw On L-earnify

Affiliates can withdraw twice in a week. That is Tuesdays and Fridays with a minimum withdrawal of ₦‎7,000.

On the other hand, non-affiliates can withdraw every 15th day of the month with a minimum withdrawal of ₦‎20,000

Does Learnify Pay Without Referral?

Yes, you can get paid without referring once you reach the withdrawal threshold as a non-affiliate.

L-earnify Payment Proof

L-Earnify Scam or Legit

Learnify Registration

To become a member, you need a one-time registration fee of ₦‎4,500. But before that, you will have to purchase a coupon code for your signup.

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Learnify Withdrawal

Once you have completed your membership activation, log in to your account and set up your profile.

Congratulations, you can start earning massively.

Who Should Join?

✅ If you are broke and want financial upliftment

✅ If Sapa has shown you shege in this life

✅A student who needs extra cash to rock with the hottest chicks on campus

✅ A stay-at-home dad or mum who wishes to leverage the internet in a profitable way


You can access the portal @ learnify.ng

Learnify.ng Review: Scam or Legit?

Leanify is a newly launched platform with mouth-watering offers. The domain is totally known so at the point of documenting this review, we can’t be too quick to jump into considerations.

One thing is certain these platforms have existed for long periods of time now. They come and go and most times, members are able to make money from it.

The worst that could happen is if you register and don’t work hard enough to earn enough money and withdraw.

Definitely, Learnify, sustainability will always be questioned, but regardless, with just a small registration fee required, you can leverage this platform to your advantage

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In conclusion, if you have any comments or suggestions to add to this Learnify review, kindly leave us a comment below.


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