How Recharge And Get Paid Works (Updated RAGP Review)

Last updated on November 10, 2020

Recharge and get paid is the fastest growing telecom business in Nigeria, the need for airtime and data is at high demand since a lot of people needs airtime for calls and data to browse the internet. this post covers a detailed explanation on how Recharge and get paid works and any other thing you should know before joining the platform

If you are looking forward to starting a VTU  (Virtual Top Up) business in Nigeria, then consider getting started with Recharge and get paid, you could be selling airtime and data in your locality.

Recharge and get paid also gives you an opportunity to invite your friends to join the platform and earn huge referral commission in return.

How Recharge And Get Paid Works

Below is a simple membership partnership that shows how Recharge and get paid works for each member, there are three categories of partners

1) Personal use Partners: Those who choose to own a virtual portal just to buy airtime recharge, data, pay Cable TV subscription and Electricity bill for their personal use and for their household. And for each transaction they get paid commissions and save money.

2) Commercial use Partners: Those that are business inclined. Here, you get your VTU portal and you can use it to sell airtime, data etc to yr customers such as neighbors, friends, colleagues etc and get paid commissions.

3) Network Marketing Partners :Those who wish to be marketers of the RAGP business opportunity, As marketers, they bring in others to the biz, build a team and get paid 20% on referral of each new prospect who registers and they also receive commissions on all other transactions.

Only you will determine the type of partner you want to be on the RAGP Platform. Whatever you choose, you will still get paid.

How To Make Money On Recharge And Get Paid

Below is a simple breakdown that explains how to make money on RAGP

1. When you join the business, you will have access to a VTU wallet, which you can use for airtime (MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile), data or cable subscription (DSTv, GOTv and StarTimes) to others (family, friends, colleagues, customers e.t.c)

2. Anytime you recharge your phone (airtime), renew your internet (i.e buy a data bundle) or pay for your cable subscription, the company will pay you a certain percentage back as commission, 2% of airtime recharge amount and 10% of data Recharge amount

4. When you help other people to also recharge their phones (airtime), renew their internet (i.e sell a data bundle) or pay for their cable subscription, the company will also pay you a certain percentage back as commission, same 2% and 10% respectively as stated in point 4 above

5. When you set up this business for others, the company will also pay you commission, depending on the package your client chooses

6. When those people whom you invite to RAGP do the same activities such as recharging their phones, buying or selling data and cable subscription, you will also get paid a certain percentage by the company.

How To Register On Recharge And Get Paid

If you are interested and wants to Register on RAGP there are actually packages you can choose and register with, the higher the package the more and faster you earn on RAGP

Package 1 Basic member

To be a basic member, you start with ₦5,000. You get to earn back 20% of the amount you spent as registration fee. This means you earn ₦1,000 instantly in addition to getting 20PV.

(Take note of the fact that PV means Point Value which is an aggregation of your referral bonus, the activity bonuses as well as all downline activity bonuses that you get to earn from the people in your team) not forgetting the potential to earn up to the 5th level on your downlines deep.

Package 2 Bronze member

This member joins with ₦10,000 and earns back 20% of the registration fee translating to ₦2,000 instantly and 40PV. It is also possible to make earnings going to your downlines on the 6th level deep.

Package 3 Silver member

To become a member with this package, you must join with ₦20,000 and you will earn 20% of your registration fee (₦4,000). This comes with 80PV and up to level 7 on the downlines deep.

Package 4 Gold Member

To register with this package you will need an amount of ₦30,000 and earn an instant 20% of the registration fee (₦6,000). You will also get 120PV and earn up to the 8th level deep on the downlines.

Package 5 Diamond member

You can become a diamond member by paying ₦40,000 and earn an instant 20% of the registration fee (₦8,000). It comes with 160PV and the possibility of earning up to the 9th level deep of the downlines.

Package 6 Platinum member

To register with this package pay ₦50,000 to join and earn an instant 20% of the registration fee back getting ₦10,000 instantly. It comes with 200PV and a chance to earn up to level 10 deep on your downlines.

RAGP Registration

To register for RAGP, you need the following

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Username (Must contain letters and numbers)
  • Strong Password
  • Purchase Pin (This is a 7 digit number different from your Login password, you will create a Purchase pin for all your transactions on RAGP)
  • Bank Details
  • RAGP Referral Id ( Use Legacy649)

After Registration login and select payment with card, use your ATM card to pay depending on the package you wish and your account will be activated immediately

Click Here To Register On RAGP

Use Legacy649 as Referral ID


How Recharge And Get Paid Works


If you need any assistance to get registered on RAGP you can WhatsApp us below


RAGP Registration

What Are The Benefits Of Recharge And Get Paid?

Below are the benefits of recharge and get paid

1. Recharge and get paid products such as airtime and data are consumable worldwide Everyone uses them. you don’t have problems finding buyers.

2. Almost Everybody is highly dependent of these products, even when people are sick, hungry, in trouble or in jail, they find way to call for help.

3. Recharge and get paid products are very affordable. Everybody is able to buy credit or data at sometimes.

4. RAGP products are constantly on demand and are hot at all times. No one needs to advertise data and credits to win customers.

5. They are easily usable, don’t need extra time to show people how to us their phones. People just learn by themselves.

6. They are easy to handle, All you need is a phone. No warehouse for storage, no security threat as such. They are virtual.

7. There is no room for shortage you have no problems of shortage of products or goods. You can access our products at any time and everywhere.

8. There is no problem of expiration, hence you don’t need carrying anything to worry about.

9. Recharge and get paid is an international company, You can be any part of the world and do the business anywhere else and earn from there.

Why You Should Consider Joining RAGP

How recharge and get paid works


1. Airtime is a daily need…Can you count the number of airtime you have used ever since you bought your first SIM CARD, NO. Everybody recharges for both airtime and data these days.

Youth corps members, artisans, students, professionals, bankers, pastors, Lectures, mechanics, children too even you that’s reading this piece of article. So it’s a huge market that you can get your own share from by positioning yourself strategically in dis business opportunity I’m sharing to you

2. It is better to invest in a business that is recognized by NCC & CAC… Recharge And Get Paid is a young budding business that is expanding & improving daily and is about to happen so take your positions.

In as much as the Mobile telephone technology continues to exists, people will always recharge their phone for both airtime and data and this is almost next to food consumption and a very dire need.

Again change is the most constant thing, there was a time we were buying scratch cards to load airtime, then we started buying papers with Pins.

3. Honestly, I can tell you Recharge And Get Paid is the easiest, most reliable and most rewarding business to start with the most minimal capital of N5,000

Conclusion: How Recharge And Get Paid Works

What are your thoughts about RAGP? now that you have fully understood how recharge and get paid works, don’t just read and pass but take action.

Grab this opportunity today to get that financial independence you’ve been yearning for. Thank you very much for being here, see you at the top.


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