How To Start Local Dropshipping in Nigeria 2024

As a student, did you know you can make money selling products you don’t own?, this business model is called Dropshipping. In this article, I will teach you how to start a local dropshipping in Nigeria with little or no capital.

The dropshipping business is one of the emerging businesses in Nigeria. If you are a student, this is one kind of business you need to do

Starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria can be lucrative and successful. This business model is quite popular since it has inexpensive initial expenses, no overhead, and a simple operating structure.

Dropshipping is a viable alternative for entrepreneurs who want to build a new business because it can be started for as low as ₦100,000. The best part is that dropshippers don’t ever need to buy or hold any inventory in order to sell a wide variety of goods.

I will show you how to start a local dropshipping business in Nigeria in this article. I’ll go over the fundamental procedures, practical resources for starting your business, and important factors.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simply the business of selling products you don’t own. It is a retail strategy used in Nigeria where the vendor doesn’t hold inventory of the goods it sells.

In dropshipping, the vendor buys the product from a third party and arranges for direct delivery to the buyer.

It is a form of business strategy that enables a company to run without maintaining an inventory, keep goods in large quantities, or even transport goods to customers.

The seller is responsible for marketing and selling the product but has little or no control over product quality, storage, inventory management, or shipping.

By doing this, it eliminates the costs of maintaining warehouses – or even a storefront – purchasing and storing inventory and employing necessary staff for such functions.

As in any other form of retail, the seller makes a profit on the difference between an item’s wholesale and retail price, less any pertinent selling, merchant, or shipping fees accruing against them

Who is a Dropshipper?

A Dropshipper is a person or business that uses the dropshipping model of buying inventory and fulfilment logistics from a third party, instead of warehousing and shipping the products themselves.

How to Start Local Dropshipping in Nigeria

If you are a broke student who needs to find a source of income to keep up with school bills and other issues with finance, starting dropshipping could be the solution.

The truth is, there is no time in man’s history when making money was easy. The game has always been rough. But the good thing is, you are responsible for how your life turns out.

Here are the first seven stages to starting a flourishing dropshipping company in Nigeria:

1. Research

To succeed in any niche you find yourself in, you must be able to ask questions and make constructive research in your area of Interest.

As a student, you can seek opportunities and leverage them. All you have to do is, find someone who is doing business and making sales offline.

The good thing is, these people are not so difficult to locate. Check around the popular market in your area. it can also be within school premises.

Most of these people have no idea what goes on online. They also do not care what goes on online.

All they care about is making sales and getting money flowing into the business daily.

This is where you can come in. You will become their online person. Bring their business online, advertise to those who need these products and sell to them

Trust me, you can make alot of money doing this.

But before anything, you must be able to research and come up with a niche or product. It could be clothes, mobile phones and laptops, ring lights, cameras, shoes, or even books.

As a student, you must develop an eagle eye to research and find out what is of interest to people around you.

2. Choose A High-Value Product

Once you have carried out extensive research, next is to find a hot product in the market.

Below are some hot products you can dropship

  • iPhone cords
  • iPhone chargers
  • Powerbanks
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Beauty products
  • Perfumes and body spray
  • Ear plugs
  • Headset
  • Gamepads
  • Tripods
  • Vintage shirts
  • Crop tops etc
  • Wigs
  • Bedsheets and duvet
  • Boxers
  • Hijab
  • Waiste beads

The list is endless. Just look around you

3. Do a Market Analysis

Once you have carried out research and gotten a product of interest, you need to introspect deeply into the market.

This will help you find out whether your products are seasonal, the age range of people who need them, the cost of buying these items from the market, and how much you can make selling each of them

Lastly, a well-detailed market analysis will also filter and examine your competition. If the product is saturated, you avoid it. On the other hand, if there is high demand but scarcity, you will embrace it.

Try not to get into a product that is already saturated. Be different

4. Find a Dropshipping Supplier

Choose reputable vendors that will deliver goods that accurately reflect your own brand. You must ensure to choose someone that also has your interest by heart and not just the business.

You can come to an agreement on how much you will be making from each sale and the mode of payment.

For example, if a product is to be sold for ₦‎50,000, you can sell it at ₦‎55,000 and get ₦‎5,000 profit for yourself.

You can also seek out means of delivery with your supplier so that it will aid your communication with your buyers

5. Create Your Online Store

As a local dropshipper in Nigeria, you don’t need to buy cement and bricks to start building a store. Your shop is online. All sales are also done and closed online.

You can set up a WhatsApp business account and Facebook profile (optional) and start promoting these products.

As a guy, you can open an online store on WhatsApp for that man selling computers or laptops at computer village or in your area.

As a student, you can create a WhatsApp store for the Aboki guy on your campus who makes shoes and footwear and be his online guy.

List all these products in your catalogue and start promoting them. Sooner or later, people will start buying from you.

If you are technical and well-skilled, you can go as far as creating an eCommerce website for big business owners and promoting their products by sending quality paid ads to this store.

6. Name Your Store

As much as you promote products you don’t own. It is wise to name your store. Give it a catchy name that people can easily memorize and remember what you see when they need it.

