FlezHub Review: How it works, Legit or Scam? Registration

Another income program is here again, and it is time to make money as usual. In this Flezhub review, you will get to understand how it works, and the requirements to register and make money

FlezHub was launched on the 1st of May 2022 and has two registration packages, Diamond and Gold. It s the fastest rising platform made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity for earning through the use and techniques of smartphones.

How To Make Money On Flezhub (Review)

flezhub review

Before you can make money on Flezhub, you have to understand the packages available on the platform.

Flezhub basically has two earning packages Which

1. Diamond

2. Gold

How To Earn Money From These Packages

Diamond Plan

Registration fee  =    3,000

Welcome bonus    =  1000 FLEZ Cash

Daily User login = 100 FLEZ Cash

Sponsored Advert = 200 FLEZ Cash

Flez Mining= 150 FLEZ Cash

Refferal bonus = #1500 FLEZ Cash

1st Indirect referral bonus = 200 FLEZ Cash

2nd Indirect referral bonus = 100 FLEZ Cash

Gold Plan

Registration Fee   =   6000 Naira

Welcome bonus   = 2000 FLEZ Cash

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Daily User login   = 200 FLEZ Cash

Sonsored Advert  = 300 FLEZ Cash

Flez Mining   = 300 FLEZ Cash

Refferal bonus   = 3000 FLEZ Cash

1st Indirect referral bonus = 500 FLEZ Cash

2nd st Indirect referral bonus = 200 FLEZ Cash

How To Withdraw on Birsmart

Below is the breakdown of how to Cashout successfully on FLEZHUB

FLEZHUB Affiliate Users are eligible and qualify to place their Withdrawal Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday when their minimum withdrawal threshold is eligible

?Minimum Ref withdrawal for the DIAMOND package is 3,000 FlezCash

?Minimum ref withdrawal for the GOLD package is 6,000 FlezCash

While FLEZHUB non Affiliate (Non-referrals) Users Are Qualify and Eligible to withdraw Every 30th of every Month ?

?Minimum non-referral withdrawal for the DIAMOND package is 12k FLEZCASH

?Minimum non-referral withdrawal for the GOLD package is 24k FLEZCash

Does Flezhub Pay Without Referral?

Yes, the platform pays without referral according to them.

how flezhub works


Members on the platform are opportune to have access to the 5 courses we are offering which will be handled by professional Tutors

  • Digital skills like,
  • Forex Trading
  • Crypto trading
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Graphics Designing And Video Editing
  • Blogging

Fortunately, an Indirect referral bonus pays more than a direct Referral when you have a strong team ???

Omoh create a team o if you want to earn big

If you have 100 referrals on 3.000 and 6,000 packages that are 1500-3000 ÷ 100 which is from 150,000 – 300,000 as a Referral bonus!

If the 100 referrals have 20 Referral each, that’s 2000 indirect downline that’s 200-500 depending on the package which is 400,000-1,000,000

For just the 1st Indirect referral bonus oo we never even talk of the second Indirect referral bonus you earn from ur downline downlines.

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Classes will be open to those only on the 6k package, if u want to learn skills, go for the 6k package.(upgrade option will be made available with time and many more exciting features will unveil in the nearest future.

Flezhub Registration (Review)

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