How To Become A Digital Landlord in Nigeria

Do you wish to become a digital landlord in Nigeria?, In this business guide, you will discover the digital landlord portfolio and blueprint. You will also get an insight into how to become a digital landlord in Nigeria.

We can not talk about digital landlord reviews and blueprints without really understanding what real estate is all about.

Real estate on its own, is a property (consisting of land or buildings) or a huge collection of properties. On the other side, the real estate business is the process of buying, selling or renting a property, building, home or land.

We are in a digital era where even food is sold and bought online. This has also brought about the acquisition of digital assets such as land and properties in Nigeria and globally.

These days, people are looking for safe investment opportunities to invest in the future. One of the best investments is to get into real estate.

But did you know that the advent of digital assets has made things much easier for man?

Digital assets allow you to pay off debt, go on more vacations, work from home, live in a nicer place, and most importantly give you financial freedom.

The financial freedom is generated by a residual income you receive from the lead generation and this passive income is what all successful entrepreneurs say is the holy grail.

Without further ado, let’s understand what digital asset is all about, and becoming a digital landlord in Nigeria.

Who is a Digital Landlord?

A digital landlord is an individual who manages a portfolio of websites, providing online platforms to companies wishing to showcase their services and products. Their main role is? To manage the traffic and enquiries these websites generate.

These platforms are referred to as internet real estate, virtual property or digital assets. When managed precisely, like real estate, these virtual properties are destined to become long term passive income streams.

In a more clear understanding, Digital Landlord is someone who uses digital technology and on-the-ground industry expertise and knowledge to empower Nigerians at home and abroad.

What Digital Landlords Do

A digital landlord is someone who manages a portfolio of virtual real estate properties.

Their main responsibilities include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Rank and Rent
  • Pay Per Call
  • Social Media Management

The key to being a successful digital landlord is to make sure you own the properties you are working on.

What else a digital landlord is responsible for?

Compared to real estate, there are several skills required to run an online business as a digital landlord. How much income you want to generate is the deciding factor in how much effort you put in.

For example, you could invest in a pretty passive business that warrants an ‘ok’ pay-check month after month. If your ultimate goal is to grow the business, you will need to be prepared to invest both money and time. You will also likely need to learn a few new skill sets along the way.

The behind the scenes work involved in an online business varies dramatically for a digital landlord, depending on what kind of website or online platform they buy. As an example, a content site will differ majorly from an Amazon FBA business.

Before investing in online real estate, it’s important to research the skills necessitated for each platform. This could mean enrolling in a reputable course or buying books on the subject and of course, doing your research.

That being said, until you start doing the work yourself, you’ll never really grasp the skills entirely, irrespective of how many hours you plough into researching the latest marketing methods, tools and software. In this case, implementation is the key to education.

On top of embracing new skill sets, you will likely need to brush up on your digital management principles. This is a must if you plan to grow your websites on a particular scale.

If you have employed outsourcers to administer different jobs on your behalf, you will also need to understand how to manage these people. This is a must for anyone investing in a website portfolio.

Then are several tools you will need to learn inside out.

Some of the most common digital tools, which are applied to various websites, include:

  • SEMRush
  • Surfer SEO
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Cupid
  • SEO Testing Tool
  • CTR Booster

There is a multitude of others, but these three are the most notable and one used daily to improve a variety of online businesses. All are here to help companies and people achieve their goals.

Other avenues a digital landlord must explore to ensure success include:

Social media

Social media is fast becoming one of the most momentous digital marketing tools, and one that ensures incredible website benefits.

Platforms including Instagram and Facebook can reach millions of people worldwide, via websites, ads and video, helping you to connect with potential leads, heighten your brand awareness, and boost your online rental income.

Rank and rent

Rank and rent is a popular SEO tool that allows digital real estate owners to optimise a website for a local business by charging rental income.

For example, an electrician, plumber or roofer. By renting the ranked web platform to other local service providers that want to cash in on these leads, they’re able to point customers directly to these services. In a nutshell, Rank and Rent is a tool that sells leads to local businesses for a sum of money.

The benefits of this tool for digital landlords include being able to build new websites that are tailored to a niche market instead of a sole business.

All the conventional methods that go into helping the website rank high in the search engines are still performed – via content creation, backlink profiles and on-page optimisation, as well as various other website tools.

The business that rents from you will be able to take advantage of a pre-built website that already ranks highly on Google, which results in them bringing traffic and leads to the services they offer, whilst the SEO earns income from the website’s rental.

