How To Recover Deleted Channel in Telegram 2024

So you mistakenly or intentionally deleted your Telegram Channel and now wish you could get it back. Is it even possible to recover a deleted telegram channel?, read on as you will discover how to recover deleted channel in Telegram.

Alot of people Telegram users create channels in Telegram for different purposes. WhatsApp TVs are nowadays having telegram channels, likewise other TV platforms.

Guys are making money off Telegram channels. It will interest you to know that most webinars and online meetings are now held on Telegram where people engage a lot of people via Telegram channels and make money creating value.

There are also some Telegram channels (we can call them subsections of WhatsApp TV) that post movie updates. Instead of searching the web or looking for Netflix logins, you can access your favourite blockbuster movies right on your Telegram Channels.

If your Telegram channel was intentionally or mistakenly deleted, there is indeed a solution to have it back.

How To Recover Deleted Channel in Telegram

You can recover your deleted Telegram Channel through the following means

1. Using The Telegram App

How To Recover Deleted Channel in Telegram

Open Telegram on your Android or iPhone device and log in to your account.

After your login, it will take you to the Dashboard where you can find the list of chats and channels.

recover deleted telegram chat

Tap on the small magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of this screen

Type the name of your deleted channel or group in the search box and it will display the list of the channels with similar names.

how to recover deleted telegram group in iphone

Select your deleted channel from the list that you want to recover. In case you can’t find the channel then you can also find it by the username.

telegram channel recovery by istaunch

You will be redirected to the channel page and tap on the Join button as shown in the below image.

how to rejoin a channel on telegram after leaving

That’s it, your deleted channel will be recovered and ownership will be also granted to your username.

2. Recover Deleted Telegram Channel From Recent Activity

If you have been using Telegram for a while, you must have noticed a new feature that’s been recently added to the platform “Recent Activity”.

You are supposed to sign in to this section in order to be able to track your recently deleted posts.

It is important to note that these posts will not remain on your Telegram account for long. They will be deleted from your account in a short while.

3. Recover Channel from Local Storage

One important thing you must note before deleting Telegram channels and posts is that the channel cannot be retrieved from the server once it is deleted. Here, the good news is that if you have not deleted these chats from the local storage, they will still be available to be retrieved.

As mentioned earlier, the entire history of the Telegram channel is available in the Recent Activity section. Let’s see how you can retrieve the deleted chats and media from a Telegram Channel.

  • locate the homepage of the Telegram channel.
  • Tap on the pencil icon available right on top of the channel’s page
  • Tap on the “Recent Actions” option to locate all the posts you have deleted from Telegram.
  • Copy everything you have deleted from the channel in your clipboard and paste it to the location where you’d like to retrieve the posts.

If your Telegram Channel or group was mistakenly deleted, know that there are many ways you can rejoin the deleted group. However, you may not be able to recover the chats, media files, and other content that was shared on the app before you deleted it. In order to recover the deleted files and folders on your device, here’s what you must do:

  • Go to My Files on your device or download it on your phone if you don’t already have one.
  • Visit “Internal storage”.
  • Open Telegram and click on “Telegram photos”.
  • Locate all the photos you have deleted and save them on your phone.

How To Recover Deleted GIF?

Telegram supports GIF files and you can use them easily. What is a GIF file? GIF means “Graphic Interchange Format” and it is a moving photo. You convert videos to GIF files and send them to your friends.

GIF file has small size and is also used for websites.

If you deleted some GIFs on Telegram and want to recover them just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the “Telegram” folder.
  2. Click on the “Telegram Documents” folder.
  3. You can find your deleted GIF file here.

How To Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

You can easily recover your lost or deleted Telegram message through this procedure.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery to Restore Deleted Telegram Messages

EaseUS MobiSaver is a special app that can help you recover data from your mobile phone as you know the data is automatically stored on your mobile and same deleted when you delete it from the app.

However, the EaseUS Android data recovery tool can recover the data from your phone storage that is deleted upon deletion from the Telegram app.

You will have to Install the EaseUS recovery tool on your Laptop and connect your iPhone or android to recover the Telegram deleted data.

That’s all.

2. Restoring Telegram Messages through Cache

If you have lost your important Telegram messages, you can be able to get them back by going through your cache.

To view the deleted messages from Telegram on your phone,

  • First, go to your ‘Files‘ on your mobile storage, you would be looking at the cache folder of Telegram to view the deleted data.
  • Now, tap to the ‘SD card‘ folder and then Android>>data and tap onto the ‘org.telegram.messenger‘.
  • Open the folder and that is the most recent cache file that can display the messages if the data is deleted meanwhile.

Hope this method might work for you in a few instances.

3. Saved Messages section to find Messages

Another method to see the deleted messages from Telegram is just by looking at the ‘Saved Messages‘ section on your Telegram. As you know Telegram comes with an archive option that shows ‘Saved Messages‘ and there you can pin some of your important chat messages and see them while you need to view that.

To view the deleted messages from Telegram chat,

  • First, open your Telegram app and tap on the ‘three lines‘ icon.
  • From the list, tap on the ‘Saved messages‘ option to see the messages.
  • Now, you can see the saved messages on the Telegram app if that is deleted from the chat.

This might work if you’ve saved any messages previously.

4. Through Telegram Storage

If you’re looking for Telegram messages from your mobile that you’ve deleted then look into the folder on your mobile storage and check if there are any images or videos present.

Although upon deleting the messages from Telegram, will delete this also from the storage folder but in exception of cases, you may see the messages.

To see the messages on Telegram that are deleted from the app,

  • First of all, go to your ‘My Files‘ section on your mobile.
  • Next, find the folder named ‘Telegram‘ app on the storage folder.
  • There you might see Telegram messages like images, videos, documents, etc. Once you open the folder you will see the files there if the file is deleted from the app meanwhile.

That’s the simple method you can try to find the deleted messages from phone storage.

5. Contact Telegram for Recovering Data

Alternatively, you can reach out to the Telegram admin if all the aforementioned strategies don’t work for you. Telegram may store your data on their server but could be a bit hard to find the data deleted by you even after a long time.

For that, you can just contact the Telegram team inquiring about the deleted messages recovery from your Telegram account and they will soon reply to you back to let you know.

  • Just open the Telegram contact form.
  • Provide details and describe the issue that you want to recover the account data & send.

Soon Telegram team will revert you back letting you know the possibilities.

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Conclusion: How To Recover Deleted Channel in Telegram

In conclusion, recovering a Telegram Channel that was once deleted is possible. I hope this guide has explained the necessary steps to take in other to recover a deleted channel in Telegram.

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