EarnHive.net Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit? Register

EarnHive is one of the largest innovative networking systems that has gained alot of recognition in the past couple of months. In this EarnHive review, I will be touring you around the platform to have an understanding of how it works and the process to register and make money.

Inflation has caused a gross decline in the Nigerian currency leaving people in the dark trap of sapa. It has become a necessity that in this sapademic period one must survive by having at least a sustainable income and if possible multiple sources of income.

Many Nigerians have been surviving through networking platforms. In the comfort of your home, and with a good marketing strategy, you can be earning a more decent income than your neighbour that goes to work 9-5.

Due to the passion and desire to network and make money, there has been alot of networking platforms in the market and this has led to confusion as to which one to join.

We have witnessed the likes of N-hire Group, SmartShares, and even Skyresh which was launched but could barely live up to expectations before crashing in a few weeks.

Earn Hive has promised to offer better opportunities and earning system and its no doubt the platform is gaining alot of recognition.

Before throwing your hard-earned money to join EarnHive, it will be important to know what the platform brings to the table.

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About EarnHive (Review)

EarnHive is a network marketing and digital platform that helps you to earn, learn and advertise your digital products which also gives you the flexibility to work from home as a freelancer or network marketer.

The platform is integrated with so many unique features under a diverse range of tasks designed to help you earn money online. From sharing content to participating in challenges, Earnhive transforms your spare time into a rewarding opportunity.

How EarnHive Works

Earnhive provides you with tasks which are streamlined to your interests and skills. Complete these tasks, and you’ll earn real rewards.

In addition, the 3-Level Affiliate System lets you earn from the activities of those you introduce to the platform.

The tasks available on Earn Hive are integrated under features which every member stands to have access to and enjoy the benefits.

EarnHive Features

Below are some of the amazing features offered on the platform

1. Hive Recharge

This feature was created to satisfy the need and demand for airtime in Nigeria. According to Nigerian Communications Commision (NCC), Nigeria recorded 225.8 million active mobile subscribers in March 2023.

That speaks volumes of how many people recharge their mobile devices to make calls.

With the Hive recharge, you can sell data and airtime with just your activities bals and earn profit weekly or you may either subscribe and recharge yourself.

2. Hive P2P

With Hive P2P you can use your activities balance to register the next new user and keep the money to yourself which means you can earn over 10k to 25k weekly through P2P section.

3. Hive Game

Under the EarnHive game, you are opportune to predict games and earn as much as ₦500 in your wallet. From there you can be paid straight to your bank

4. Hive Freelancing

The Freelancing feature allows members to advertise their products and business with Earnhive to boost sales and attract customers. If you join Earnhive, you can post or advertise your jobs and earn money when someone else hires you for the job.

5. Hive Free 7Digital Courses

This feature gives you free access to digital courses with functional video tutorials to study and learn. In the end, you can render these skills as professional services and get paid

How To Make Money On EarnHive

Below is a simplified way to earn on EarnHive

  • Welcome bonus ₦2,000 ✅
  • Daily login ₦300 ✅
  • Referral bonus ₦3,500 ✅
  • Indirect referral bonus ₦300 ✅
  • Second indirect referral bonus ₦300 ✅
  • Hive post 1 ₦200 ✅
  • Hive post 2 ₦200 ✅

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Earning Structure for Other African Countries

Nhive is available not just in Nigeria but in other African countries like Benin Republic, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Cameroon. If you dwell in any of these countries, below is how you can earn from EarnHive

How To Make Money On EarnHive

How To Withdraw On EarnHive

To withdraw on EarnHive, you must have earned a reasonable amount of money that could qualify you for payment.

For affiliates, the minimum withdrawal is ₦7,000 and you can place a withdrawal only on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays (around 2:00 to 4:00 PM)

Non-affiliate minimum withdrawals is 22,000H. Withdrawal can be processed any time of the day once the portal is opened and you have reached the threshold

Does EarnHive Pay Without Referral?

Yes, you can get paid even when you don’t refer. However, to get the big bag, referring will be good

EarnHive Registration

EarnHive Registration

To register and become an active user on EarnHive, you will have to purchase a coupon code from one of the trusted coupon vendors.

Registration fee for EarnHive is a one-time payment of ₦4,500

Buy coupon code at the Discount price now!

Join EarnHive Here

For those who may wish to discover my little secrets to making ₦100,000 weekly, WhatsApp me below to

EarnHive Registration

Below is what you will get from me;

1. I’m going to be teaching you how to grow your audience and also automate your WhatsApp for free

2. You’ll be added to my VIP WhatsApp community (mentorship group). There is a challenge I’ll do for all my students to help them earn more

3. You’ll gain lifetime access to my personal library of ebooks and A 331 courses in one that enables you to make alot of money on the internet

4. You will get over 100 premium hacked apps (Netflix, DSTV, Canva Pro, Spotify, etc) for free

5. You will get personal mentorship from me to help you earn faster.

EarnHive Telegram

Join EarnHive Telegram

Join our Telegram channel for massive EarnHive updates

EarnHive Website Login

Once your signup process is successful. you can access the portal via earnhive.net

EarnHive Review: Scam or Legit?

EarnHive is a newly launched platform that was launched on the 12th of August 2023. Alot has been said about the platform and it’s evident people are already making alot of money on the platform immediately after launching.

On the basis of EarnHive being scam or legit, LegacyTips can not ascertain anything for now. One thing is sure, these platforms provide earning opportunities for people to make money online. However, it only takes a couple of months before they bring a change in policy that will make it difficult for people to earn and get paid again.

Our candid advice is that you can join (At your own risk) make good use of the platform, work hard and earn money that could be used to invest in other profitable skills or even use it as a start-up capital for your desired business.

EarnHive could be paying now but we are confident it won’t last forever.

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In conclusion, we wish to bring to your notice that this review for EarnHive was done not to tag the platform with a bad name or endorse it. Our reviews are mostly done for traffic purposes.

If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations regarding this review, leave us a comment

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