Top 5 Hassle-Free Business Ideas in Nigeria 2024

Are you looking for some cool hassle-free business ideas to leverage in Nigeria?

We can say that in our world today, there are an infinite number of businesses that we can think of, a good number of businesses have been established in Nigeria.

So many people have done or are currently doing all the best possible businesses, but there’s still an infinite supply of problems just waiting to be solved, and this is why we want to show you today some of the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria.

Are there still new businesses in Nigeria that pay well that others are not already doing?

Business is all about solving problems. So one question that explains the question above is this, have all problems in Nigeria been solved?

Literally, not all problems are currently being solved, there are still so many problems to be solved in today’s world, and if you can solve these problems then you have successfully tapped into the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria.

Today I am going to uncover some of the untapped (hassle-free businesses) that pay extremely well, in other words, there are not many people currently doing such businesses and you could get started in any of these businesses and start making a lot of money.

How To Find Untapped Hassle-free Business Ideas in Nigeria

According to Richard Branson “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”

People go through life every day with one problem or another, this is the concept of discovering the hidden business secrets, there are still untapped business ideas sitting right there waiting for you to explore, both offline and online businesses that pay and if you can find a new problem today then you have also discovered for yourself a hidden business opportunity.

Hassle-free business ideas are businesses that do not require so much labour or stress to begin with. They are not worrisome and time demanding

Before you start your new business it’s important to ask yourself these questions

1. How Competitive Is This Business in Nigeria?

Once you find a business idea or opportunity, do not be too eager to start, it is always wise to make a proper analysis of this business, before starting any business in Nigeria, you must check how viable the business will be and this is by weighing the pros and cons.

One of the very first things to wisely evaluate is how competitive the business will come off as. It may mean that too many people are already Doing it and your chance of getting good sales will be relatively low.

This is where the wisdom of diving into any new kind of business that is at the same well paying, you can then establish yourself in this business and you have successfully unlocked a new path to riches because there’s always a great benefit of running and untapped business ideas. Yyou will eventually get an influx of sales if again this business is a viable type.

This is why I want to share with you some hidden business opportunities in Nigeria that fall into this category.

As with any investment, you will be glad you took a calculative step.

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2. How Well Does it Pay and How Quickly Can I Start Making Money?

It’s a paying customer that validates an idea of which business is viable, when you find a business idea that you want to tap into, you should always ask yourself, are people ready to pay for it?

According to Will Schroter, Co-founder and CEO of Fundable, “An idea is just an idea until you have a paying customer attached to it.”

Once this business solves a problem in a scalable way and yields a lot of profit, congrats you have unlocked a hidden business opportunity in Nigeria; also in most conditions, this business should meet the criteria in our first point.

This is because one knows he/she is running a business that produces a lot of profit in the long run. What are the chances that one will find a new business opportunity in a country like Nigeria while looking at the competitive job market?

Sometimes, it will be possible to argue and defend that, there is really no untapped business in Nigeria; in other words, we could say that virtually everything one can think of someone may already be doing it.

That’s not always the case, there are still new business ideas that really no one may be doing and you can find your way into such business.

3. Is It Problem-Solving?

Nigeria has one of the largest populations in the world, this gives us an edge. All one has to do is to discover a problem that has not been solved before and you would have discovered a new business.

This is what leads to our concept of untapped, hassle-free business ideas in Nigeria. It’s the act of solving problems that one discovers a business idea, and on the condition that this business idea, people are willing to pay for it.

We know that there is always risk in business, and trying out to see if a business idea would pay off is not a bad idea.

But to save you the time of doing tests and errors, we have made research into these new ideas in Nigeria, at the time of writing this post, the business ideas that we mentioned here are still untapped business ideas as far as Nigeria is concerned.

Maybe later, a lot of people will start venturing into these ideas, and we will try to keep this list fresh and updated.


Also before you dive into our list of the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria that pays well, take note of these;

Here in Nigeria there are a lot of business ideas and we already talked about this above, but not all businesses are equal when measured in different aspects.

There are businesses today that so many people are already into, there are also untapped businesses, which are the business ideas that nobody considered going into, they most times might be seen as hard to start and might need a high capital to start up.

The benefit to getting into this kind of business if you are capable of it is that it saves you from too much competitiveness in the market, other popular businesses may already be flooded with people in it, and this is where you will find this list helpful.

