Why Read News And Get Paid Sites In Nigeria Shut Down

You are glad that you just registered on a platform that has promised to pay if you spend your time reading the news and bringing people to join the platform, then suddenly you discover the site is no longer paying and has shut down, But have you ever wondered and ask yourself why many of these read news and get paid sites in Nigeria crash sooner or later?

Many of these get paid to read news sites otherwise known as Income programs in Nigeria have promised us more than heaven and earth, they also promise us we will be able to make money on their website and get paid for it but the story always ends in tears.

In this article, I will be explaining base on my point of view, why many income programs in Nigeria shut down sooner or later. we shall also discuss the pros and cons offered by these platforms

Read News And Get Paid Sites In Nigeria

These read news and get paid sites otherwise known as income programs are one among the top online Ponzi schemes in Nigeria and it is believed, about a good per cent of Nigerians (mostly) student is a member of one or more of these platforms.

These income programs require you to register an account with a certain registration fee and start earning by reading news, sharing of sponsored posts on social media handles and bringing in more people to join the platform under you

Over the years, there has been many of these income programs and other online schemes constantly at launch day in day out in Nigeria and the situation has become very alarming.

Although many have benefited and earned massively from this online scheme, however for others their story has ended in tears without earning any kobo

The likes of NNU Forum, CandyNews, Zinoly, Giftalworld, Nairapromo, Forsage, Million Money Ethereum, and many others made headlines and trended within a short period

but suddenly they all faded away leaving their members lost in the middle of the park causing

Why Many Read News And Get Paid Sites in Nigeria Shut Down

Read news and get paid sites in nigeria

I have been a member of most of these income programs for a while and I understand the in and out of them and that is why I decided to come up with this big headline, having heard enough cry and panic from my friends and fans

1. Members Overload

It is quite good to have a lot of members staying active on these income programs because the more members the platform has the more they can generate revenue and payout its members.

However, a situation where the platform becomes flooded with members raises another problem of inability of the platform to accommodate these people and payout effectively.

In most cases we see these websites having too many downtime errors whenever important activities such as non-referral payments are to be made, which takes us to no.2

2. Non-Referral Payment Issues

One of the top reasons why many of these get paid to read news websites in Nigeria don’t last long is because of their inability to payout non-referral earners effectively as promised

Regarding the fact that not every has the skillset of referring people to join the platform, a lot of people join these income programs simply because of the promise to pay them even without referring.

However, the story mostly ends in tears since many of them end up not getting paid for their activities although in as much as these platforms manage to pay non-referral earnings they don’t pay everybody

And these leaves others disappointed and they end up calling these platforms scam and therefore advising others to join.

In a Nutshell, If you have been a member of income program before you will agree with me that non-referral payment is not always easy as it seems and regarding the fact that the more people join and stays on the platform daily the harder it gets for the platform to pay out non-referral earners

This is often because the amount realized as revenue every month-end from the traffic on these websites is always not enough to pay everybody on the Que, so they end of paying just the lucky ones while the rest lives and wait in tears for another payout day.

You may ask yourself now that “how about those people that claim to earn 100k, 200k above on the platform, how do they make it?”

Well they simply earn that by referring people to join

In a nutshell, the people who benefit most from these income programs are the referral gurus, the guys who can refer people to join the platform through their

I have benefited massively and have earned 6 figures through referring because I understand there is no other better way to promote a platform than by referring people to join.

So in summary never join a platform if you cant refer people to join under you, because you may end up disappointed

3. Greed

Greed has been of the worst possession by the African race and mostly Nigerians, the bible hates it and talks so much about greed.

Nigeria would have been a better place if our leaders are not greedy, where there is corruption greed is always not far from it because greed is the root of corruption

But what is Greed?

Greed or greediness simply means a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed.

Being greedy goes much further than money. A person can be greedy for money but also for fame, possessions, attention, compliments, gifts, another person’s time, and more.