7. Send Traffic To Your Store

Depending on where your store is, you will choose the best channels to send traffic to it. It could be a website, a Facebook profile or even your WhatsApp status.

If you are a local dropshipper on a low budget, you can reach out to people personally and tell them about what you sell, collect their contact and get them to start viewing your status on WhatsApp status.

If you are a social and funny person on campus, you can use this to your advantage and build an audience that will buy from you easily.

Additionally, you can run WhatsApp TV ads and generate leads to your DM where you will save these contacts and persuade them to buy from you.

While running WhatsApp TV ads, ensure the TV has the right audience for your products and within your location to make things easier for you.

8. Promote Your Products

If you are a WhatsApp dropshipper, the easiest thing to do is read the information on google about the products you are selling and publish them.

Avoid posting random pictures with no descriptions and expecting people to buy. People buy from who they know, who they like and who they trust (KLT Principle)

To get people to trust you, go to google and get constructive information about what you sell. E.g if I was a laptop dropshipper, I will get detailed information about laptops and publish them daily with images.

Furthermore, I will also post educational content on what people should look for when buying a new laptop.

If you are able to implement this strategy effectively, sooner or later, more people will begin to reach out to you when they need laptops.

Gradually, you will build authority and make more sales as time goes by.

Hair Dropshipping in Nigeria

Are you willing to begin selling hair in Nigeria without having any capital? Do you have a long-standing desire to start selling hair in Nigeria but are unsure how to do so? The start of a new business model designed just for your hair business in Nigeria means that today could be your lucky day.

Hair dropshipping allows you to provide a wide range of products without having to initially purchase the hair.

Yet since the supplier anticipates you will buy more frequently over time, you will receive the wholesale pricing. The orders will be delivered to you, a pickup location, or your client directly.

You require a competent online store, such as Shopify, to sell the hair. Although you can sell many things, I advise making sure they are naturally related to one another.

You can make millions monthly selling furniture you did not make and products you don’t own

Dropshipping Suppliers in Nigeria

Dropshipping Suppliers in Nigeria

Dropshipping is a profitable endeavour and more affordable than other internet business opportunities in Nigeria.

Have you been looking for the best dropshipping provider or firm to launch a dropshipping business in Nigeria? Be at ease; we have everything you require to launch a successful online dropshipping business in Nigeria.

The following are the largest dropshipping companies in the country:

  • AliExpress
  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • Sale
  • Hoo
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Doba
  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • Wholesale2b
  • Megagood

In addition, Alibaba and Amazon are two of the biggest online merchants, and they may have suppliers and manufacturers.

How to Dropship on Jumia

Maybe you’ve been wondering if dropshipping on Jumia is actually possible. In that case, the simple response is no.

Why? You could ask! We cannot really compare Jumia to other well-known websites like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc. because dropshipping is not widely accepted. This is because they are still growing.

But getting back to the original point, dropshipping is still possible even though Jumia has very few restrictions on it. Here are some tips:

  1. Go to the Jumia online store website first, select Register (as a Vendor), and then complete the registration form.
  2. You must enter your accurate information on the registration form in order to complete it.
  3. The desired product you want to sell is then added after which you must wait for an agent’s clearance.
  4. The product must subsequently be published if it fits their requirements.

Then you are ready!

Aliexpress Dropshipping in Nigeria

AliExpress is a big worldwide online platform that sells over 100 million items. It is owned by Alibaba, one of the world’s leading e-commerce companies.

Dropshipping with AliExpress is a great method to launch an online store without having to worry about stock or shipping.

It’s as easy as putting a product up for sale on your website and asking your supplier to ship the item whenever you receive an order by sending them an email. As the majority of AliExpress’s sellers are foreign producers, you can find trendy items there for less money.

This is how it goes:

  1. You will have to include in your store the AliExpress products you want to sell.
  2. You set a price with a markup.
  3. You pay for the item at wholesale rates when you receive an order.
  4. The order is shipped straight to your customer by the AliExpress vendor.

Through AliExpress, dropshipping is completely free. It’s simple to find things to sell on AliExpress with no startup fees if you’re establishing a dropshipping business with no money.

Amazon Dropshipping in Nigeria

If you want to start selling on Amazon, but you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money, what should you do? Try Amazon dropshipping! It seems sensible that a business owner would want to test out Amazon drop shipping. How does Amazon dropshipping operate in Nigeria, though?

  • You must register for an Amazon seller account to sell on the website. Visit to register.
  • The next step is to locate a product to sell on Amazon.
  • You must locate a source once you have a few product ideas. Aliexpress is the site with the most connections to dropshipping products.
  • You should then make an Amazon product listing after you have a product concept and a supplier to carry out that product.
  • You can publish your listing and begin closing deals when you’re prepared

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Final Verdict: How to Start Local Dropshipping in Nigeria

In conclusion, using suppliers from marketplaces and websites with templates will make it easy to accomplish your dropshipping hustle

With the correct range of products, you may easily start to convert a side gig into your primary source of income with little initial investment. With just N100k, you can start your own company and expand from there.

This article should have provided you with detailed information on how to start local Dropshipping in Nigeria.

Feel free to leave a remark below if you have any queries or suggestions. I wish you Good luck!

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