Service companies are a big fan of rank and rent as it offers a no-risk investment into an SEO property.

Another method of rank and rent involves SEO selling warm leads to local businesses instead of renting out the website space.

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Affiliate marketing

An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes someone else’s products. The great thing about affiliate marketing is you never have to deal with customer service queries, product development, or any of the conventional issues faced by entrepreneurs.

A digital landlord’s single responsibility? To sell the product.

With affiliate marketing, there is also the option of creating your product to generate even higher margins. You may choose to create a membership product that results in recurring income every month or an information product that generates awareness.

When investing in digital real estate, compared to general real estate rental properties, the possibilities of different kinds of income creation are endless, and often far more lucrative.

Cookie software

A Cookie is designed to pinpoint when a user visits a new website. The web server, which accumulates the website’s data, uses cookies to send a short stream of identifying info to the website’s browser.

These are identified and read by ‘name-value’ pairs, which send them to the right destination sites and tell them what data to recall and share.

Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of drawing in leads, otherwise known as potential customers. Digital landlords input this data into a marketing software system such as a contact management platform.

The goal? To nurture them through the buying journey, share products and services and persuade them to place a paid order.

Leads are part of the wider lifecycle in the journey from transition to the visitor to customer. Not all leads are fashioned in an equal manner and all differ based on their stage of life. There are several important website leads to consider, these include:

  • Market qualified
  • Sales qualified
  • Product qualified
  • Service qualified

Other examples of lead generators used by digital landlords comprise job applications, competitions, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content for websites.

Pay per call

Pay-per-call is an advertising platform in which the cost paid by the advertiser is factored by the number of telephone calls made by ad viewers.

Pay Per Call providers charge a fee per call, per impression and per conversion.

Why Become a Digital Landlord?

It’s likely your parents encouraged you to get into real estate ownership from a young age, claiming property to be one of the best investments to pursue in terms of making money.

However, now that we are in the digital era, real estate has changed somewhat. A more successful, lucrative route to pursue is digital assets real estate. This is where digital landlords come into play.

Digital landlords with a portfolio of digital assets generate enough income to pay off debts, enjoy regular luxury vacations, work flexible and from home and live in a superior place. On top of this, becoming a Digital landlord gives many the financial freedom they aspire to achieve by retirement, just many years earlier.

Financial freedom is the result of a residual income. Digital landlords receive this income from lead generation. Passive income is what all successful entrepreneurs refer to as the holy grail, as it requires little or no effort to earn and maintain.

As well as financial freedom, working from any place on the planet is an asset enjoyed by digital landlords across the globe. Unlike real estate properties, websites don’t need to be in any physical location.

This allows small business owners to work on their business’s websites from anywhere they desire, full-time or part-time, with a variety of people in a virtual space.

How To Become A Digital Landlord in Nigeria

To become a successful digital landlord in Nigeria you really need to understand the trade SEO.

SEO gives you the knowledge to be able to rank websites higher in Google Search.

The higher the website ranks, the more traffic it will receive, the more traffic means the higher the volume of enquiries and the more leads generated means the higher the rental you can charge to businesses.

Alternatively, you can become a digital landlord by trading with


Digital Landlord is a digital real estate management and group buying platform aimed at disrupting the real estate industry in Africa – with a key focus on giving the average Joe an opportunity to own units of real estate in prime locations from as low as NGN 450K, from the convenience of their mobile and sell in the future at capital gains as high as 100% or even higher. It’s really that simple.

The digital landlord in Nigeria was founded by Keji Giwa (born October 28, 1977), a British-born Nigerian entrepreneur with key interests and expertise in real estate, high yield short let rental income and digital technology strategy and execution to drive growth in Africa’s real estate sector.

To become a partner on Digital landlord, you will have to review the digital landlord portfolio of projects, select any open opportunities, contribute what you can afford to and just like that, you become part of a 100 Club alongside other like-minded people looking to earn rental income and capital gain over time.

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Conclusion: How To Become A Digital Landlord in Nigeria

In conclusion, A digital landlord is a professional who manages a portfolio of websites, providing online platforms to companies wishing to showcase their real estate services and products. Their main role is? To manage the traffic and enquiries these websites generate leads.

As a Digital Landlord in Nigeria, you collectively buy real estate based on what you can afford and grow your real estate portfolio in Nigeria using our group buying

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