How To Get Adsense Safe Clicks Without Ban 2024

Do you need more Adsense Safe Clicks on your website? In this article, I am going to share with you a secret that you can use to get more Adsense-safe clicks and boost your earnings without falling victim to the Adsense ban

Making money from Google Adsense can suck you dry if you disregard your clicks. What if I say it’s now dangerous to get more people to click on your ads?

Meanwhile, contacting the Google Adsense team is now breathtaking, even with Contact Us forms. Well, do you know you can still get those unlimited and safe clicks on Adsense without a ban?

Once Google Adsense suspends your account it becomes very hard for them to reply to your emails, making live miserable, at that moment you will feel like the ground should open and swallow you up

But what if I tell you, there’s how you can completely avoid bitter stories; importantly by these methods, you can get more safe clicks, which triple your Adsense earnings.

 See, many times, you’re innocent but still get penalized while you improve your Click Through Rates. For instance, you’d see significant amounts of clicks in your account, but everything results in $0.00 for that whole day. Well, if this continues, the Adsense ban is knocking on the door. 

How To Get More Adsense Safe Clicks

According to Ideal Flavour, AdSense Displays ads on your site, and you earn money when people click on them. Therefore, you want as many people to click them as possible.

If you wish to get more safe clicks to your Adsense and skyrocket your earnings then consider these tips i have for you

1. Choosing The Right Ad Placement

The way you place ads on your site has a very crucial role to play when it comes to getting more clicks

Many people are ignorant of the fact that using the wrong Ad placement strategy can hurt their clicks

So What’s The Best Way To Place Ads?

I realized placing a rectangle below the header of your blog converts most. Using this placement is good and sooner or later you will start seeing positive results. But only when you reduce the page’s banner placements.

It’s no new thing that Publishers get unsafe clicks these days because they Bombard their pages with advert placements.

Google doesn’t recommend Publishers flooding their pages with Ads that are not officially from google. Google Policy warned publishers to make sure content is much more than ads. However, it doesn’t stop publishers from littering a page with ads.

As a result of placing Ads that are not officially from google it results to Invalid clicks the most painful part of it all is that sad thing is these clicks are real. Bots which calculate your earnings invalidate your money if a click doesn’t fully land on the advert page.

Nevertheless, you have to put your rectangular image banner at converting places which won’t distract readers. I hereby recommend these three

  • 1. Below the header 
  • 2. Before the last paragraph 
  • 3. Floating bar

The fewer you place ads, the cleaner your page will be. Anything more than this will slow down your page load speed time and discourage organic clickers. Poor user experience will send signals of invalidity clicks and Adsense won’t hesitate to strike

2. The Design Of Your Blog Determines Clicks

If the design of your site is not good enough you are going to have a few clicks because you know why? Your visitors may come and leave without even spending dome time on your site because your site doesn’t have a good design to maintain a good user experience

In designing your blog or choosing a theme you should do well to select the best theme and not just some piece of shit that will make it hard for your visitors to browse through effectively on your site

Having a good design makes your site attractive and even more professional, so if you want to have more safe clicks you need to have a good design for your site

3. Great Content

The main reason why your visitors are coming to your site is to read what you have to offer on your site, but what if you don’t have quality content to offer? They will leave and never come back again

To increase the volume of traffic on your site, you can buy traffic through Google, Facebook or another site. On the other hand, this cuts into your profits significantly, particularly if the ads you’re running aren’t all that expensive.

Right now there are over 40 billion blogs on the web, so blogging has changed from a quantity game to a quality game Instead of creating more content try to make a few ones much better. The better the content, the more people will be interested in it, and the more people will share it on social media and around the web.

More sharing means more traffic, more traffic means more clicks and more clicks means more money.

4. Size of Ads 

Google gives the choice to choose from various sizes. The larger the size, the better the revenue. As you know, the better this revenue, the worse the responsiveness of your page. But you’ll always receive unlimited safe clicks with top-notch page responsiveness.

5. Ad Types

Image ads convert better than text or link ads. Due to its attractiveness, Google pays more for these types of ads. If you’ll increase your Adsense earnings, devote more in-image ads. You’ll get more safe clicks with image ads. The reason is that link ads most times don’t get earnings. Bots can misinterpret those real clicks as invalid clicks. 

6. Use all Your Ad blocks, and Make Them Big

Use all your ad blocks. In addition to increasing your chances for a click, this increases the ad spaces on your site that advertisers can bid on and gives you a better overall RPM.

You’re allowed to use 3 ad blocks and 3 link units for each page of your site. While I don’t normally use link units at all, I do use 3 ad blocks no matter how short my content is.

Forget all the other size options that Adsense gives you. Bigger is better. Forget trying to blend it into your content, just make them visible so people can’t miss it.

I’ve done extensive testing of colours and came to one conclusion: blending is not always the answer. As long as people can see them, they’ll click on it if it’s something they’re interested in.

7. Use Text and Image-Based Ads

With Adsense, you’re allowed to choose whether your ad unit is image-based or text-based. Unless you’re seriously in love with one type of ad, try using Text & Image-based.

Using both text and image options allows more advertisers to bid on it (text ad bids and image ad bids) and increases your overall Cost Per Click.

Don’t expect to see an instant jump in CPC. From my experience, it’s not a huge increase, but over time, it does pay more per click than only text or image ads.

8. Content Size and Relevance 

How helpful your content is on your page’s Bounce Rate. The longer a visitor stays on your page signals how safe your clicks will be.

A click by a visitor who hardly spent 10 seconds on your page wouldn’t be safe. So, what then can you do? Add to your content size and relevance.

This reduces your page’s bounce rate. You’ll not only improve your Adsense clicks but also save your Adsense accounts from a ban. 

Conclusion: How To Get Adsense Safe Clicks Without Ban

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