Review: Buy And Sell Your Cryptocurrency Assets

If you are looking for the best plug to buy and sell your cryptocurrency Assets fast and easy, you should read this Review till the end.

The increasing number of cryptocurrency traders in the market now is no longer news as each and every Nigerian is hustling hard to make ends meet so as to avoid dependency on our so-called Nigerian leaders who have failed us.

Gotrade happens to be the fastest-rising cryptocurrency market for all cryptocurrency traders to market their assets with a peer-to-peer (p2p) model which directly connects both the buyer and the seller to a transaction.

About (Review)

About Review

Gotrade is a safe, fast and secure marketplace to trade your digital assets with a peer-to-peer (p2p) model which seamlessly and directly connects both the buyer and the seller to a transaction.

It’s more decentralized than a traditional broker and you have complete control over your funds and your digital assets.

Gotrade offers you very quick, safe, and secure payment processing, great liquidity, and escrow, it gives you complete information about buyers and sellers for a safer transaction and provides quality service assurance to its users.

How Gotrade Works: Buy And Sell CryptoCurrency

Gotrade P2P system Allows users to buy/sell directly with each other without any third-party carrying out transactions.

In addition, the platform provides an escrow service to fully protect both sellers and buyers until the transaction is completed by both parties which adds some credibility to the platform

In case of any discrepancies or errors during a transaction, Our experienced customer service will step in, investigate the situation and provide a solution as fast as possible using concrete proof and evidence provided by both sides.

To trade cryptocurrency on Gotrade website, here are the procedures to follow

  • Create an account with them on the Gotrade website
  • Once your account is created and working fine, create an Ad of how much Cryptocurrency asset you want to buy or sell with just a few clicks.
  • Once your account is completely verified you can start buying and selling without any problems, headaches or scams.

How To Trade Cryptocurrency on Gotrade

To effectively trade cryptocurrency on Gotrade follow the following procedure

1. Create a trade

Once your account is successfully created, the next thing you want to do is to create a thread from which you can use to trade your cryptocurrencies.

  • from your account. Click the Buy or Sell on an offer.
  • Enter the amount in Naira, you will also see the amount in Dollars.
  • Click Start Trade.

2. Wait for Acceptance

As we all know two or more parties must come together to successfully carry out cryptocurrency trading and so; after you have created a thread the other party will have to approve your trade request before any of our staff will start conducting the trade

3. Exchange Assets

The conducting staff will send the corresponding Address and Account details for the exchange.
Send your funds to these details and send your own Address/Account details to get your expected value

4. Proof of Transaction

For legitimacy and credibility sake, you will be required to upload the transaction image or screenshot at any point the trade participants will see and validate it

5. Ending Trade

The person you are trading with (The offer owner) will have to seek your approval before the trade can be closed.
Note: After a trade is closed it`s irreversible.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency On Gotrade P2P

After you have completely created and verified your account, proceed and add your payment method.

You are ready to buy crypto on the Gotrade P2P platform. All you need is just a few simple steps.

  • Go to the marketplace… Check the already available offers and choose your choice from them. Once you see an offer that satisfies your need… You can then go ahead and place your order and buy your Cryptocurrency.
  • Pay the seller the agreed amount.
  • Then get your crypto from the seller after you complete the fiat transaction and confirm your payment on Gotrade P2P.

What Happens when you send Bitcoin to the Wrong Address?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, once you’ve sent money to another Bitcoin address it is not possible for you or Gotrade to reverse it. So you would always be careful when doing bitcoin transactions

To get your Bitcoin back you can try to find the owner of the address and ask them to return the Bitcoin to you.

Does Name Arrangement on Bank and Gotrade Account Matter?

Note that arrangement of your first name, Last name & surname is the same as the account details to which your money will be sent when you are selling your digital assets

Benefits of GoTrade

  • Gotrade offers  97.9% of customer satisfaction with a 99.9% of successful transaction rate.
  • Fast, quick and easy funding, highly successful transactions rate and our unique way of treating customers
  • They also carry out well-conducted trades successfully
  • Gotrade allows multiple trades per Offer, this help gives customers a full marketplace experience.

GoTrade Review: is it Safe?

You may wish to test the legitimacy and credibility of Gotrade before attempting to do any business on the website.

Every transaction on the Gotrade system is completely monitored by experienced customer service and for any discrepancies highly trained staff usually, solve the problem by using the solid proof provided by each part so it’s completely safe.

Looking at the legitimacy of the website, so far there has been some positive feedback about the platform and i wish to say Gotrade is safe and legit so you shouldn’t panic to leverage on the platform for buying and trading of cryptocurrencies.

GoTrade Registration

Gotrade Registration

You can visit Gotrade Website for your registration. Don’t forget, your bank details must match your Gotrade account so you should avoid all forms of nicknames in your registration.

Conclusion: Gotrade Review

In conclusion, I hope this Gotrade Review has provided credible information as regards how Gotrade website operates, how to buy and trade cryptocurrencies on Gotrade, and its credibility and its legitimacy. Kindly share and don’t forget to join our Telegram channel

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