Starmil Review: Another Scam? How it works, Registration is another online earning website that provides various systems and features for people to participate and get monetary rewards. In this Starmil review, we will explore the platform further to understand how it works, its legitimacy and the registration cost.

With the current situation in Nigeria, getting a side hustle or at least participating in some online games or other stuff that pays money should be everyone’s goal.

In as much as we can wail around and complain about our failed government and the high inflation rate in Nigeria, you will not argue with me that there are people who are leveraging this hard economy to their advantage and making a decent earning online

But how?

Well if you ask me, the distinguishing factor here is that they have knowledge of how things work while you don’t.

Applied knowledge is power and information is liberating. Ignorance, on the other hand, is a disease, if you are not informed, you could be deformed.

Nevertheless, before you invest your money and resources into any online scheme, I’m sure you would like to conduct due diligence to test and get positive feedback on whatever thing you intend to do.

In this episode of the review, Starmil has been getting alot of attention lately as a newly launched platform paying people to perform tasks online.

Before you rush to join because you need money to flex Christmas, make sure you follow this review till the end to see what Starmil brings to the table.

About Starmil

Starmil is a digitalized platform created about the need and desire for digital skills coupled with affiliate marketing programs that became a necessity to actually have an edge over your colleagues around you.

On Starmil, various skills and courses are taught effectively and through networking and affiliating, individuals can earn a living from the comfort of their home

Since Affiliate marketing and networking have helped improve the standard of living of various individuals at large, Starmil offers every user the opportunity to become financially independent through various networking and affiliate systems.

How Starmil Affiliate Marketing Works

Starmil works just like every other social media earning platform. Members can earn cash from the comfort of their bedrooms by just participating and completing certain tasks online.

Again Starmil has integrated so many digital skills on their platform to expose users to a system that works.

Individuals who affiliate and network our skills courses, ebooks and items on our marketplace can definitely tap into various affiliate bonuses thereby earning a living from them.

Some of the Skills and courses we offer include

1. Mini importation courses

2. Website development courses

3. Copywriting courses

4. Ui/Ux designing courses

5. Graphics design courses

6. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint courses

7. Basics of Data analysis

8. Business ideas and start-up courses

9. Application creation and uploads on IOS and AppStore courses

10. Facebook ads and YouTube monetization courses

And lots more

With the above courses and skills set in place, you’re sure to get back values for your time spent on and work done on the website.

How to Make Money on Starmil

There are basically multiple ways to make money on Starmil. Here are the various ways to make money on the Starmil income program:

1. Register with $5 or ₦5000

2. Get $3 N3000 registration bonus/cash back bonus

3. When you decide to refer you earn $4.2 ₦4,200

4. When your downline refers you earn $0.30 N300 as FIRST LEVEL spillover

5. When Your Downline’s Downline refer, you earn $0.1 ₦100

6. $1 N1000 daily when you perform your START QUEST TASK

7. As an AFFILIATE USER, You have access to Ebook Upload, You earn massive commision per sale of the book published by you

8. As an AFFILIATE USER, you can promote a published ebook on the website and this gets you a 90% commision on the ebook promoted

9. Sweet 10$ for our users on Starmil marketplace

10. Incentives are guaranteed.

11. Ranks level are fully automated on Starmil

12. Payment is fully guaranteed Without delay.

How To Withdraw on Starmil

Once you have successfully earned a decent money on Starmil. Next is to withdraw

Earning Balance Withdrawals are made available every Monday and Thursday with a minimum of $7 ₦7,000

STAR QUEST Withdrawals are made available every month with a minimum withdrawal of $35

For our users in Nigeria, the conversion rate is stated at exactly ₦1000/$

Also, you will have access to Win/Request for Incentive gift) on STARMIL during the day of incentives collation if you qualified

Starmil Registration

To get started with Starmil, you will have to pay a one-time registration fee of $5 which is equivalent to ₦5000,

But before that, you will have to purchase a coupon code from a vendor

Starmil Website

Once your registration is successful login to the official website @ to access your account then proceed to update your payment settings.

Starmil Review: Scam or Legit?

It is vital to note that Starmil was launched on the 1st of November 2023. As of the time of documenting this review, much is not known about this platform.

Nevertheless, we would advise that you shouldn’t put so much hope in it. The platform will pay for a short while but there is a big question about its sustainability.


In conclusion, what is your experience being a member of the Starmil affiliate network? let us know in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Starmil Review: Another Scam? How it works, Registration”

  1. You cannot outsource your fate to others.
    You need to learn specific skills that customers need online. set up a payment system through which you can get paid. Then look for platforms to advertise your skills.

  2. This platform is a big scam. I registered and earned more than $35 and was trying to withdraw, all i could see was withdrawals not available. Coming back today 1st of February, it’s saying another thing of which I have more that $60 in the SM earning. It’s scam run from it. Use your 5k registration for other things please.

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