The Impact Of Coronavirus Pandemic On Google Adsense

Am very sure the word coronavirus is not a new name even to primary schools today, this article covers a lot about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Google Adsense

So I decided to write my perception of this coronavirus a thing that has become a global pandemic causing total lockdowns across the world and restrictions on movement

What Is Coronavirus (Covid19)?

I doubt if anyone has not heard about coronavirus, its symptoms, and how it is transmitted, of cause you must have had little information about this virus

So I don’t think there is a need to write big grammar here let me just make it brief

According to a family doctor coronavirus is a virus that is found in animals and, rarely, can be transmitted from animals to humans and then spread from person to person.

In addition to COVID-19, other human coronaviruses have been included

COVID-19 symptoms range from mild to severe. It takes 2-14 days after exposure for symptoms to develop. Symptoms may include:

  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath

Those with weakened immune systems may develop more serious symptoms, like pneumonia or bronchitis.

You may never develop symptoms after being exposed to COVID-19. So far, most confirmed cases are in adults, but some children have been infected. There is no evidence that children are at greater risk of getting the virus.

When I First Heard Of Corona Virus

So back in My school in January of 2020 while I was still doing a course titled “Science And Society” our lecturer was lecturing us about Viruses bacteria and protozoans as microorganisms

He mentioned some common Viruses and also included the coronavirus and despite mentioning a few other viruses the main focus was on the coronavirus Virus

And we were all like “Which one is coronavirus Virus again” I was just hearing it for the first time in a lecture that was held in January

Our lecturer by Name Mr. Akpo went further to tell us how the Virus was discovered in Wuhan City China on December 31st, 2019

With so much astonishment we learned how the Chinese were trying to isolate their citizens and we were still confused about what could be the cause of the obnoxious virus

So then we reached the month of February and we started hearing of coronavirus spreading everywhere from one country to another

The most annoying and shocking of it all is when they started postponing football matches and closing down public gatherings, even some few matches played then were played behind closed doors with no fans, making things boring

before we could know what was happening, Nigeria recorded her first case of coronavirus and na so e dey spread everyday dey go

Churches are now been locked down, markets inclusive and other public gatherings and schools have been shut down as well

At this point, we are all looking forward to god to rescue us from this pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic And its Impact On Google Adsense

It’s so unfortunate that the coronavirus has affected businesses both online and offline, the likes of dropshipping, mini importation and many other businesses have crumbled

Online Business owners now have been forced to stay and work fro home

Google Adsense is also inclusive. Not so long ago Google Adsense sent me an mail, explaining how the coronavirus is affecting them and stated their limitations in offering the best services since they are forced to work from home now due to the lockdown

They also made it clear that there will be a delay in some of their services hence they are also trying to protect their staff and workers

I have heard some bloggers complaining of Low CPC (Cost Per Click) despite having thousands of page views, they just can’t earn a reasoning amount with their Adsense

The worst of it all is Adsense has to stop Approving new websites for now And feel pity for bloggers just coming up and wish to also benefit from Adsense

A friend of mine who has been struggling with Adsense Address verification cried out to me about the situation and his inability to get a PIN because Post offices are locked down

We just hope this whole thing becomes history soon…

Good news For Bloggers

Now that people are staying at home there are chances of an increase in traffic because people have more time now to browse the internet, so this is the right time you should focus and develop your blog, write great content worth reading

Even if you are not a blogger, you can engage in other online activities from home, you could also learn a skill such as graphic designing and any other business worth doing at home

All you need is just a laptop or computer and a strong internet connection and you are set to go

If you wish to start blogging, this is the right time for you, you can also learn cake baking at home if you are not good in the kitchen don’t forget to learn how to cook different delicacies too

Conclusion: The CoronaVirus Pandemic And its Impact On Google Adsense

what are your thoughts about this post? how is the coronavirus situation at your location? If your blog or business is impacted by the coronavirus let’s hear your view

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2 thoughts on “The Impact Of Coronavirus Pandemic On Google Adsense”

  1. Thanks for commenting. Its quit true Adsense CPC has dropped and they are not approving new sites for now. Though once could at least start a blog for now and wait for this whole Corona Virus stuff to finish and apply for AdSense when things are back to normal.

  2. Starting a blog this lockdown period is a good idea but starting it for the sole sake of earning money could be non-existent because Google is not approving every niche blog and affiliate sites are cutting down partnership.

    You could still keep one to stay busy and hope to make some cash after the pandemic.

    So many of us are experiencing Low cpc and a surge of traffic and it’s quite disheartening.

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