5 Essential Tools Needed For A Successful WhatsApp TV

Welcome once again to another exciting article on Whatsapp TV. Today I am going to share with you some of the best and essential tools for WhatsApp TV.

By now, you should understand how Whatsapp TV works and how to create a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria that makes money because this is not the first time I am writing about WhatsApp TV.

We have listed some Whatsapp TVs with the highest views where business owners can always run to them for advert placement.

If you are new to this WhatsApp TV business and just setting up your WhatsApp TV it is important I recommend some essential tools that will make you have a successful WhatsApp Tv that can make you money.

Others would have asked you to purchase a WhatsApp TV secret ebook to actually learn this, but I am giving it free o charge, Yes, legacy benjamin will walk you through the process at no cost.

Generally, I have come to understand Nigerians don’t value free things and make optimum use of them but that won’t stop me from doing it for those who may take it seriously.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it

Tools Needed For A Successful WhatsApp TV

Starting and running a successful Whatsapp TV is very easy when you have these tools at your disposal. Below are tools for WhatsApp TV.

1. A Good Smart Phone

Smart Phone

Your device is actually the first tool you are going to be needing to create your WhatsApp TV anywhere in Nigeria. So it is very important you get a good phone with a good battery and large storage capacity that will accommodate all your contents.

2. Pixel Lab App

Every WhatsApp TV owner is using this App and they may not tell you. Pixel Lab App over the years has become the most reliable app for a successful Whatsapp TV and many TV owners are getting massive benefits from using this app.

With this app, you don’t need to pay a graphic designer to customize a TV logo for you anymore because this App comes with amazing features that will enable you to create a customized TV logo for your TV memes.

In addition, you can create your own customized watermark for your TV where all your content will be embedded in the process of content marketing.

Picture resize, colour, eraser and many other features can also be found in this App

Using the Pixellab app will give your TV a more professional look and help you build a larger audience.

Below is a customized watermark for Firstclass TV using the pixel lab tool. just see how amazing it looks.

Pixel Lap WhatsApp TV Tool

3. Inshot

Tools For WhatsApp TV

InShot is another amazing and super App that comes with exciting features not just for WhatsApp TV but you can use for so many purposes.

For those who focus more attention on video-based content, you should explore all the video functions of this app and utilize it to the fullest.

InShot comes with so many functionalities, you can edit videos, customize pictures, extract and delete video sounds, and others including Video splitting Video trimming, Merging video clips, importing photos or images. Applying various filter effects and many more…

This app is one of the best Apps that will give you all the amazing features and the most amazing thing is the App is absolutely free and you shouldn’t hesitate to get it.

4. Spark Post

Spark Post Best Tool For Whatsapp TV

This App is widely used by Instagram celebrities and social media influencers to create both video-based content and picture-based content.

With so many exceptional features, you can use the Spark Post app too for your WhatsApp TV to create professional content.

Again, one massive advantage is the App is totally free to use, you can edit, customize your designs to the fullest as you wish to.

5. Status Saver

Whatsapp Status saver

WhatsApp Status saver is another great app you must-have for the smooth running of your WhatsApp TV. This App will enable you to save the status of other TVs in your niche and help you create your own content.

Both videos and pictures can be saved seamlessly with the aid of this great app and it will save you the stress of running to people’s Dm and asking them to send you.

Once you have all the aforementioned apps ready at your disposal, you have started the process of getting more views on WhatsApp TV.

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Conclusion: Essential Tools For WhatsApp TV

Having gone through these tools which of them do you love most? Kindly share this article if you found it insightful and informative.


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  1. I really appreciate you for this
    Thanks for this sir
    But the problem i’m facing is the phone problems sir
    Can I also start with this phone and later buy good phone sir

  2. I tried reaching you on the WhatsApp number you provided but seems not available on WhatsApp. By the way, your article has been an eye-opener for me. Thanks for the valuable content you have been dishing out.
    I saw your ebook guides on how to start and scale a successful WhatsApp tv which I will love to get as well. Meanwhile, the guide seems simple to implement to start making money, however, may I know the best android phone needed for this as well as any other necessary things to put in place

  3. @Emmanuel, GB ram is not good enough for a WhatsApp TV though you can use it for a start and upgrade to a better phone later

  4. Yes this post is very useful but i don’t have money to buy big phone ?. Can a phone of one gb ram run a WhatsApp TV ?? I have design my logo ? i am prepared for this TV ? but don’t have big phone ? pls i need advice ??.

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