Legit Income Programs That Pays Daily and Weekly In Nigeria

Legit income Programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria is all we are going to discuss today in this article.

it is obviously alot of people have been scammed online severally and many have vowed never to get into any online business again but that doesn’t deny the fact that people want more and more money every day to solve their financial problems.

Most people keep searching online for ways to make money for free, how to make money without doing anything, how to make money while you sleep. etc…

It’s so unfortunate that you can’t make money without working, money doesn’t come to you, you go after the money that’s how Dangote did that got him to the top where he is now Like I aforementioned Legit income programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria is our gist for today

Before I proceed I want to let you know that making money online has to do with creativity, you don’t have to be using one strategy over and over again

if something doesn’t work for you you keep trying new things, am not saying you should be jumping from one business to another, but stick to one business and focus, I repeat focus is the key, just keep trying out new strategies and be patient enough to wait for results

Legit Income Programs Paying Daily & Weekly

Even as am making this post “Legit income Programs that pays daily and weekly in Nigeria” some people will still be asking questions like “do they pay?”

“how much can I make in a day” “is it a scam?” these same type of people are the ones who wail around and gets covered with doubt when others are busy making money they are standing on the fence

and at the end, they end up losing their money into use 2k and get 16k Ponzi schemes that promise heaven and earth. I pity you if you are one of them… Best Income Programs In Nigeria

1. Giftalworld Income Program

The name starts with G and not N, I know what you are thinking … NNU; leave NNU out of this else we are going to get into a fight lol…

Giftalworld Income Program was created October 26th, 2018 by Nigeria Blogger, Raji Ibrahim (Ebright)  under the legal Protection of GIFTALWORLD TECHNOLOGIES

Raji Ibrahim(Ebright) is a  Pro Blogger, Online Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Net-preneur and Online marketer. who has made a decent living online through the use of the internet?

Giftal Alert

How To Make Money On Giftalworld

As a registered user on Giftalworld Program These are ways to earn on the system which we would be explaining subsequently.

1.     You earn ₦1000 bonus instantly when you successfully register your account. The funds will instantly reflect when you access your account area.

This is the welcome bonus attached to you for thanking you for registering on the platform. Sounds cool right?

2.      You earn ₦20 for Viewing pages and post on giftalworld platform

3.       You earn ₦200 for sharing our SPONSORED POSTS to your social media handle for the day.

You will have to log in to your account, click on SPONSORED POST and follow the direction there for sharing your SPONSORED POST for the day.

4.       You earn ₦100 for Daily Login on the site

5.        You earn ₦100  on Every Nice, interesting and educating video you Upload on Giftalworld.com upon Approval.

6.     You earn  ₦500  for  writing articles and news on our Website

7. You earn ₦1,500 (85.6%) allocated earnings of ₦1,500 when you refer your friends, family and co-workers to Giftalword using your referral link

8. You will also earn ₦500 for being among the first 15 people to comment on our post

9. You will also earn ₦200 for sharing campaign advert to your Twitter or Instagram

The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. These earnings would automatically reflect in your affiliate earning Account Balance.

Don’t tell me with all these methods to earn you still can’t make money when you register and join this platform

You will be paid all isn’t that cool? it’s super amazing. Giftalworld has come to stay and we are doing all possible best to make the website super sustainable and forever for Nigerians and Internationally

Giftal Alert


Giftalworld Is The First Affiliate Marketing Platform In Nigeria That Pays The Highest Affiliate Commission Of ₦1,500

Does Giftalworld Pay Without Referral?

Yes, they pay without a referral, Payment is Done On Daily Bases And Month-end (for non-referral withdrawals),

members with referral earnings can make a withdrawal for GAF earnings and receive a credit Bank alert within 2 hours while those without referrals usually gets paid every week if they take action on giftalworld activities 

Giftal world pays the Highest affiliate commission which is N1,500 

Giftalworld Registration

legit income programs that Pays Daily

To Register you need to purchase a Coupon Code of  ₦3,000 from the distributors You can also register online with your debit card by selecting Paystack option.

Below are Giftalworld Coupon Distributors Watsapp, Call them & You can Add them up on Facebook 

Okpanachi Caleb Ojonugwa   08118528197 

Sholuade Victoria Oyindamola   09099630714             

Abdulraheem Nasirudeen      08082772919

Wilson Godwin Sunday            08106354650   

 Harbor Eberechi Stephanie    08162418128

 Henry Onyenanu 08064348748                

Ajayi Oluwatosin                        07031139423

Gbadamosi  Opeoluwa              07083200118

Abdulkareem Rabiat Alaba 08186991184

Anichebe Ogochukwu Treasure 08167908458

I recommend Idris Olawale because he is very fast to work with, he replies instantly just hook up with him for your coupon

You can also make payment via PayStack using your debit card

If you purchased the coupon code and Ready to register (Giftalworld Sign-up)

Before You, Register Check out

Giftalworld Registration Guide

Personally, I have not seen any platform in Nigeria that is as fast as giftalworld that is paying currently in 2020

Giftalworld is the first affiliate platform paying ₦1,500 affiliate commission, Giftalworld is changing peoples lives, turning insufficient balance to sufficient fund

Join Giftalworld today and introduce your family and friends otherwise, they will be the one to invite you and, if you having a problem with the registration and need assistance,

leave a comment in the comment box and I will reply you ASAP. if you no join Giftalworld today wetin you gain?

