Google Adsense New Policy: 10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Approved

Google Adsense would not approve an empty website or blog or misleading contents and pages. If you have applied before severally and your site (account) is not getting Approved, this means your site do not meet the Google Adsense Requirements (New Policy).

Almost everyone knows that the Real Website link to apply for Google Adsense is

requirements for google adsense

Now, it is not a secret that why you applied for Google Adsense is to earn more money from your site/blog and create another source of income online.

But, I would tell you that it is not Easy as before to get Approved by Adsense in their New Policy.

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Do not get frustrated if you are Not Approved, there are other Adsense Alternatives that you can use like Propeller Ad Network and even other means of making money blogging as clearly stated below.

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Selling Digital Products.
  • Rendering Services Online.
  • Selling Physical Products And Services.
  • Coaching and Consultation.

So, why kill yourself trying to get approved by Adsense when after getting Approved, you can easily get banned or receive ads serving limit and account closed! 😭

If you Violate any of their Policies.

In this article, I am going to show you Why your Site/Blog is Not Getting Approved and How to Get your site ready for Approval with just 8 Posts, Less than 1k views (traffic) in 4hours Or Less

10 Possible Reasons You Are Not Getting Approved By Google Adsense (New Policy)

  • Your Site Contains Scrapped Contents or Pages.
  • There are Duplicated Pages on your Site/Blog.
  • You have Misleading Information (Content) on your Site/Blog.
  • You Applied Too Early.
  • Unable To Access Your Site/Pages (Accessibility).
  • Your Theme is too Complicated.
  • Poor User Interface (UI).
  • No Engagement on your site (UX).
  • Traffic Source (Too many Bot Traffic).
  • Too Many Pop Up (Java Script).

I would categorize all these reasons into 3 main Problem and provide possible solutions.

Accessibility. Content. Engagement.

You can not Bypass these issues and get Approved by Google Adsense New Policy today.

I would give you some possible tips to solve this problem using the categories as I mentioned above.

You can ask your Questions in the comment section below and I would respond to you here.

Note: Using this tips is not a GUARANTEE that your site would get Approved by Adsense but would help you build a Successful Blog or Website.

Google Adsense
Attributes Of A Quality Website

Know your A.C.E before applying for Adsense

#1: Accessibility By Google Adsense (New Policy)

Your site should be ready and live for public view and if you have any page that requires Password to login, temporary remove the login page and add it after approval.

Also, ensure you copy and paste the right link URL of your site when adding your site to your account. Do not forget to place the code on the html header of your site and click “SUMMIT“.

<head>"Place Your Adsense Code Here" </head>

And Save.

To speed up your Approval, ensure your site is already connected to Google Search Console and Google Analytics to Verify Ownership fast.

You can only use Gmail to Sign up for Google Adsense, other email provider like yahoo mail and yandex is not allowed.

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Google Crawler would take some hours to crawl your site and know if it meets Adsense requirements and best ads Category to place when fully activated.

Avoid using too many or sticky pop up now that you want to apply and keep a simple them design easy to Navigate and read through.

profitable Blog Niche Ideas

#2: Content

Content the key, theme design the beauty of your site Like a Decoration and it would keep readers to check more pages which would increase the engagement percentage of your site.

It is not a Must that you should have a very long blog post in order to be approved, here is what Google want and are looking for on your site.

Your content must be what people are actively searching for and must have high search volume (monthly).

Why So?

As a Business, you want to get asset that potential investors would be willing to be a shareholder of. Same goes for Adsense.

Working with this tip here would help you avoid Copying other people content, try to create a unique way of communicating with your audience in your writing style.

Ensure to give credit when you borrow ideas from other source and probably, give backlink to authority sites like Wikipedia or Niche Authority sites.

This would help Adsense crawler to understand the category of your site fast.

3 type of site that Google Approve:

#1: Blog. #2: Forum. #3: Free Online Tool.

In Nigeria, Blogging was a hot cake before in early 2000s and now Forum is the trending and hottest cake now. Free online tool will always keep rocking.

No matter your your site type, avoid scrapped contents, misleading content and duplicated pages.

In General, your site should have Great Content that user love and Google would love you.

That would bring us to the final tip on getting your site Ready for Google Adsense Approval

I really don’t want to end this topic but because of time I would just say few more tips and advice, leave your comment and we would discuss more here on this topic.

Communicate in the language your audience would understand.

#3: Engagement On Your Site

When you here Engagement, what comes to your head.


Yeah, you are correct.

To explain further, your message has to have a relation with your audience and make them want more and take action.

Here is a little secret I only share with my followers, Add interlink of your best related pages and use an anchor text tittle to make it clickable and attract user attention.

For Example:

Do not kill yourself trying to get Google Adsense Approval, there are many other ways to Make Money Online.

that was a killer text there.

Another guideline is to write content that reader would comment and share with others on social media or forum.

Well, From my experience online there is NO ONE SECRET of getting Google Adsense especially now (new policy).

Summary & Conclusion

If you can remember, we listed out some Possible Reasons Why Your Site is Not Getting Approved By Google Adsense and also emphasize on how you should get a site ready before applying for Adsense next time or newly.

I also use an acronym which would help you remember what you have just learnt, using the A.C.E method to build a Successful Website/Blog which stands for:

A = Accessibility.

C = Content.

E = Engagement

there might be other Approval Factors but these are the top and most frequently used Requirement.

Not to Forget, there are 5 important pages they manually check or look after on your site.

#1: About Page

#2: Contact Or Support Page

#3 Privacy Policy Page

#4: Term And Conditions Page

#5: Disclaimer Page

Ensure to add them up and keep a Simple Theme easy to Navigate without redirecting to Spamming sites that do not comply with the Google Adsense Policies.

This Tutorial Class is trying to become longer than I expected 😜

If you have Question or additional tips, just add it in the comment section below, I would definitely reply you.

Good Luck!

Guest Post By: Ebube James (Popularly know as James Emmanuel)

Founder: IncomeBrain Network, LearnMarketing Nigeria


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