NhireGroup Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit? Register

NhireGroup is Nigeria’s biggest-ever marketing platform that has been making alot of waves recently. It is a platform that has already won the hearts of many people seeking financial liberation. In this NhireGroup review, I’ll work you through how it works, and the requirements to register and make money.

With the current situation in Nigeria (inflation) getting a side hustle or a full-time online business shouldn’t be a choice but a necessity.

Almost every business sector in Nigeria is currently struggling due to this harsh economy.

This sapademic period has caused alot of chaos in daily living and survival. The cost of living is actually killing the living at this moment.

As a result of this, these income platforms have come to stay with the goal of helping Nigerians like you and me to level up our financial power.

Many Nigerians (mostly students) have been leveraging these platforms to make ends meet and not get wallowed in the harsh economy.

It will interest you to know that Smart Network paid over 200 million to its users in the space of 6 months as a networking platform.

These platforms have made so many young millionaires which ordinary it could have been impossible,

Nhire comes with so many amazing features to help you make money and join the millionaires league (if you work hard enough)

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this review.

About NhireGroup (Review)

Nhire Group is an e-commerce platform with integration with many other retailers and e-commerce sites in Nigeria, Africa and globally.

Nhire serves as the middle link connecting digital e-commerce sites like Jumia, Alibaba, AliExpress, Konga, Amazon Jiji, Slot etc. with various wholesalers to help the dissemination of goods and services to the large market.

This is achieved through a means of job offers. Nhire offers both full-time and part-time jobs to employees and they are paid on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The platform was created by a team of smart networkers who have many years of experience in the digital space with a proven track record of success.

Before we go deep into the rudiments of this Nhire group Review, it is important to note the following

Basic Nhire Facts

Nhire Website

1. Nhire gets you trained by professionals on the platform. In return, you will get hired and paid if you do your job well

2. Nhire is not an investment company and does not guarantee any ROI without you working. (No work, No Pay)

3. Nhire is a combination of different e-commerce brands that hire people to bring their products and services to the limelight

4. Nhire is an international company. This means it is not limited to Nigeria only

5. In Nhire, members don’t make money through login bonuses, the share of sponsored posts, etc. The platform operates a do-job-and-earn basic

6. On Nhire, earnings are not static. The company’s proposed salary structure is for an average employee. This means that you can earn more or less depending on your salary grade level and activeness.

How Does Nhire Actually Work?

Unlike other networking platforms where you have to log in, refer, share viral posts, read news and comment to get paid.

Nhire has taken Nigerians by storm with a different earning dimension. There is no such thing as login, share, refer, to earn.

Members can make money on Nhire by performing jobs. So it is fair to say that all members of the Nhire group are regarded as employees. Every employee has a designated Job attached to him/her.

Job category on Nhire includes;

  • 1️⃣ Part-time Job
  • 2️⃣ Full-time Job

In a real sense, full-time employees will always earn more than part-time employees

How To Make Money As An Employee on Nhire Group

How To Make Money As An Employee on Nhire Group

Basically, Since N-hire is an e-commerce platform, Your job as an employee is to accelerate ads of top-tier companies partnering with N-hire.

All you are expected to do is share ads of various products and get credited instantly once these ads are visible to the market.

In essence, you are not selling anything to make money. All you are doing is sharing ads and each ad you share comes with a profit because these top e-commerce companies pay in dollars.

Again, their Job stake is always high considering the inflation of the Naira against the Dollar, you can be earning small dollars but a huge amount when converted to Naira.

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Below is a breakdown of Jobs and earnings

1️⃣ Part-Time Job

The cost to become a part-timer on N-hire is ₦‎3,700 with a validity of 6 months. This package comes with limited job offers worth ₦‎2,000 and there is a referral commision of ₦‎2,300.

Again, you will also earn an indirect referral commision of ₦‎200

Daily Jobs for Part-Time

Amazon ₦‎750

Nhire ₦‎350

AliExpress ₦‎500

Jumia ₦‎400

Daily Total = ₦‎2,000

2️⃣ Full-Time Job

You will be required a sum of ₦‎7,400 to partake. This package is valid for only 12 months. There are also limited job offers which can amount to ₦‎4,000 daily.

Furthermore, you will stand a chance to earn N5,000 referral commision and an indirect commision of ₦‎1,000

Daily Jobs for Full-Time

Amazon ₦‎750

Nhire ₦‎350

Aliexpress ₦‎650

Jumia ₦‎500

Walmart ₦‎650

1688 ₦‎400

Konga ₦‎400

Daily total = ₦‎4,000

In summary, as an N-hire part-time employee, you’ll have limited job offers. While Nhire full-time employees have unlimited job offers.

Lastly, You’ll have to validate your salary dashboard before getting remunerated.