2. NairaPromo Income Program

Nairapromo is an amazing platform to join, I personally recommend this platform because its currently the best platform you could ever join right now, Although I can’t guarantee an everlasting run on the platform

it is so different from other income programs that focus on reading news and sharing sponsored posts in Nigeria, they also pay without referral

Nairapromo was built with the hope of reviving the hope of the online earning system in Nigeria. Having experienced so many related earning platforms and as an agent on Guruspromo International

Naira Promo team have gathered so many experiences on how to make sure Nairapromo will be successful and stand out

Read More about NairaPromo Here

2. CandyNews Income Program

CandyNews is yet another legit income program in Nigeria that pays daily to it members, Candynews is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture. We believe that since it costs money to be online (data, time, energy and phone/laptop), you should also be making Money while online!

Candynews is owned by ADEKAT TECHNOLOGIES, a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with RC 2936339 under Corporate Affairs Commission.

Is CandyNews Legit?

Yea I know it might cross your mind to ask if Candynews is a reputable platform and worthwhile to invest your time and money on

I want to make it known to you that as of the time of writing this article CandyNews is legit and paying so you should free to join the platform

Candynews is nothing but a platform where you can turn your time and activities online to a money-making venture


legit income programs that pays daily


How To Make Money On CandyNews

below is a breakdown of how to make money on Candynews

There are two types of earnings on Candynews: Activity earnings and affiliate earnings. The earnings breakdown are as follows:

  • Once you register on candynews you will get ₦ 1,000 as a Registration bonus
  • You also earn ₦ 10 as daily login bonus each day you head on to their website
  • Moreso you also earn ₦ 150 For each sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline. 
  • You will also earn ₦ 50 For each post that you submitted that is approved by an Administrator or Moderator.
  • Nevertheless you will be earning ₦ 15 For per comment made on Candynews posts such as news on the website
  • You earn a big amount of ₦ 1,000 as Referral Bonus for each person you refer to Candynews that successfully activate his/her account.


How To withdraw On CandyNews

Having understood what candynews is all about and how to earn on candy news I know your question now will be how to cashout on Candynews

Candynews Withdrawal form is always available every day and you can request your earnings any time given that you meet our minimum withdrawal amount. The requirement for withdrawal are as follows:

Members with at least N2,000 affiliate earnings can request their affiliate earnings anytime, and the payment will be processed within 24hours.

(That is to say, you need just 2 people to withdraw your earnings daily from Candynews)

The withdrawal of activity earnings (also known as News earnings) is twice a month. Withdrawal form for activity earnings will be available on the 15th and 25th of every month and closes that same day.

Every member who has at-least N6,000 activity earnings is eligible for withdrawal. 

NOTE: Members can transfer Earnings to each other. You can also buy earnings from administrators if you need it which I found very interesting

CandyNews Registration

For those seeking how to register on Candynews having understood how candyNews works, registration is as simple as ABC or primary school rhymes

For CandyNews Registration, you need the following requirements such as your smartphone, your internet connection and a one-time registration fee of 1,500

Nevertheless the less you need to be smart because you have to be smart to make money with a smartphone because if you are not smart you may not even know how to use the phone well

You can either register with your debit card or buy coupon code from the distributors below

SN Distributor Name Mobile Number
1 Agbede Tolulope 08109531548
2 Ireoluwa Agboola 07066848325
3 Yekeen Azeez 09032877833
4 Uche Nwoye 08175667401


Click Here To Join CandyNews

If you are having issues with registration or you need special assistance chat me on WhatsApp below for instant registration


Giftalworld Review

Once you activate your account, you have become a full member of candynews

It’s time to Earn! 

Simply perform activities such as reading news, posting news etc, and refer others to read news on candy news with your affiliate link.

Your Affiliate link is displayed inside your account dashboard. 

Copy it and share it with your friends for registration.

3. Loversways Relationship Platform

Loverways is another legit platform that has taken over Nigerians now, hence lots of people are making money from this new and legit earning opportunity. 

