Top 7 Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

Searching for daily income business ideas in Nigeria? Well, you have arrived at the right place, in this article we will show you all the daily income businesses that you can engage in to make a balanced living for yourself. As we have always done on our blog, we deliver valid information and answer questions that our readers like you may have.

In this article, we will unveil all the daily income businesses that will benefit you.

As a Nigerian, you know the word “Hustle”, a lot of people look for means to go into the hustle world, and that is what we want to show you today, how you can find a good hustle for yourself.

Let’s get things straight, in Nigeria, finding a profitable business is not very easy, as a lot of people end in a
the business line where profit is little to nothing, there are a lot of endeavours that anyone could venture into, but in our post today, we will share with you legitimate business ideas for your daily income.

Talking about daily income, we know you did be interested in a business that could fetch you some cash at the end of each day.

Well this is opposed to the Salary kind of job, many people are daily earners and yes as you did want to know, they earn big, and we are centred n showing you those great businesses that can get you legitimate daily income so sticks around why we share them with you.

Who is this post for and what you will get by reading it?

We have provided the information in this post for locals or anyone who moved to Nigeria and is looking for a good profitable business to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

If you are interested in investing your time and money into the Nigerian market, then this post is for you.

We have listed the most profitable and great daily income business that you can start right now with the lowest capital that you can find.

Also in this post, we will share with you relevant information related to starting a daily business in Nigeria or as commonly termed by Nigerians “Daily hustle” starting from the big to the small business, we will show you all of the opportunities and possibilities opened in the Nigerian market.

However, bear in mind that we will focus on the business you can start on your own, rather than finding or
struggling for any company to get a job in if you are interested in making money daily, then you will find this post useful as we will share with you all the information that will help you in starting your business as best.

How Does Daily Income Business Work in Nigeria

As someone serious about starting a productive hustle, this question should matter to you. A lot of Nigerians make great daily income for themselves in the daily hustles, and yes many daily hustlers end up making the most money compared to most Salary earners so let’s set the record straight.

Daily business is great and it becomes a great option for people who want to get quick money to handle their day to day expenses order than sitting, working and waiting until the end of a month for a Salary, so in case you are interested in a daily pay role, then that is what we are focused on sharing with you in this article.

The daily business works in a very simple way, but in essence, it dictates that one can earn money just at the close of every day, usually possible by selling goods and services which one gets paid for immediately or by providing a service that pays one almost on the same day of one’s service.

This can come in many categories, there are many offline trades and daily income businesses in Nigeria including the only trade that anyone could venture into.

As you did guess, these business landscapes are mostly suited for entrepreneurs, people who create their own business and become their boss. That is how daily business works in Nigeria.

Daily hustles had become the norm and almost what a lot of people survive within the country.

Some of the reasons why you might be interested in a daily business are

  1. Daily business is easy to get into, sometimes all you might need is a quick setup and you are in the
  2. Choosing the right business to start matters as it is not every business idea that serves as productive in Nigeria, that is why you will be interested in reading this post till the end as we are going to share with you the most profitable businesses that pay well.
  3. Daily business usually dictates that one becomes his/her own boss and it appears to be a suited
    means for living
  4. Daily income business works very well in Nigeria, one of the reasons for this is the ever-increasing population when you have a good product or service to sell, there are a lot of people that will be interested in buying from you.
  5.  The idea of daily hustle has since being a means of survival for many Nigerians who find it hard to find jobs in most private or even government sectors in the country.
  6. The daily business also pays well, one can make N10,000 or much higher in a day depending on the kind of business one engages in.
  7.  Daily side hustles do not also require huge capital to start, however, there is a business that one could start which provides daily income and will require large capital to pull off, but then we would be talking about the big businesses, we will focus and centre on business that anyone can start with little to no capital.

Now that you know how the daily income business works, let me share with you some businesses that
you will find useful.

7 Most Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

There are heaps of worthwhile business thoughts that youthful individuals in Nigeria, people can exploit these businesses and end the financial wrecks in their life.

The problem is many people do not know which business at the moment pays the most and is not so crowded that it will be hard for one to make a good daily income due to competition that might come from other sides.

There are a lot of grown people that have an interest in starting a business that will pay them daily,
unfortunately, the question for them is, what will be the perfect daily income business to start?