Job Positions on Nhire

  • Sales broker
  • Nhire agent
  • Nhire Auditor
  • Nhire Ads accelerator

Trainees Commision

Direct ₦‎5,000

Indirect ₦‎1,000

Point Grading System

25 points = ₦‎64,000

50 points = ₦‎128,000

Nhire One Year Salary Inflow for Employees

Below is the potential earning salary of employees

1 month ₦‎120,000 ⛱️

2 months ₦‎240,000 ⛱️

3 months ₦‎360,000 ⛱️

4 months ₦‎480,000 ⛱️

5 months ₦‎600,000 ⛱️

6 months ₦‎720,000 ⛱️

7 months ₦‎840,000 ⛱️

8 months ₦‎960,000 ⛱️

9 months ₦‎1,080,000 ⛱️

10 months‎ ₦‎1,200,000 ⛱️

11 months ₦‎1,320,000 ⛱️

Total in a full calendar year ₦‎1,320,000 ⛱️

It is important to know that you can earn more than this if you work hard

Employee Benefits

Below are some considerable benefits of being employed on Nhire

1. You will get professional support always to help you grow

2. As an employee, you will enjoy weekly and monthly payout commissions. Your hard work pays off with attractive rewards

3. Diverse income streams

4. Nhire powerline system allows you to earn huge commissions from people you didn’t personally train.

How To Earn Money Working For Nhire Without Referral

Not everybody can refer. With the integration of the virtual workshop, members can make money without having to refer anyone.

About Nhire-Workshop

Nhire workshop represents curated skills that could be acquired without much stress.

However, for you to become one of the attendees or trainees, you will, first of all, make a workshop commitment fee to secure your pass. The workshop pass will now serve as your job entry permit.

Immediately after the Nhire workshop training exercise, you’ll be hired and get paid.

To participate, you will have to contact Nhire agents. A payment of N3,700 or N7,400 will be required of you (depending on the skill you wish to acquire).

How To Withdraw on Nhire

Nhire workers are all entitled to an upfront salary. To a particular percentage of their salary immediately, after validating their work permit with the company.

There are two withdrawal methods by which you can be paid

  • Naira ✅
  • USD ✅
  • PayPal ✅

You can withdraw your earnings any day any time as soon as you reach the minimum payout amount fixed by the employer.

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Nhiregroup Registration (Review)

Nhire Registration

To register and become an employee on Nhire, You will have to decide if you want to be a part-time employee or a full-time employee.

Signup fee is also called a Job permit on Nhire

The part-time registration (Job permit fee) is ₦‎3,400

The full-time registration (Job entry fee) fee is ₦‎7,400

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Nhire Scam or Legit

Nhire Website Login

Upon successful registration, you can log in to the site via Nhiregroup.com

Why Join N-Hire?

  • Financial freedom ✅
  • Residual income ✅
  • Can be operated from any location ✅
  • Sustainable secure system ✅
  • Unlimited slots for workers worldwide ✅
  • Zero education requirement ✅
  • Digital training ✅
  • Frequent allowance ✅
  • No monthly maintenance fee ✅

Nhire Telegram

Join NHire Telegram

Join our Telegram Channel for massive updates

Who Can Join N-Hire?

1. ⛱️ If you are a businessman and you want to increase your daily income

2. ⛱️ Graduates seeking employment

3. ⛱️ If you have been seriously hit by sapademic and want to change your financial story for good

4. ⛱️ A housewife who needs a side-hustle

5. ⛱️ If you are a teacher who wants to double up your small salary

Is NhireGroup an E-commerce Scam or Legit?

Nhire was created with a mission to provide a seamless and efficient platform that connects wholesaler brands and top-tier e-commerce platforms. They aim to enhance sales by streamlining processes, accelerating ads and offering personal training and recruitment services

Looking at top e-commerce platforms like Jumia, and Aliexpress which happen to be in a strong partnership with Nhire, I can vehemently say that Nhire is a platform to bank on.

Furthermore, these e-commerce sites have existed for years now with no traces of strutting down soon.

Have you ever imagined a scenario where people will stop shopping online? Obviously, there is no reason that could make that happen.

As a middle-chain e-commerce platform, Nhire, a legit company has come to stay to help provide easy and seamless e-commerce services for the benefit of both product owners, wholesalers and consumers.

Nhiregroup FAQs (Review)

Below are some important and most FAQs

What is the duration of getting a job permit?

Immediately after application

What are the requirements for a Nhire job permit?

A smartphone with a good internet connection, an email, account details and willingness to work

Will Nhire crash?

Since people still shop online on e-commerce sites daily, it will be very difficult for Nhire to crash

How long does it take to complete a job?

About 10 to 15 munites

How many jobs can I do in a day?

This depends on your package

Must I refer?

You don’t have to refer in other to earn on withdraw on Nhire

How do I get paid?

Direct bank, PayPal, cheque and USD withdrawal

Conclusion: Nhire Group

In recent times, our Nation has been threatened by gross inflation and poverty. Nhire as a digital e-commerce marketplace was launched to change this situation and offer job opportunities to people while they get aid working on the digital store.

From our review of Nhiregroup earning systems, they are quite unique from other marketing platforms with the sole aim of making it easy for everybody to register and make money with zero stress on the site.

If you are looking for a good platform that pays you in dollars, then the Nhire network should be your pick.

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