Loversways is an Outstanding Concept and a unique business, In which you can post Relationship Content and share your experience of how life has been with you and your partner, you as well earn from it. You tell the world, you earn they learn.

This is one of the best and unique opportunities for you to make extra income from the comfort of your home, as we provide you with free top-notch and incredible relationship content and tips

Loverways earning opportunity also offers you an opportunity to earn money writing articles on the platform

loverways is simple and unique from other platforms there are no long stages, no long recruit level, no overrated promises of incentive. in fact, everything about loversways is just cool and legit

Legit Income  Programs That Pays Daily and Weekly In  Nigeria

Update!! Loversways Is Currently Not Paying Again

How to Make Money On Loversways

Below are the mouth-watering ways to make money on loversways

1. You will earn (50%) ₦1000 referral bonus from your Direct Referrals that means when you bring your friends to join this platform you earn a whopping amount of N1200

2. Get (25%) ₦500 Indirect bonus from your downlines referrals. Note that you earn this forever even without doing any work this means if you invite your friend john to join this platform and he agrees to join

and then john goes ahead to register his sister Mirabel, you earn a commission of ₦500 making it a total of ₦700 for you and ₦1,200 for john. that sounds cool, right? I think it does

3. You earn ₦1,000 for posting Good Content about relationship matters on the site the more article you write for us, the more you earn money (₦1,000) per article You could earn over 50k Weekly from posting content without referring, referring is optional.

if you are good in writing Articles about relationships loversways is a sure platform to turn your skill into business and make cool cash as a student here in Nigeria

Do Loversways Pay Without Referral?

Some people are already asking ”Do Loversways Pay without referral?” this is a perpetual question many people keep asking because of the difficulty it seems to be when you must refer a friend before you get paid on a platform like this

Yes Loverways Pay Without Referral like I said earlier referring is optional, you can earn cash and withdraw your money by writing creative articles on the platform, you earn a huge commission of ₦1,000 per well-constructed article you publish on the platform

Loversways Registration

For loverways Registration you will have to make a One-time payment of ₦2,000 to be A Bonafide member and gain access to all our Better love and Relationship Products. and of course to make money on this God-sent opportunity

Once you register and become a member you can have access to our full outstanding lovers premium product that will do you good, you can use these products for yourself or anyone around you because it’s very useful

For Loversways Registration You can pay online with your debit card or Buy a coupon code from our Vendors.

Note!! Do not pay to Anyone who is not listed on our Vendor List.

You can also Get in touch with the following Vendors for more guidelines and payment for coupon code

Loversways Officially Approved Coupon Distributors














0708 9438137

Click Here To Join Loversways

How To Withdraw On Loversways

To withdraw your money on loverways you will have to place withdrawal from your dashboard. filling all the necessary information, Loverways pays every Monday of the week.

Income Programs Currently Paying in 2022

Below are some of the income programs and investment platforms that are currently paying in 2021, you guys should check them out.

1. Owodaily

2. Goldmine

3. Videomine

4. AfricGold

5. Halifestyle

6. iJobbers

7. Flowextra

8. Forsage BUSD

What About NNU Income Program?

When NNU came out back in 2017 thousands of Nigerians Joined and were making money from it, thanks to my friend who introduced me to this platform as a student I was able to make over 100 thousand on this platform

It’s so unfortunate that while most people joined and were making money on it others were busy standing on the fence and waiting for get rich quick schemes that will promise them million in just a few days

It’s so sad now that when these kinds of people later joined NNU it was too late and the platform became flooded making it hard to get referrals to join and they all end up calling NNU as Scam

Is NNU Still Paying?

I can’t possibly say No to this question, due to change of NNU policy one must have up to 5 unpaid referrals before thinking of cashing out on NNU,

you must make up to 5k before you can withdraw on NNU, its so sad that NNU doesn’t pay Activity earnings even when you have up to one million on your activity earnings (NARS) you cant withdraw, No Way


NNU Income Officially Shutdown

What Can Be Done?

Giftalworld And Loversways are the best platforms to go with don’t say they are the same as NNU, never they are not and can never be, I have met a lot of people online wanting to sell their NNU accounts, but who will buy your NNU account when you cant withdraw Activity earnings

Trolex, Flowextra and Racksterli are best-earning platforms in Nigeria still paying in 2021, they are Fresh and right here for you, don’t wail around till everywhere gets full before joining

Conclusion: Legit Income Programs That Pays Daily and Weekly

I hope after reading this article about Legit Income Programs That Pays daily and weekly in Nigeria you have at least decided to join one of these platforms if not all of them if you want financial breakthrough then do yourself a favour, start something new today…,

if you need further assistance on how to make money online here in Nigeria then subscribe to my newsletter and bookmark this site now to keep visiting for fresh updates because i release legit income programs and platforms to make money like this often

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