Strategies To Discovering Hassle-Free Business Opportunities

Due to the complexity of starting an untapped business, follow these 5 strategies and you will be ready

The answer you get when you ask this question is the reason why you will need this guide.

If there is an untapped hidden business opportunity that pays well, then why are other people not doing it?.

The reason is always due to the complexity, uncertainty and the fact that it’s new means you may encounter so many problems.

From an expert point of view, the steps below will help you get started even though there are going
to be problems trying to start any business in this category.

  • Be ready to acquire extraordinary skills
  • Be very passionate and be ready to take bold steps
  • Plan properly and be very calculative
  • Have enough capital to pull off the business
  • Pray and be strong

Above are five steps that will help you, but let me shed some light on these.

1. Be Ready to Acquire Extraordinary Skills

Someone once said you cannot achieve extraordinary results if you stay ordinary, people who are scared of taking huge steps can not venture into the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria, this world is for those who are well skilled enough.

Business success doesn’t come by luck, it is by being good at what you do.

2. Be Very Passionate

Passion always births success, you must develop a very good passion for the business once you find one, this is what fuels your strength and help you pull off the business to achieve great results.

When you face low sales, low patronage or discouragement, your passion will ginger you up and give you the will to push the business forward until you become very established.

3. Plan Properly And Be Very Calculative

Business comes with risks, especially the ones that no one of only a few people has ventured into before.

Before you start, calculate, evaluate and have a good plan for the business, if the business turns out well, be wise about spending and ensure that you put in more resources to become more established so you do not end up going bankrupt.  Always have plan B.

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4. Have Enough Capital to Pull Off The Business

Many of the hidden business opportunity that pays well is always the ones that require good capital. Also, you must be wise, do not start a business that empties your pocket, in case you run into problems or

Be financially capable enough before getting into any business, any expert in the business space will tell you this;

5. Pray and Be Strong

Lastly, if you are a believer, be ready to pray and be strong.

Top 5 Hassle-free Business Ideas in Nigeria That Pays Well

Remember that many hidden business opportunities pay well, but we cannot cover all of them in this article, so I am going to focus this post on the ones that are most sure you can be able to start.

Also, some of these businesses are currently getting known in most states in Nigeria, but in most states, they are still relatively new.

Here are some of those mind-blowing business ideas

1. Snail farming

This type of farming is not as common as most types of farming we have today, and only a few people are into it, with each passing year farming snails which are called Helicuture become more productive in Nigeria.

According to statistics, there is a high demand for the African giant land snails and the snail is consumed in many parts of the country, the demand for snails has made snail farming a well-paying business. It’s less talked of and apparently one of the great hidden business opportunities in Nigeria that pay well.

2. Fruit Juice production

There are lesser fruit juice production companies in Nigeria compared to the soft drinks production companies, while there are people currently into this, it’s still an untapped business opportunity and in most states in Nigeria, starting mass production of fruit juice will yield a lot of income for you.

Fruit juice involves the production of juices from fruits (raw materials). Anyone can start a fruit juice business with the right resources, remember to also plan well and be sure this kind of business suits your interest before venturing into it.

3. Recycling Business

You can start your own recycling business, it is also one of the untapped hassle-free business ideas in Nigeria that pay well, unlike before recycling business is beginning to gain ground and people are making millions of
Naira here.

There is so much waste all over the country, blocking drainage and making the country dirty. If you decide to start this kind of business, you will not only be making money but you will also be offering community services and contributing to the health Improvements of Nigerians.

4. Ushering

This type of business booms if you venture into it in the right places, not every state in Nigeria will pay you well for ushering services but it is a productive business that so many people still don’t know about.

All you have to do is find events or agencies in need of ushers and you will be paid for each of the services you offer, this is still an untapped business, yes people are doing it, but quite few which means there is still space for you to get into this type of business.

5. Staffing Agency

So many companies need staff, you can start a unique kind of business that many people do not know about in this space.

What it means is that you can become a person that employees go to look for employers and you will also be a person/company that employers go to when they want to recruit new staff.

When you start this kind of business, you can come up with some policies that will give you an edge something that makes you worth it, have a way of getting good and ready people, and when employers are in need of the best staff then your agency can always be there to solve their problems.

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Conclusion: Hassle-Free Business Ideas That Pays Well in Nigeria

That is all for now on untapped hassle-free business opportunities in Nigeria.

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