Videomine Technology Review: How it Works, Registration

Hello guys, Welcome to my Videomine Technology review, in this guide, you will discover how videomine works if it’s scam or legit and how to register on Vidoemine Technology.

If you have heard about videomine technology it is very important to research and have good knowledge about the platform before risking your hard-earned money.

The era of get paid to read news sites is fading away drastically and people have come up with new sites and new innovative ways of making money online.

It’s unfortunate a lot of people have been scammed before and never lucky when it comes to making money online from these websites that promise to pay per action.

At first I never really picked the interest in making this Vidoemine Technology review, but seeing so many adverts and payment testimonies from these WhatsApp TVs gave me the drive to carry on this review.

About Videomine Technology (Review)

Videomine technology possesses itself as an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software. It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a
group (teamwork) with the sole objective of helping its members make money online comfortably.

When was videomine launched?

Videomine Technology was launched on the 1st November 2021 and since then has been making waves and people seem to be jumping into it.

How Does Videomine Technology Works?

The Vidoemine technology earning system works in Two basic ways,

  • You can earn money from affiliates or refer people to join with your link (as a single individual)
  • The other method is to participate as a team and build a community of successive earners (group work)

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How To Make Money On Videomine Technology

You can make money from Vidoemine either as an affiliate or from group work

How To Make Money As An Affiliate on Videomine

Below is a breakdown of how to make money as an affiliate on Vidoeomine Technology

When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he or participates
alone and gets paid into his account instantly

Below are the activities involved as an affiliate

  • A Registration fee of 2,000 will be needed to join and participate as an Affiliate on Videomine Technology.
  • After  successful registration, you will be awarded a registration bonus of 1,000
  • As an affiliate subscriber, you will stand a chance to earn a referral bonus of 1,400 for each person you bring under your link
  • Daily visits on the website will earn you a commission of 100
  • For reach video you watch on the platform, you will earn a commission of 150
  • Sharing of Viral video posts or sponsored videos will earn you 200

How To Withdraw As An Affiliate From Videomine

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly.

How To Make Money As A Group on Videomine

If you decide to Subscribe to Videomine technology as a group, below are various ways to earn money on the platform.

  • You will stand a chance to earn 10,000 always immediately once your cycle/group is completed
  • As a group user, you can withdraw up to 1,500 into your bank account always immediately after any of your direct group members
  • After completing a cycle (the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and
    withdrawing 1,500 from them completing each cycle
  • All group users will stand a chance to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc on reaching certain cycle goals
  • After a users cycle is completed and he withdraws 10,000 for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle
  • Registration and subscription fee of 2,000 will be required

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Prizes To Be Won On Videomine Technology

Videomine technology works based on cycles, once you have finished a particular cycle you are expected to progress further up.

  • When you complete cycle 7 and win a rechargeable standing fan/mini printing machine
  • On completion of cycle 14, you will win a fully automated home theatre
  • Complete cycle 21 and win a techno/Infinix device
  • Again, complete cycle 30 and win Samsung s7/pes3
  • When you complete cycle 50, you will win a fully automated laptop
  • Complete cycle 100 and win an iPhone 11 Pro Max plus a mini washing machine
  • Lastly, complete cycle 200 and win a trip to Dubai

Prizes can be claimed in any of the 3 ways; Delivery to your doorstep, cash payment to your band or you can request prizes in exchange for activation codes.

Videomine Technlogy Registration

Videomine Technology Registration

To register and become a member on Videomine, firstly, you will have an activation code.

How to get a coupon code for Videomine

You can purchase activation codes from King Savage, an accredited vendor that will aid your registration.

Once you have purchased the coupon code, head on to the Videomine Signup Page and fill in your information carefully.

Click Here To Register Now!!!!

Videomine Technology Registration Sign-up

The Videomine website is

If you need someone to help you get the registration done seamlessly WhatsApp below

Videomine Technology WhatsApp

For updates and information and questions regarding Vidoemine and how to make withdrawals kindly Join Videomine WhatsApp Group

Is Videominemine Technology Legit or Scam? (Review)

Before joining any online scheme, the big question remains whether the platform is legit or a scam.

Videomine technology seems to be that platform that is making waves on the internet even though there is no concrete evidence as to how long this platform will operate.

From our Findings this is what we got regarding Videomine Technology Review;

  • The website is a replica or another website
  • Their website looks poorly setup and crashy
  • The funder of Videomine technology or the admin behind it are not known and they remain anonymous

Aside from making money from their affiliate system and membership signup fee, we are able to spot Adsterra ads on their site which fetch them extra income as their users keep using their platform.

That’s a great one, but the big question remains; “how long can they be able to sustain their membership base and payout effectively as the members increase over time.?”

Conclusively, there has been some payment evidence but it’s too risky to put so much dependency on Videomine technology.

The owners of the platform are all out for the shorter gains and sooner or later it will become a big sorry like Racskterli, Fieldsmine, Forsage BUSD and the others. Only those who came in very earlier will benefit enough before the crash.

So if you ask me if Videomine Technology is scam or Legit, I would say; it’s not genuine and lack sustainability, so do not waste your precious time and hard-earned money on the platform.

Update on Withdrawal (March 2022)!!

