Simple Ways to Make Money Fast As a Youth This Year

There are lots of simple ways to make money fast as a youth. Are you under financial constraints and you really want to make money fast? Or maybe you have been searching the internet for ways to make money easily this 2019 and beyond.

Search no more! Do you know why? Because I have done the research for you already and have come up with these proven ways to help you start making money immediately, if only you put it to practice.

I have actually not tried all these platforms, but I have tried some of them and they are surely workable ways.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a get-rich-quick means and does not promise you wealth overnight. You must be ready to sit up and work.

So, here you go with the list of the top workable ways to start making money now;

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Real Estate Marketing

Simple ways to make money fast
Real Estate Transaction

Do you know you can help real estate agencies find potential buyers and get a heavy commission for doing that? Well, maybe you don’t know. But that does not mean it’s not real. In fact, many people are making a living in this business.

You don’t have to do any difficult work except source for clients who wants to buy landed properties. And get your commission once the deal is closed.

To begin, you can source for Real Estate Agencies around you and apply as an agent with them. Next thing is to look for clients. Once you secure a client, refer them to the real estate agency. Your job ends here, just fold your arms and watch as the deal is finalized. Your commission is paid to you immediately.

Some of the Real Estate Agencies in Nigeria are, Peal Homes, Caldwell Limited etc.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agent

Simple ways to make money fast

This involves partnering with OEMs like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, etc, so as to help them resell their products. It is better if you have a business name to market with. You must also sound convincing and make them know the value you can offer. Your duty is to identify potential buyers and convince them to buy. Sell to them and make your own profit after delivering the actual price to the OEMs.

E-books Resale

Simple ways to make money fast
As simple and odd as it sounds, it is actually real. You can make a huge profit from buying and reselling e-books. This is one online business you can even do from home and still make a mad profit. The major work involved is looking for people to buy the book, and there are so many ways to achieve this. But the most assured medium is social Media.

Kindle Publishing

amazon kdp

You don’t need much skill to become a publisher on Amazon Kindle and start earning big. It is one of the easy ways to make money in Nigeria. The entire process is captured in these simple steps;

  • Write your book
  • Get a very good cover design, either by paying someone to do it for you or using offers you various design templates from which you can choose the one you like and modify it.
  • Visit the Amazon Kindle website
  • Create a publisher account
  • Publish your book and start making an income.

For a more detailed guide on how to publish your book on Amazon Kindle for free, click here to read my full article on the topic.

If you also need direct mentorship, reach me here on Whatsapp via +2349021724061 to join my Whatsapp mentorship class.



Importing products from overseas (China) and reselling them here is a very cool way to make money in Nigeria, many have become millionaires just from this business. It’s all in discovering the right products and getting them across to those who are willing to buy. A friend of mine has been making a good living from this business.

Discover a good product, import it and then market it via various platforms, sell it to interested buyers and make your profit. These products are very, very cheap over there but you also have to pay for their shipping cost.

I’ll keep updating this list with more money-making means that require little or no capital. So, I’ll advise you to bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates. Don’t forget to share with your friends so they can benefit too.

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