Types of Gift Cards in Mexico 2024

Just like other countries like USA, UK, Chinese, Italy and Germany, Gift Cards are widely accepted and used in Mexico. In this guide, you will discover all the types of Gift cards in Mexico.

The advent of gift cards has made it so easy for people to purchase goods and services and make payments seamlessly.

Gift cards are digital assets that serve as a different form of payment at physical stores, gas stations, online, restaurants, etc. These are digital cash. They hold monetary values, but the only difference is that you can only redeem them at a designated brand.

Do Mexico Have Gift Card?

Yes, Gift cards are available in Mexico and are accepted in a majority of stores.

Gift cards in Mexico can be used to make purchases at retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other locations.

You load money onto the card, which you or the gift card’s recipient can then spend at accepted locations.

Gift cards can be open-loop or closed-loop. An open-loop gift card can be used anywhere that brand of card is accepted.

Statistics show that the rise in the Mexican gift card market can be attributed to increasing internet penetration, entry of foreign companies and usage in the corporate rewards program.

With over 82 million internet users in the country, the e-commerce market is growing at a rapid rate, which is supporting the overall growth of the gift card industry.

it is evident that the rising number of internet users in the country will ensure a high percentage of gift card adoption to make purchases online.

Conclusively, Mexico has one of the largest gift cards market in the world competing with other top countries like Italy, USA and the UK.

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Types of Gift Cards in Mexico

Below is a brief look a all types of Gift cards available in Mexico.

Vanilla Gift Card

iTunes Gift Card

Walmart Gift cards

Amazon Gift Card

Steam Gift Card

Playstation Gift Card

Razer Gold Gift Card

Gentle Herd Gift Card

Visa Gift Card

Roblox Gift Card

Google Play Gift card

Amazon Gift Card Store in Mexico

Amazon gift cards are widely used in Mexico, Amazon said that Mexico was the first country where it has offered a debit card, called Amazon Rechargeable, aiming to give customers a new method to shop on its website.

Amazon’s card, backed by MasterCard and Mexican bank Grupo Financiero Banorte, can be loaded with cash at convenience stores across the country.

If you wish to purchase or trade an Amazon gift card from one of their online stores, kindly visit Eneba store

Mexico Gift Card Rate

The Mexican gift card rate is not static but has the tendency to rise and drop, you may wish to find out the latest Mexico gift card rate here

Mexico Amazon Gift Card to Naira

If you want to redeem your Mexico amazon gift card to naira, kindly connect with our Chinese vendors.

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Conclusion: Types of Gift Cards in Mexico

In conclusion, Gift cards are widely accepted and used in Mexico, over the years, the Mexico gift card market has improved drastically due to innovations in technology which has made people look for safer options for making purchases online.

If you know of any other cards not included in the types of gift cards in Mexico, do let us know in the comment box.

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