How To Open A Whatsapp TV in Nigeria And Make Money

Last updated on October 8, 2020


Having a WhatsApp TV is almost like owning a blog. In fact, it is better than owning a blog in terms of stress and work input. This post is exclusive for those who wish to open a Whatsapp TV in Nigeria

While you need to write 1000+ words on a blog, you might only need a few words on your TV.

While you need to perform SEO, build backlinks, and all sort of strategies for your blog, you only need to get more contacts for your Whatsapp TV.

I still see many individuals running helter-skelter looking for ways to make money with their smartphones, one way to do that is via a WhatsApp TV

I have not owned a Whatsapp Tv before but from my experiences, I have seen some smart guys making 6 figures from Whatsapp Tv

There are thousands of WhatsApp Tv that are being owned mostly by students who have found the smart strategy of making money from WhatsApp TV

People often look for how to earn money on Whatsapp status and how to write WhatsApp status and get paid.

Only few people have been able to hack this knowledge and make a lot of money from it.

What Is Whatsapp TV

WhatsApp TV originally known as WhatsApp Television is a branded account that seeks to entertain, inform, educate, etc people on WhatsApp via the status feature.

All of us realize approximately WhatsApp status function and the way we view what our contacts posts on their WhatsApp fame which is available in specifically pictures or video codecs,

that’s how WhatsApp televisions are operated. They (WhatsApp tv) simply are seeking for to keep you tuned or need to i exploit the phrase much less bored whilst you’re on WhatsApp.

Usually, when people started creating WhatsApp TVs, the main objectives of creating the Tv is mainly entertainment videos, funny videos, savages, memes and everything that has to do with keeping the viewer entertained.

But its so unfortunate, many individuals diversified and went into news-sharing and the likes. While some WhatsApp TVs wants popularity so quickly,

they go as far as posting pornography videos and pictures which are not ideal or the main purpose the Whatsapp TV was founded to offer

How To Open A WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

Opening a Whatsapp Tv in Nigeria is not a daunting task to do

If you wish to open a WhatsApp TV, you will need a set of things suh as,

  • Your smartphone such as Android or iOS device.
  • A Branded name for the WhatsApp TV.
  • Your Whatsapp Tv logo.



Using normal Whatsapp messenger will not give you the features Whatsapp Business could give you, so it’s highly recommending to use Whatsapp Business when you want to open a Whatsapp Tv

You can as well use your previous WhatsApp messenger number and set it up with Whatsapp Business account

Once you have all these requirements then you are ready to create your WhatsApp Tv and start earning from it


Download the Whatsapp business App and set it up with your phone number (the phone number you wish to use for your Whatsapp TV),

Under the name section, you should enter your Whatsapp TV name and don’t forget to update your WhatsApp TV logo too

You can higher or get a well-trained graphics designer to design a Whatsapp Tv logo for you

Once your WhatsApp Tv is fully launched the next step is to get contacts, save them and start monetizing your WhatsApp TV via your status updates

How To Make Money From A WhatsApp TV


Make Money On Whatsapp Tv


To make money from a WhatsApp Tv the first thing that should come to your mind is having a large audience, for example, google Adsense publishers earn a lot from ads due to massive traffic they get from their blogs

The higher the traffic you have the more money you make and generate large revenue through Adsense

In the same way o Whatsapp Tv, the best way to earn is to promote or advertise peoples products and services and make monetary returns

Some WhatsApp TV owners have up to 10,000 views on their status which is very effective in promoting peoples businesses, brands and services

Promotion through WhatsApp TV status sometimes is even faster and convenient because of low-cost demand unlike wasting a lot of money and data to run Facebook Ads or sometimes advertising on big blog sites

How Much Should You Charge For Promotion?

If you are wondering how much you should charge to promote peoples business, products on your WhatsApp Tv status, it all depends on your Audience

You have to make them understand you are providing value to them and your post is going to cover a large audience and get massive views

I have not seen a Whatsapp Status charge more than N2,000 (24hours) for promotion,

moreover, it all depends on the number of views you have daily

You can decide to charge higher depending on the number of views you have daily

How to Promote A Newly Launched WhatsappTV

I am going to call this one a bonus tip Like I said earlier once your WhatsApp TV is launched need to promote your WhatsApp Tv to get contacts and start saving them

1. Through Other Whatsappp Tv Owners

You need to meet other WhatsApp TV owners and pay them to promote your WhatsApp Tv

You should keep in mind that once doing this you should state clearly what your whatsapp TV is all about so that intending member can have prior knowledge of what they are opting in.

2. Through Top Forums

You can also promote your whatsapp TV via Top forums like Nairaland forum, just write a catchy description and include your number that’s all.

The best way to keep members entertained on your WhatsApp status is to post entertaining contents, Nobody wants to view crap that doesn’t entertain them in any way.

don’t be a boring type when people start noticing your WhatsApp status updates are boring and not entertaining they will delete your number and never come again.

3. Do Giveaway

everybody loves freebies especially in a country like Nigeria, nobody wants to carry last in anything, so once in a while try to do giveaway, this could be informed of airtime or anything worthwhile

Doing giveaway will always keep your viewers coming back and some may even go to the extent of inviting more of their friends to join your TV and that will boost your TV Reputation and attract more viewers like Magnet


Conclusion: How To Open A WhatsappTV in Nigeria

I hope this post has answered some of your questions on how to open a WhatsApp Tv in Nigeria however, If you find it easy to monetize your WhatsApp Tv.

However, if you have any challanges opeing a whatsapp Tv in Nigeria let us discuss in the comment section, sharing is caring


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  1. Jishan said:

    This is a very nice article and very useful. I appreciate your work, thanks for sharing for all the informative content.

    May 19, 2020
  2. This is a good way to earn some cool cash. Yep, giveaways are good for attracting more users But it requires some investments. Like giving out free recharge cards… I tried this Biz but unfortunately, it was close to my exams back then and before u know it the biz was gone.

    May 7, 2020

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