Here are 7 top business ideas that can produce daily income for you, in case you are truly serious about starting an ordinary day pay business.

1. Clothe business

2. Hairdressing & hair cut business

3. Pure water and table water business

4. Noodles business

5. Electronics repair/gadget fixing/plumbing business

6. Taxi Business

7. Car wash business

Listed above are the key business that will not provide too much start-up stress, and also from big to small. Yyou can start earning big today by starting one of the above businesses as we mentioned.

As of 2021, these businesses still pay well, and anyone is welcome to start providing their service in one of
these areas that we have mentioned above.

Want to know how you can start one of these businesses or let’s say Nigerian hustles? Then stick around why we discuss what is in each of these businesses and how you can start your choice of daily income business in Nigeria

1. Clothe Business

You can call it Okrika business which refers to the trading of “used clothes”, or let’s say starting a small boutique to sell new clothes, the summary of this is that the clothing business is one of the great businesses to start, with less capital, so to say, from N5000 to N2000 you can start this business, it works in a very smooth way.

One could buy these clothes at the cheapest rate and locate areas where the clothes might appear a bit expensive and sell them to other people.

From this, one could realize a good daily income from selling clothes, especially in areas, where the clothing business, sells fast, and there are many places such as Lagos, Benin, Ibadan, and Southeastern states in Nigeria, to mention but a few.

2. Hairdressing and Haircut Business

The next on our list is the hairdressing business, this is also a very fast-moving business, for people who know how to do haircuts or make hair, then this business can be a good fit.

For those who might not know the skills but appears to be interested in the haircut and hairdressing business then it is possible to learn the skills.

You could make a lot of daily profit as a hairdresser, it is simple as opening a Salon to offer your service.

Why we rate this business send on our list of most profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria is not far-
fetched, as you would already know there is a large population in the country, and that only means the number of people that might be interested in making their hair or cutting their hair in a day will be undoubtedly to a great

To start this hustle, you can rent a shop and a few pieces of equipment that you need to start your hairdressing and haircut business. Once started, you will get daily patronage.

3. Pure water and Table Water business

This might not be the kind of business that many Nigerian youths do as it Is mostly classified as a trade for teenagers or small hustlers

You might think that it involves going about hawking in the street and traffic to get good daily sales, but what is worthy of note here is that it is possible to earn around N5000 to N10,000 a day and for as low as N1000 one can start the business.

It is not a must that you also have to go on hawking in the street to make your daily profit precisely, but most people look for others who about selling on the street and sell at their cheap prices, so you did become a distributor of many bags of water and as many bags, as you can sell a day, it will dictate how much daily income you will get.

The itchy business you think right? Well, we have included this in one list for people who are fine with this, and as we confirmed to you the daily profit one can get from the pure water and table water business is very encouraging for its feet.

4. Noodles Business

Have you walked across the streets of Lagos, even in order states within the country to find people who prepare instant Noodles for people to buy?

This has over time grown to become a profitable business if you can prepare Noodles for people who are looking for food to eat on the spot then you can consider this business.

It moves well, and it requires very little money to set up all you need is to find a setting or area where there is a a good number of people living and working around it, if you start the business in a good location you did make it

5. Electronics repair/gadget fixing/plumbing Business

This is a kind of business that involves repairs and fixing of electronic items or gadgets that people use, almost daily people get faults perhaps in their mobile phones or electronic gadgets and they need people who can fix their problems if you have the skills or find a way to learn it, then this is a good business for you to venture into.

You can open your shop in open areas where you can easily be found and your business would grow gradually.

6. Taxi Business

The 6th daily income business we will share with you that you can start in Nigeria is the taxi business. A lot of people move from one place to the other within the country, and as you did guess they did make use of public transport, this is where the transportation business comes in.

You can rent or buy your bus or car to start the daily taxi hustle, there are always people who will be waiting to hire you in any state you wish to start in.

7. Car Wash Business

The last business idea we share in this post that is profitable to start in Nigeria is the car wash business, the
profit is so well encouraging. To start you would have to find a good location and start your car washing business, it moves in many states (in order words the car wash business is a high-demand service in many states within the country).

See you at the top, I hope you derived values from this post

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