In the Bible, the words greed, greedily, greedy, and greediness are always used to describe the selfish motivation of a person

Greed has become one of the reasons why many read news and Get paid sites in Nigeria shut down / crashes sooner or later

This problem has existed right from the Admin or owners of these platforms, you will agree with me that most of these income programs are fond of subjecting their members to hard work and stress and they end up getting peanuts in return

As such only the referral gurus can benefit massively from these platforms, the rest get peanuts in return

It is devastating to know that income programs have become a trend and a major way of scamming people.

“But why?”

This is simply because most of the owners of these platforms come to us and convince us they want to eradicate poverty out of Nigeria, they want to equip the youth and engage them in making money online with their smartphones, bla bla bla

But in most cases, this is not always true because the Admin only looks at the bigger picture of how they will become millionaires out of these platforms without really having the interest the members by heart as they claim.

That’s why you will discover these income programs making changes in their cash out policy and hence making things hard for members to work or even understand what is going on.

I have seen cases where most of these paying sites in Nigeria hide the identity of the admin from the public while running the website and operating under anonymity

Personally I will not involve myself in any online money-making scheme or business where the CEO, founders or Admin is not know

4. Poor Management

Where there is no maintenance or sanitation nothing grows but weeds, and as such poor maintenance from the owners of these income sites also makes things difficult for people to come.

You will agree with me that most of these Top income programs in Nigeria run their websites with free themes and not customized themes

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things

Most of these websites are not properly set up in place, and as such, they develop fault sooner or later of you will discover someone has hacked into the system and find a way to manipulate referral earnings

this is one of the reasons the most popular and first income program in Nigeria known as NNU Income crashed just when people were least expecting it to go down

Hackers usually hack into these income sites and find a way to manipulate earnings and trick the admin who in return suffer a great loss.

So I advise that when setting up an income program get a professional website designer who is good at what he does so that you won’t end up having a crappy site.

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And lastly, 1 or 2 persons can not run an income program website because sooner or later the workload will be too much for you guys to handle

So you need a minimum of 4 admin to run these platforms successfully

5. The Status-Quo Of Scam In The Society

The rate at which people have fallen victims scam online make them vow never to involve themselves I any platform online again.

You may wish to find out why you should never join Naijaloan

Although there are legit platforms that pay daily and weekly in Nigeria, it has become a taboo for people to invest their time, money on resources online because they are afraid of scam

Despite some legit platforms where you can make cool cash, people still believe anything done online is a scam and wouldn’t wanna give their attention to it.

So if you wanna start an income site in Nigeria be ready to face the battle of convicing and winning the hearts of Nigerians to join the platform

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Does Income Programs Have A Future In Nigeria?

Yes you can make money out of these income programs if you are good at referring but when examine and look at the bigger picture

Honestly, I would say that income programs do not have any future in Nigeria because once these platforms get filled up with members, it becomes very hard to payout effectively

That results to these programs to go down and die leaving the members heartbroken

But unless something happens or changes it would be difficult to see income programs in the next century in Nigeria

If I wanna create an income program, I would focus on doing something unique that will sustain the platform and not just reading newssomething that will accommodate a large number of members and be able to carry them along for a long ride

My Advice

There are still a good number of get paid to read news sites / income programs in Nigeria that you could join and make money as a student with your smartphone

However, I will suggest that never join a platform because you want to be paid without referral but focus on referring people to join the platform because by so doing you will earn bigger

Below are some good number of platforms you can make legit money online in Nigeria


Recharge And Get Paid

However, I strongly recommend recharge and get paid because the future holds on VTU.


Conclusion: Why Read News And Get Paid Sites In Nigeria Shut Down

Income Programs are one way or the other are good ways to make money especially as a student.

However, I will advice all my fans to learn a skill and be professional in it, then try and be able to monetize your skills both online and offline.

These read news and get paid sites in Nigeria may come and go but what you know is what you know, your skills will forever remain there.

If you found this article interesting kindly share and comment below it motivates me to always do much better


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