Types of Gift Card in Germany 2024

If you are a German or a foreigner looking forward to travelling to Germany anytime soon and wishes to find out if Gift card is available in Germany. Read this guide to the end as you will discover all the types of Gift card in Germany.

Making an online payment with a gift card is very easy and most efficient and because of this, a lot of people now prefer gift card payments to any other form of payment.

In a recent article, we made a detailed review on the types of Gift cards in Italy, however, today’s article will look at German gift cards.

Is Gift Card Available in Germany?

Yes, Gift card is available in Germany and it is one of the quickest and safest ways to make payment online for goods and services.

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Types of Gift Card in Germany

There are a good number of types of gift card in Germany.





Apple Music Gift Cards

Crunchyroll Gift Cards

Netflix Gift Cards

eBay Gift Cards

MLB.TV Subscription


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Most Popular Gift Cards in Germany

Below are some of the most popular types of gift cards in Germany.

Amazon Gift Cards

Xbox Gift cards

Steam Wallet Gift Cards

H & M Cards

Rewe Gift Cards

iTunes Gift Cards

MediaMkt Gift Cards

Google Play Gift Cards

Saturn Gift Cards

Zalando Gift Cards

IKEA Gift Cards

OTTO Gift Cards

Playstation Gift cards

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Conclusively, If you are a resident in Germany or just visiting there, it is very easy to get access to the USA iTunes store, by buying US iTunes Gift Cards.

With the US iTunes Store, you have access to millions of US apps, games, songs, albums, and TV shows from every major US cable channel and cable network that are available shortly after being shown live in the United States.

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