NairaPromo Review: Make 200K Monthly On NairaPromo

Nairapomo is an income site that pays users for doing certain activities. If you are looking for how to make up to 200k monthly with just your smartphone, I welcome you to my Nairapromo review.

Today you will learn how Nairapromo works.

Despite hundreds of income programs been launched in Nigeria on daily basis, Naira promo remains the best and leading platform that is making headlines

During this period of uncertainty, it will be wise to stay at home and make cool money for yourself with just your smartphone

If you are looking for a way to have a breakthrough and gain financial freedom then NairaPromo is the key to open the door to your financial freedom

NairaPromo Review: Is NairaPromo Legit?


Naira promo review


Yes i am glad to tell you that Naira promo is legit and not scam, in fact, it’s one of the best platforms in Nigeria you should leverage on and start making money at the comfort of your home. Dont forget Joining is at your own risk

Nairapromo was built with the hope of reviving the hope of the online earning system in Nigeria Having experienced so many related earning platforms and as an agent on Guruspromo International.


NairaPromo is finally a Big Scam

The Owner has gathered so many experiences on how to make sure Nairapromo will be successful and stand out

Naira promo was created and launched by a successful entrepreneur by name Adedayo Oluwafemi hence he is the founder and CEO of Naira Promo.

He also promised that With the support of his team members on this project, development and management, they will guarantee you 100% and promise to pay your earning as at when due.

The company has also associated with advertising agencies and big brands to make sure of more advert campaigns and revenue inflow. They also welcome business owners to advertise with us at an affordable rate.



Dont Forget Joining NairaPromo Remains at Your Own Risk!!


NairaPromo Review: How Naira Promo Works

Having understood that Naira promo is paying and legit as of the time of writing this article let me quickly explain How Naira promo works and how you can make money from Naira promo

To make it easier to understand Nairapromo is an advertising agency platform with promoters on social media. This concept might not be new to you as you may have experienced related platforms that have failed you or crashed. 

I know you must be thinking Naira Promo is another get paid to read news site in Nigeria like Giftalworld, NNU, LPV forum, Team Bulldozer and the rest.

But what if I tell you that Naira promo is a unique and outstanding platform compared to those other income programs you must have heard of or done before

How Naira Promo Actually Works??

Naira Promo Registration

Naira promo is actually different from other income programs because it involves subscription and renewal of your package

you will have to activate your account and renew it on every 30days as long as you choose to stay on the platfrom

Does NairaPromo Pay Without Referral? Depending on the plan you subscribe to, your task is simple, login to your Nairapromo account daily earn, and share ads campaign on your timeline, a referral is absolutely optional, and it doesn’t require before you cash out.

All you need to do is to share Daily Campaign to your Facebook timeline ( it must be shared to the public)

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NairaPromo Subscription Plans


If you subscribe to STARTER PLAN, you’ll be required to pay ₦1,000 monthly to renew your account.

You will earn ₦70 daily, cash-out ₦490 weekly or ₦1960 monthly depending on your choice.

You will also earn 5% referral commission on all plans (Optional)


If you subscribe to the BASIC PLAN, you’ll be required to pay ₦2,500 monthly for your account renewal.

You will earn ₦180 daily cash out ₦1,260 weekly or ₦5,040 monthly, depending on you.

You are also entitled to 5% referral commission on all plans (Optional)


If you subscribe to STANDARD PLAN, you’ll be required to pay ₦5,000 monthly.

You will earn ₦365 daily cash out ₦2,555 weekly or ₦10,220 Monthly Depending on how you want it.

You will receive 10%referral commission on all plans (Optional)



If you subscribe to PREMIUM PLAN, you’ll be required to pay ₦7,500 monthly.

You will earn ₦540 daily cash out ₦3,780 weekly or ₦15,120 monthly.

With premium membership you will also get 10%referral commission on all plans (Optional)


5. PRO

If you subscribe to PRO PLAN, you’ll be required to pay ₦10,000 monthly

You will earn ₦750 daily cash out ₦5,250 weekly or ₦21,000 monthly

this package also gives you 10% referral commission on all plans (Optional)


Naira Promo Review



For Instant Registration Whatsapp Me Now!!!

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NairaPromo Package Renewal

Do not forget you will have to be renewing your package after 30 days to stay on the platform

The Good news is that if you are able to refer 5 friends to join with any package by the end of the month you wont have to renew your membership again till the following month.

In summary your membership account will be active for two months if you are able to refer at least 5 people to the platform

After your subscription period is extended by 30 days, further referrals up to 5 will continue rewarding you another 30 days subscription bonus

it is also important to note that Once you upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, your previous plan will be canceled automatically to start your new plan benefits.


NairaPromo Registration

To register and join naira promo is simple and doesn’t require much time, before proceeding with Nairapromo Registration you first of all need to have a package in mind you wish to register with

You Must use Legacy as Referral Username


Click Here To Register On NairaPromo

Before proceeding with the registration, you will have to purchase Naira Promo subscription code, Paystack online payment will be available soon

The subscription code fee depends on the package you wish to register with

Below are Naira Promo Subscription code merchants

Oluwafemi A.P 0810 234 4619
Precious G. 08141115629 
Rachael N.K 08034870242
Damilola A.S 08110757289
Juliet O. 08060565517
08060565517 08037859257


While filling your registration form, ensure to use Legacy as your referral username as seen below, Voucher pay code is also known as subscription code which you can get from the merchants listen in the table above



Now that you have successfully registered on Nairapromo, Login into your account and update your profile,


and provide your Bank information, which you must be careful while filling the form to avoid errors

After that is done start sharing daily campaign post, you may also refer your friends to join (which is optional) Although you will earn bigger and faster when you refer people to the platform

How To Withdraw From Naira Promo

Having understood the whole process of making money On Naira Promo you may wish to withdraw from nairapromo

Like I Mentioned before withdrawals are done both daily and monthly basis Receiving your payment could take minutes or hours. Most payments clear within 24 hours

Login and go to your wallet, then place a withdrawal

Watch this Short Video From NairaPromo CEO

The truth is the more risk you take in Business, the smarter you become with more strategies, and the more you role in wealth.


Conclusion: NairaPromo Income Program

Nairapromo offers you and me an opportunity to utilize our mobile phones to make monetary rewards if you are looking for a way to earn some cash most especially during this lockdown period,

Consider joining nairapromo now and earn more money from the comfort of your home. hat are your thoughts on this Nairapromo Review?

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