Best Wiper Blades for 2021 Volkswagen Tiguans

Are you considering getting a new wiper? In this post, you will discover the best wiper blades for 2021 model of Volkswagen Tiguans

Many vehicle components contribute to driving safety: tires, brakes, suspension, mirrors and lighting, to name a few.

Wiper blades also significantly impact visibility, especially during rain or snow. Choosing the best Volkswagen Tiguan windshield wipers starts with knowing your options. With high-quality products by Bosch, Rain X and other top brands, you have many options from which to choose.

Best Wiper Blades for 2021 Volkswagen Tiguans

If you are considering changing your wiper blades soon, below are the best wiper blades for the 2021 model of Volkswagen Tiguans

1. Bosch Envision 26-Inch Beam Wipers

The Bosch Envision blade is a top choice for 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan windshield wipers. This product is a beam-style wiper blade that curves with your windshield for the best possible coverage.

With innovative technologies that enhance visibility, longevity and performance, the Envision significantly improves driving in inclement weather:

  • ClearMax 365: a flexible dual-synthetic rubber material paired with a polymer edge cut for unmatched accuracy
  • NightFocus: a base connector combined with the blade to form a long-lasting single-core construction that withstands challenging conditions
  • NightBlack spoiler: a light-absorbing charcoal material paired with water-repellent polymers

This blend of features helps the Envision blade give you high-quality wiping with uniform stability. This blade reduces glare and effectively clears precipitation and debris.

The Envision model also includes a SafetyCheck indicator that turns yellow when it’s time for replacements. It comes in several sizes, allowing you to outfit your vehicle as you see fit.

2. Rain X Truck & SUV 22-Inch Wipers

Options for Volkswagen Tiguan windshield wipers also include the Rain X Truck & SUV wiper blades. Besides this beam model’s curved shape, it incorporates several features to provide unmatched visibility and cleaning:

  • Graphene monolayer: Graphene is a carbon compound that minimizes friction and resists abrasion.
  • Asymmetrical spoiler: This spoiler incorporates a variable contour design for consistent pressure at higher speeds.
  • Improved squeegee: An advanced formula synthetic rubber squeegee delivers performance and durability in high winds and bad weather.

The Rain X’s blade change indicator takes the guesswork out of knowing when you need replacements. When it turns yellow, it’s time to go shopping again.

3. Other Wiper Blade Choices

The Bosch Envision and Rain X models are among drivers’ top picks. Meanwhile, the Bosch Icon blade is worth a look.

The Icon comes with Quiet Guide micro-finish edges and an FX dual-rubber blade for less chatter, cleaner wiping and enhanced lifetime performance. Like the Bosch Envision blade, the Icon comes in several sizes.

How To Find Your Wiper Blade Sizes

You must know your proper wiper blade sizes while shopping for replacements. Fortunately, you can easily find this information.

Most Tiguan models from 2016 to the present use a 24-inch blade on the driver’s side and a 22-inch blade on the passenger’s side. First-gen Tiguans use 24- and 21-inch blades.

When in doubt, check your vehicle owner’s manual for these details. If you don’t have your manual, you can use the year, make, model and submodel drop-down menus to select your vehicle.

When To Replace Your Blades

Most drivers should buy new wiper blades every six to 12 months. With weather and driving conditions, your mileage may vary. Inspect your wiper blades once per month or once per week during your rainy or snowy season.

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Conclusion: Best Wiper Blades for 2021 Volkswagen Tiguans

In conclusion, If you are looking forward to buying new wipers for your Volkswagen, you can consider picking one from those we have listed above.

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