Videomine No longer pays without a referral, If you can not refer you won’t get paid. Referral earners must refer up to 3 people before they can qualify to place a withdrawal.

No referral no withdrawal, If you can not refer don’t join

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Videomine Customer Lines

You can contact the Admin via;


Phone: 09035046637

Telegram Channel

Facebook Page

Conclusion: Videomine Technology Review: How it Works, Registration

In conclusion, I hope this Videomine Technology review guide has helped you understand how the platform works, how to make money and the legitimacy of Videomine Technology.

Give us a thumbs up and drop your comments below

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83 thoughts on “Videomine Technology Review: How it Works, Registration”

  1. Am suspecting..this site to be a scam.. because since I register on this only 2 times my everyday visit bonus add..since four days now..I have not see afraid somehow regretting why I register this site..what can cause this pls..if actually is not a scam..then u people should add my daily login..oo

  2. My login is not working please some should send me the site link on whatsapp
    My number 08122532494

  3. I kept on wondering what to use to describe this platform.
    If this site is not a scam, because how can one be paying for what he or she us not getting, after taking our money..
    I made payment for coupon code for over a month now, I didnt see my coupon, I didnt hear from any of the customer care I complained to..
    The annoying part of it is that I complained to some and I was told, not to bother them…
    If I don’t have anything to say I should not stress them..

    Automatically what I can say is that, this site is nothing but a scam sincerely, they will just take your money without delivering your package..

    I can’t recommend or introduce anyone to join this platform at all..
    Anyway that’s life

  4. Videomine is the best paying platform out there, I’ve Cashout numerous times. Having any issues? Kind send me a message on WhatsApp and I will attend to it and give u solution ASAP
    WhatsApp 08082320701

  5. Please can I really use my VM points to learn some courses????……and is the teaching online or a specific place????

  6. I’ve contacted King savage and sent him 2000 for coupon code with the confirmation and yet he has refused to send me the code .what the he’ll is this about…

  7. Pls for those that think videomine is a scam is not is just that u are going to the wrong people,I have registered over 20 people and no complain chat me up if u are yet to register,my WhatsApp number +23408132501362

  8. I have an issue here, I contacted bone king savage to send the coupon code for MLM and transferred 2k to his account, since yesterday he has refused sending it to me or replied my message s. This is really scam in videomine

  9. Hello
    I have been trying to make withdrawal since last month….they only credited me from my referral earnings and won’t credit from the VMpoints…. please how do I go about it

    Please I need help…..I really want to share testimonies about this site.

  10. This site is a very exciting and wonderful site ever, never think is a scam, very real and legit. Pls register now before it is too late, tomorrow may be late ?, register on videomine today to start earning.

  11. Videomine, a best place to earn money.
    I have cashed out 3 times and I am ready to cash out more.
    Contact me for coupon code and to join videomine through my whatsapp number

  12. If you want to register on videomine just cha me on WhatsApp
    07026569891, I will give you details introduction of both packages and give you my testimonies as well other people own, I will also guide you on how to go about it, trust me videomine is something you ought to try out.
    It pays I must confess
    Just chat me on WhatsApp
    If you want to buy coupon code as well chat me up.
    Forgotten password chat me up

  13. Please how can I change or reset my password
    I forgot it after I flashed my phone
    And my “forgot password” button on the website is not working too
    Please I need help!!

  14. WhatsApp 09076731895
    To get updates, assistance, coupon codes. Join my Mlm team were we make referrals easy for you.
    Get withdrawal time updates for affiliate and Mlm

  15. I just registered but I can’t log in, I saw password incorrect,
    Pls how can I reset the Password? Someone please help out

  16. My question is i was referred by someone and needed to refer someone, how will i go about it because i need a coupon code

  17. My phone keyboard wrote wrong password and since den I have issues with it’s here,I dnt no maybe I can recover the password back plsss?

  18. I have a scope for any one who is willingly to join this platform and I’m fully ready to coach you even if you’re not my member… Dm me on whatsapp if anyone is having any issue with the technology add me on whatsapp and let me know…09053027259
    And if you’re interested Dm me for the registration. This is so simple and true.

  19. WhatsApp 09076731895
    To join my team, and cash out quickly
    Have cashed out 5times, 21/01/22 was last cash out???
    Get assistance, coupon code and update

  20. Videomine is the best money making platform ever… Have withdraw money 4 times and it’s still working perfectly
    To join videomine chat me up on WhatsApp 08130487247

  21. Videomine is the best ?? paying platform at this moment, they are paying both referral and non referral, coz I ? have withdrew twice ♊ from it. For those people that maybe interested to chat ? me on WhatsApp for more explanation. WhatsApp number: 08146970652

  22. Videomine is the best ?? paying platform at this moment, they are paying both referral and non referral their money, i ? registered to videomine for a month ? plus now and I ? have be able to cash out ? twice ♊ from it, before I ? started videomine I ? was also afraid of losing my 2k, but I ? risk my 2k because to succeed in this life you ? have to ➡ put everything in trier, unfortunately my 2k don turned to ➡ a lot of money to me. I ? will like my fellow people to ➡ join too because this is an opportunity for us ?. For those of ➡ you ? that maybe interested but you ? don’t ⛔ know more about it, chat ? me on WhatsApp for more explanation. This is my WhatsApp contact 08146970652.

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